Faith Of You

Chapter 27

It had only taken about an hour to rid the jealousy from Jennifer's tiny body, and Emily had to keep from laughing the entire time. The younger girl did nothing but pout and turn her head when Emily had tried to get her attention, but the eighteen year old succeeded, convincing the younger girl that what had happened was merely a friendly encounter. Emily didn't want to go back to Sage, and now Jennifer knew that.

That Friday Emily had been stopped in the hallway at least twenty times, random people she hadn't even met in the school yet telling her how amazing and pretty she was to them now, and it was all for 'dumping the sexiest girl in the entire town'.

The brunette girl rolled her eyes as she sat herself down at her desk in English, running a hand through her silken hair before looking to the younger girl at her side. "This is so ridiculous. Do you know how many times I've been stopped today?" She flipped open her notebook and quickly scribbled down the date in the right corner. "This freshman girl even offered to carry my books all throughout the day."

Jennifer reached over and pat her friend gently on the arm. "Oh," she cooed, "you poor baby."

Emily quickly slapped the younger girl's hand away, laughing loud as the second bell rang. "Shut up." Looking up at a clearing of the throat above her, the French girl's eyes stared up at the teacher before her. "Hello Mrs. DeBair," she whispered.

The fifty year old woman raised a brow at the exchange student that had entered her class almost a month prior. "Emily if you don't mind, I'd like to get my class started."

"Then maybe you should get back up to the board."

Emily's head whipped around, seeing the redhead she had met at the football game lean back comfortably in her seat.

Mrs. DeBair glared at the young girl in her class. "Ms. Farris, it would be wise for you to mind your own business."

The redhead girl rolled her eyes. "You're being rude to a student," she snarled. "Haven't you learned from that incident two years ago to not belittle your students."

Mrs. DeBair's features immediately stiffened, and she spun on her heel before walking back to the front of the classroom,her now shaking hand picking up the chalk to write.

Emily frowned at the sudden change in her teacher's demeanor and quickly looked to the blond at her side. "What just happened?"

The younger girl slowly shook her head, leaning towards her friend to whisper her answer so no one could hear. "Two years ago, Mrs. DeBair had a student named Heather Morris. She was a senior, really pretty." She shrugged. "She wasn't the smartest girl, and Mrs. DeBair came down on her so hard that she literally went insane."

"Carved hateful words into her arms that Mrs. DeBair had called her with scissors," added Aaron.

Emily let out a big breath, switching her gaze to the football player that sat on the other side of her. "Is she alright? Did she get help?"

The brunette teen nodded his head. "She's in our town's only hospital. She has a temporary room in the Psychiatric Ward until she's ready to leave and head to a recovery home down in Texas."

Emily bit down hard on the tip of her thumb nail for the remainder of her English class, feeling eyes on her from not only the teacher that had wanted to basically denounce her in front of the entire class, but the stares of most of the student body that sat in the room along with her. She had looked up from her paper at least twice to see the redheaded girl smiling at her, and four others out of the fifteen in her class giving her looks throughout the period. Why was no one focused on their work?

Just as the bell rung, the French girl practically ran from the classroom and out into the hallway, needing to breathe in air that wasn't constricting. "Jeez."


The brunette jumped at the touch to her shoulder and she quickly whirled around. "What?" Her doe eyes widened, noticing the steely orbs of her ex staring back at her. "Oh Sage, I'm sorry."

Sage gave a warm smile, shaking her head at the older girl. "Don't worry about it. I just wanted to know if you had any coats that you didn't need anymore? Maybe some extra ones the Jareau family doesn't have to hold onto anymore?"

Emily frowned gently, reaching out to hold the blond girl's hand once she finally came outside the classroom. "What for?"

"I set up a donation down in the main office," she smiled. "I'm collecting winter coats for the homeless, and it's open until December first."

Jennifer wanted to barf right there on the brunette girl's shoes, but refrained when she saw the smile spreading over her maybe-girlfriend's face. "That's sweet," she told Emily's ex, nodding shortly to the other girl.

Sage grinned to the sixteen year old there. "Thanks. So do you guys have any coats?"

"We might, but I need to ask my dad."

"That's totally ok." Reaching into her bag, she pulled out two invitations to hand to the girls before her. "Here you go."

Emily looked down to the white envelope, looking at her elegantly printed name on the crisp white paper. "What is this for?"

Sage grinned, pushing her perfectly waved hair out of her eyes so she could see the two girls clearly. "I'm having a party tomorrow night and I thought you two might want to come. My mom and dad are going to Paris tonight so I thought it'd be a good time."

Knowing what the blond at her side must have been thinking, Emily bit her lip, keeping from smiling at the steely eyed girl. "We'll think about it," she nodded. "Thank you Sage."

Once the rich girl walked away, Jennifer rolled her eyes. "Thank you Sage," she mimicked.

Emily nudged the younger girl before pulling her towards their next class. "You will never stop, will you?"

"Not really."

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