Faith Of You

Chapter 23

Emily jumped out of the shower as quick as she could, wrapping up her shivering body with the warmest towel she had found in the linen closet outside the bathroom. It was almost an hour to eight and she knew that Jennifer would be getting ready for the lesson she had wanted to give to her.

The brunette turned to face her fogged reflection in the mirror, staring at her pale skin against the dark blue of her towel. She was nervous.

She liked Sage so much, the younger brunette girl doing everything she could to try and please her and make their relationship work. She had tried her best to give everything she could into what they might have had, and Emily just could never get her mind off that certain blond girl.

Running a hand through her wet hair, Emily opened up the bathroom door and straight into her room. Her hands quickly grabbed the sweater sitting on her bed before she slipped on a pair of jeans and her favorite sneakers, running back out into the hallway and down the stairs.

Amielle looked up from her book and smiled at the teenager. "Where are you going, Emily? It's late."

Emily gulped, nodding to the mother of four with a nervous smile. "Oh I know, I just wanted to go and check something out for a minute. A new friend of mine said she was gonna drive down the block in her new car so she could show it to me. Is that ok?"

The father of four beside his wife smiled gently at the young girl, knowing exactly who she was going to see. "That's just fine, pumpkin. Just make sure to be back soon, alright? Wet hair isn't good at this time of the year."

Emily quickly nodded her head as she slipped on her coat, whispering a quick 'thank you' before charging out the door.

Steps heavy on snow covered pavement, the eighteen year old ran as fast as she could down the streets of the darkened town, wanting to get to her destination as fast as she could and speak her mind.

Her heart could be heard beating heavily in her ears by the time she ended up at the desired street, her hands resting heavily on her crouched knees once she took a quick pause to catch her breath.


The brunette's head shot up, her eyes wide in surprise at the sight of the girl she had been seeing. "Sage, hi."

Sage smiled warmly to the older girl, stepping closer and moving the brunette's icy hair away from her face. "What are you doing here?"

Emily bit her lip, building up all the courage she knew she needed to finally speak with the girl she had almost fallen for. "I don't want to be the jackass."

The younger girl's brow furrowed. "I'm sorry?"

Emily nodded vigorously, stepping forward to be face to face with the brunette. "You know I like you, I really do, and I love that you're so sweet to me even though you're so pretty and smart and ogled by practically every single person in this town."

Sage rolled her eyes. "Emily."

"No please, just let me finish."

The other brunette watched as the older girl's shivering features began to harden slightly, her nervousness almost gone. "Ok."

Taking in a breath of the freezing air, Emily rubbed her hands down her thighs. "You don't deserve someone who isn't completely into this relationship. You deserve someone who is willing to do anything for you and be with you every minute of the day to try to make you happy." Her shoulders shrugged gently, looking deeply into Sage's steely eyes. "I just don't think that that person is me."

Sage bit softly into her bottom lip, shoving her hands into her coat pockets, wanting this conversation to rewind so she could have had the first word. "You're not the one for me?"

"I really don't think I am," she whispered. "I like you, I do. It's just that I don't think that I'm entirely into this."

The younger girl felt a genuine smile cross over her features. "I understand," she nodded. "I just wish this wasn't the case." Stepping forward once more, bringing their bodies almost completely together, she reached out to hold her hand. "I really like you."

Emily's lips quivered lightly as sadness began to consume her, swallowing her whole and making it hard for her to breathe. "I really like you too," she croaked. Letting her eyes flutter closed, she sighed warmly against Sage's plump lips as they pressed against her one last time."

Sage slowly backed away, smiling softly to the older girl. "So who's the other girl?"

"What?" Emily could feel her eyes bulging.

"Come on Emily," she laughed. "You don't want to be the jackass? We were both there watching that movie."

The brunette reluctantly nodded her head, unconsciously letting out a smile at the thought of the girl she was living with. "She's a girl who deserves the world," she grinned. "And I think I can give that to her."

Sage's fingers scratched tentatively at her chin, her head tilting as her gray eyes swept over her now ex's figure. "But you know, if it doesn't work out," she shrugged, "I'd like to take you out again."

Emily felt her heart begin to beat faster, seeing the look in the younger girl's eyes. "Sage..."

"It's just a thought." The younger girl husked out a laugh before backing away towards her house. "Go back home, Em. Be happy."

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