Faith Of You

Chapter 26

Clutching the blonde's hand tight, Emily let herself be led up from the track to the bleachers of their high school, her free hand wrapping her scarf tighter around her neck as they sat down. "We should have brought a blanket or something."

Jennifer laughed, fixing her glove so it covered her wrist. "What are you, forty?"

"No! It's just that my butt's gonna get cold from these bleachers." Emily pointed to the row above them, her eyes dramatically wide. "See? Icicles!"

The younger girl rolled her eyes before slapping her friend on the leg, but began to clench her cheeks as the cold found its way through her jeans and onto the skin of her ass. "Don't be so dramatic."

Emily quickly looked to the right, past the sixteen year old, and pointed to the next couple three feet away, watching as they huddled close underneath two sets of blankets, the girl's head resting on her boyfriend's shoulder. "They were smart. They have a blanket."

"Oh my God!" Jennifer turned to face the older girl. "Alright, I am so very sorry that I didn't think to bring a blanket for us to the football game. Will you please forgive me?"

The eighteen year old grinned at the pout her friend gave, and she quickly nodded her head. "As long as you'll hold my hand again."

Jennifer felt happiness warm her heart before she slipped her hand back into the older girl's. "And why would I not?"

Emily smiled gently, turning to look back out the lightly whitened football field and watching as the teams began to stand from their benches. "Who are we playing, anyway?"


Feeling a tap on her shoulder, Emily's head turned to see a redheaded girl sitting just at her side. "Yes?"

The brown eyed girl grinned. "Are you Emily Prentiss?"

"Yeah," she nodded. "Can I help you?"

Shaking her head, the redheaded girl just shared a look with the other girl at her side. "Wow."

Emily frowned, turning slightly to face the younger girl. "I'm sorry, but 'wow'? How exactly do you know me"

"You and Sage, Emily!" The redhead's eyes widened, gidd hiding just beneath the surface. "You dumped the sexiest, coolest girl in school?"

Emily felt Jennifer stiffen behind her, and she soothingly ran her thumb over the blonde's covered hand. "I didn't dump her," she denied. "It just didn't work out."

The girl beside the redhead smirked. "Sure, ok."

Once the two phased into their own conversation, Emily turned back to the sixteen year old at her side, her lips turning up slightly as embarrassment hit her. "Sorry about that."

Jennifer smiled up to the other girl, squeezing her hand through their thick gloves. "Don't worry about it. You two dated and you broke up; people are gonna hear about it."

Emily leaned forward and pressed a gentle kiss to her friend's cheek. "Don't pout," she laughed, seeing the girl's expression changed when she turned her head to stare out at the field. "I picked you, didn't I?" She waited until Jennifer turned so their eyes connected. "You were the one on my mind all the time," she whispered. "The one I dreamt about."

The blonde's eyes sparkled with tears. "You thought about me that much?"

"Almost every moment of the day."

Fighting the lump forming in her throat, Jennifer leaned forward and shared a small kiss with the older girl. "I thought about you too," she smiled.

The two huddled together for warmth, sitting in a comfortable silence as the game began.

Feeling a tap on her shoulder for the second time that day, Emily turned her head, her eyes widening at the figure she saw standing there. "Sage!" She smiled nervously, knowing that Jennifer didn't want to see her. "What are you doing here?"

The gray eyed vixen smiled down to her ex, gesturing to the bench. "Do you mind if we sit? There aren't a lot spaces left on the higher bleachers."

Quickly shaking her head, Emily moved herself and Jennifer over a couple of inches, giving her ex enough room to sit down. Glancing over the younger girl's shoulder, the brunette's brows furrowed, watching as a girl about ten years old clutching Sage's gloved hand. "Who's this?"

The young girl stuck out her free hand and smiled wide to the teenager. "I'm Maggie," she giggled. "I'm her little sister."

Emily felt her jaw drop, her eyes quickly flickered back up to her ex's. "I thought you were an only child."

"Oh I am." Sage smiled down to the little girl at her side before looking back up to the brunette she sat beside. "Maggie and I got connected through the town's 'Older Brother, Little Sister' program. It sets up teenagers with little kids who don't have any siblings, and it's just to kind of help them break out of their shell."

Jennifer hated the words pouring out of the other girl's mouth, practically feeling venom soak through her clothes and begin to burn her insides. That girl just had to be so perfect.

The eighteen year old grinned, shaking Maggie's small hand. "Wow, that's great." She looked at her ex with soft eyes. "That's so sweet of you."

"Thank you," she smiled.

The redheaded girl who had left Emily Prentiss just moments before grinned from her new seat above the French girl, leaning in to whisper into her friend's reddening ear. "They are so getting back together."

"Definitely." The green eyed girl at her friend's side grinned. "They're the cutest couple."

"The cutest."

Jennifer grimaced at the conversation going on just above her, and she quickly laid her head on Emily's shoulder, needing the reassurance that they were now the couple; they were the ones involved.

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