Faith Of You

Chapter 25

Emily was nothing but smiles the morning after she had finally kissed the blond girl she had fallen for, the pair sitting comfortably in Jennifer's big bed, kissing for over ten minutes at least. The older girl hadn't wanted to let go of the sixteen year old, wanting to cherish the moment she had been dreaming of for so long.

She bit her lip to contain her grin as she took a coffee cup from the cupboard, hearing footsteps enter the kitchen behind her. "Good morning," she greeted happily.

Jennifer smirked at the older girl as she stepped into the kitchen, her bare feet padding against the tiled floor. "Hey."

The brunette immediately spun on her heels, an excited grin blossoming over her features at the sight of her new girlfriend - girlfriend? - standing near the fridge. "Hi," she laughed. "How'd you sleep?"

"Pretty good." Jennifer took some orange juice out of the fridge before making her way over to the counter, her body so close in proximity to the French girl's hat she could practically feel the giddiness radiating from her. "What about you? You didn't fall asleep the same time I did?"

Emily felt herself blush, knowing that the two had fallen asleep in the same bed, laying right beside one another in the younger girl's bed, not too close but not too far away, their hands always clutched together. "I fell asleep maybe twenty minutes or so after you did. It didn't take that long."

The younger girl smiled tiredly. "So you slept ok?"

Sending the blond an alluring hint of a smile, Emily nodded her head. "Next to you? I slept like a baby."

Was she flirting with her? Jennifer quickly turned her head as she began to pour her orange juice, afraid that if she were to continue staring into those deep brown eyes that she would drown.

Amielle ambled on into the kitchen just as the two girls began to pour themselves their morning drinks, a cheery smile gracing her face at the sight of the two girls so close together. "Good morning you two. It's a little early for you to be up, isn't it?"

Jennifer plainly shook her head at her mother. "Got a really good night sleep," she said as she gulped down her juice. "Didn't need to stay in."

The brunette in the kitchen hastily moved away from the mother-daughter pair, not wanting to say anything or give the tiniest inkling of the changes that had occurred between her and the Sunday school teacher's daughter.

Amielle's eyes glanced over to the eighteen year old that seated herself down at the granite island in the kitchen. "How did you sleep, Emily?"

Emily's head shot up, slapping an apprehensive smile right onto her face. "Pretty good," she nodded. "How did you sleep, Mrs. Jareau?"

"I slept very well," the mother of four grinned. "So what are you two doing today?"

The blond sat herself down next to Emily at the island, sitting as close as she could without alarming her mother of anything inappropriate happening. "Well there's a school football game today so we were thinking of going to that at around two."

"And what before that, Rosie? It's only nine right now."

Jennifer nodded quickly. "Homework."

The mother of four poured herself a cup of coffee, just like her houseguest had done a moment before. "Alright, well I'm taking Julia to the dentist in about an hour so Richie and your father will be here for the rest of the day if you need anything."

Once the blond woman had left the room, Emily cautiously reached her hand out so her fingers could just barely touch the younger girl's. "So you want me to go to the game with you?"

Jennifer chuckled lightly at the question dancing in her friend's eyes. "Of course. Do you want to come?"

"Yeah," she smiled. "I'd love to."

Hesitant to show the passion she now knew she held for the older girl, she barely leaned forward, her eyes catching the brunette's. "Is it ok if I kiss you?"

Emily bit her lip before letting out a smile, nodding so her forehead bumped gently against the blonde's. "Yes." She let her eyes flutter closed as their lips lightly touched against one another's, her heart swelling at the joy that overcame her. "I could get used to that," she giggled.

The blond cackled out a laugh, pushing at her friend's shoulder. "Shut up!"

Emily's dark doe eyes watched as the sixteen year old girl took another sip of her orange drink, her lips circling around the rim of the glass as the cool liquid slid down her throat. She was stunning, and the older girl knew she was in for it.

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