Faith Of You

Chapter 24

Looking up from the book seated in her lap, Jennifer's blond brows furrowed as she watched two shadows, one right after the other, walking on by her door and down the hall. Her ears perked up when she heard her houseguest's bedroom door open and shut, and a smile immediately appeared over her face.

Emily must have been getting ready for their lesson.

The sixteen year old quickly shoved her book onto the little table beside her bed, sitting up straighter in her bed and running her fingers through her slightly tangled sunshine hair. Her maybe-crush was finally going to kiss her, to actually teach her how to kiss.

Their lips would move sensuously together, the brunette guiding her with her carnal, skillful nature.

Her head shot up at the sound of her door creaking open, and a smile immediately appeared on her face at the sight of her new friend stepping inside of her bedroom. "Hey," she grinned, watching as the older girl shut the door behind her. "Dad said you ran out."

Emily gave a nod before crossing the expanse of the room, sitting down right in the center of the fluffy bed, facing the younger girl. "Yeah, I just needed to get out for a minute."

"Is everything ok?"

The brunette grinned, seeing the concern that the sixteen year old held for her. "Yeah, everything's fine. I just needed to speak with Sage."

Jennifer gently nodded her head, doing her best not to show her disdain at the other girl's name. "What happened?"

"We broke it off."

The pale girl looked wide eyed to her friend, confusion rushing through her at the casual tone the older girl had at the statement. "You broke off your relationship? Why?" She knew that Emily held something for that steely eyed girl inside of her, and for some reason she didn't think they could be separated.

Emily bit her lip. "I thought, because of what we'd be doing tonight, that it would be best if we didn't see each other anymore." Her shoulders shrugged. "If I'm in a relationship I don't go around kissing other people, and I needed her to know that."

Jennifer's jaw dropped, her hand reaching out to slap the older girl's arm. "Why would you do that? If you felt the need to break up with your girlfriend because of some lesson you were going to give me then just don't teach me," she laughed. "A silly kissing lesson isn't worth a breakup."

Feeling her head begin to shake, Emily stared intensely into the blonde's light eyes. "It's not just a silly kissing lesson, Jennifer."

The blonde's heart stopped, her body as still as it could be as the tiniest spark of realization began to light. "It's not?" She could immediately feel her mouth going dry.

Emily's dark eyes began to sting as the words hung on the tip of her tongue. "Please don't hate me for what I'm going to say," she pleaded, her body gently rocking back and forth on the sixteen year old's bed. "I know you love your religion and you might not feel the same way, but please don't mock me."

"Emily, I would never mock you." Jennifer scooted down her bed and took the French girl's shaking hands in hers. "What is it?"

The dark eyed beauty exhaled, her hot breath blowing against the younger girl's face. "I like you."

Jennifer's eyes slowly grew wide as her jaw began to drop, her brain not functioning the way it should as the information hit her. "You what?"

Emily softly nodded her head, a tiny smile actually emerging on her ivory face at the knowing her true feelings were finally out in the open. She didn't have to hide her affection for the younger girl anymore. "Yeah," she whispered. "I really like you. I think you're so pretty and funny, and I love the fact that you're so passionate about school and your religion, and when you're talking about one or the other, your eyes just light up." She let her fingers squeeze the blonde's tenderly. "You don't have to like me back or even share a single feeling that I may have for you, I just needed you to know."

The blond watched as the older girl's smile seem to quickly disappear from her face at the last sentence, and she shook her head, not wanting the happiness to leave the girl she now knew for a fact that she liked. "I like you too," she rushed out, her hopeful eyes staring into those dark chocolate orbs she loved to see sparkle.

Emily found it was her turn to be stunned, her features stiffening at the words. "What? You like me?"

"Yeah," Jennifer gushed, her and Emily's hands tightening around one another's like they were fused together.

The eighteen year old felt herself laugh at the gigantic smile on the blonde's face. "We both like each other."

Jennifer giggled. "Yeah."

Emily immediately sat up straighter, pulling both of the younger girl's hands into her lap and massaging them gently. "So um, does that mean you would want to go out with me next weekend?" Suddenly all of her nervousness came rushing back, her arm hair standing on end.

The blond flashed a smile at the French girl sitting before her, feeling herself begin to lean closer. "I would love to." Biting seductively into her bottom lip, her face inched closer to Emily's. "So, how about that kissing lesson? I'd really like to learn if that's ok."

Audibly giving a gulp, the older girl jerkily nodded her head. "Ok." She slid her hands from the blonde's and cupped her crush's pale cheeks. "So for just a basic little peck, our lips would barely touch, ok? Nothing too intense about it, just a really soft little kiss." Leaning closer, the tip of her nose brushed the younger girl's. "Just gently press your lips to mine and I promise it'll come naturally."

Jennifer let her hands grasp her friend's arms lightly as she leaned in, pressing their pink lips together for the first time. It was the most amazing feeling the teenager had ever felt, the feather-light caress heating her body, making shivers run from her head to her toes.

It was breathtaking.

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