Faith Of You

Chapter 28

Emily handed the Christian girl at her side the clip she had asked for, sitting herself down on the vanity bench and watching as the younger girl slipped it right through her sunshine hair, clipping it firmly in place. "You look incredibly beautiful."

The blond gave an embarrassed smile down to the girl who sat beside her. "Thank you." Her light eyes roamed down Emily's slender figure, her teeth nibbling into her bottom lip as heat rose within her. "You look really good," she chuckled. "I love your jeans."

Emily held in her smirk, knowing she had worn her tightest, most faded jeans to entice the younger girl. "Thank you." She stood up and went behind the blond, running her fingers through the gentle knots in her girl's hair. "Are you sure you want to go tonight? We could always stay home."

Jennifer quickly shook her head, reaching back to grab the older girl's hand in hers. "You want to go, so I want to go."

"You know," the brunette girl smiled, looking softly into Jennifer's eyes through their mirrored reflection, "this could be our first date." She shrugged. "You know, in a group."

Jennifer felt shivers run up and down her arms when Emily's fingers that had been untangling her hair rubbed soothingly between her shoulder blades, through the material of her flower printed dress. "I'd like that."

Hearing a rapid knocking at Emily's bedroom door, the pair immediately broke apart, the brunette of the two jumping onto her bed to seem as if she and the other girl had been nowhere near one another.

Amielle stepped into her eldest's old bedroom with a grin, looking to the brunette on her bed before her own daughter. "So? Are you two excited for tonight?"

Jennifer nodded her head, smiling nervously to her mother. "Yeah, there shoud be a lot of people there."

The older teen in the room snorted. "Yeah, the twenty kids that actually live in this town."

Amielle chuckled at her houseguest's comment. "We're not that small," she grinned. "Anyhow, your father sent me up here to ask if you both needed a ride to the Michael's household. Or," she gave a pause before holding out the family car keys, "if you two won't be gone so late, we'd be open to you two driving yourselves."

Jennifer's jaw dropped, immediately reaching out to grab at the keys. "Really?"

The mother of four held the keys just a little higher up in the air, out of reach of her youngest child. "Nice try," she smirked. She turned and held them out to te brunette in the room. "Emily, you're the older of the two. We're giving you the privileges."

Emily could feel her eyes bug at the incredible advantage that was being given. "Really?"


The eighteen year old grinned as she stood from her bed and took the keys from the woman who was easily becoming a mother to her. "Thank you."

Pecking the young girl on the cheek, Amielle shook her head. "So you two better get going soon, alright? Curfew is midnight, but I know you'll be home by eleven," she chuckled.

Jennifer stuck out her tongue. "And why is that?"

"Because I'm telling you."

Once the mother of four was out of the room, Jennifer glared at the older girl who stood beside the four-poster bed. "Kiss-up."

Emily let out a bark of a laugh, walking up to the younger girl who stood smiling next to the lighted vanity. "What did I do to be a kiss-up? She came up here and I sat quietly!"

The younger girl chuckled. "Yeah yeah, you just seem to have everyone eating from the palm of your hand."

Emily bit her lip, extending her arm to let her fingers tangle with her girl's. "Mmhmm, even yours?"

"Don't be cocky."

The eighteen year old grinned before bending her head, sharing a kiss with Jennifer that warmed her body. "Oh but it's so hard." Smiling when she heard a giggle escape the younger girl, Emily took a small step back so she could look down into her eyes. "Is it alright if I ask you something?"

Jennifer nodded, sitting them both down on the vanity bench. "Sure, what is it?"

Feeling her nerves suddenly take over, Emily sent the blond a wide eyed look. "Would you ever tell your mom about us?" Seeing the surprise that was written all over Jennifer's face, the brunette girl gulped. "I just thought that maybe you might want to keep it a secret for a while because it's so new, you know?"

The blond gave a tiny smile as she nodded her head. "I don't think it's a good idea to tell my mom. My dad of course, but we might have to wait on her." Knowing her mother interpreted the Bible in a very different way than she and the rest of her family always had, she definitely thought it would be best to stay quiet for the time being.

The two made their way out of the house and down into the car, driving the less than ten minute drive to Emily's ex's mansion. Parking three houses down from the Michael's house, Emily turned to the sixteen year old at her side. "You good?"

Jennifer smiled as she stood from her seat and shut the car door. "Yup." She took the initiative to take the brunette's hand and lead her up the sidewalk, walking through Sage's open front door and setting both their jackets on the nearest coat rack. "Do you want a drink?"

Emily quickly nodded her head. "Sure." Watching as her girl walked her way through the foyer and into the kitchen, Emily made her way outside, rounding the house and walking into the backyard.


Turning her head towards the fire pit that was beside both the pool and the shed where the Mercedes were kept, Emily's eyes widened, a smile spreading over her face. "Sage hi."

The younger brunette grinned, making her way over to the newcomer to the party. "Can I hug you?"

"Sure," she laughed, letting her ex swoop her up into a hug. "This party is amazing, Sage. I think the entire town is here."

Sage nodded, taking a sip from the red solo cup in her hand. "Yeah, I only invited around twenty people, including you and JJ, and everyone just showed up." She gave a small shrug. "Happens."

Emily let her brow raise, a smile curving her lips. "Just happens?"

"Yup," she grinned. "So hey, how's your new girl?"

The French girl leaned her weight onto her left foot, her heel not even sinking into the perfectly managed lawn. "She's good," she nodded, smiling to the gray eyed girl who smiled back. "We're still getting used to everything, but I think we're doing pretty well."

Sage smiled warmly to the older girl. "That's great. She treating you right?"

Emily watched as the gaze in her ex's eyes intensify, and she felt a tremble surge through her body. "She's treating me pretty damn great." Her eyes immediately caught sight of her girl stepping out onto the back patio and she waved her hand to get her attention. "Here she comes."

Jennifer made her way over to the pair and handed a cup to the eighteen year old before her. "An iced soda just for you."

"Thank you."

The blond turned, her eyes catching the host's as Emily's arm tangled around her waist. "Hi Sage."

Sage gently nodded her head, smiling to the younger girl. "Hey. Did you ask your parents about the coats?"

"I completely forgot, I'm sorry." Jennifer frowned at the remembrance of the task she was supposed to complete for the older girl. "I'll ask first thing tomorrow morning."

"No that's completely fine." Sage took a quick glance behind her before turning back to the couple she stood before, a smile plastered to her face. "Hey JJ I have to go and get some more drinks for everybody. Do you think you could help me?"

Watching as the brunette's features never faltered, Jennifer hesitantly nodded her head. "Yeah sure." Leaving the comfort of her girl's side, she followed the host back inside the house, sending a loving look to Emily before she disappeared from sight.

Emily gazed softly into the fire that roared before her, setting her lips to the cup in hand when she realized how dry her throat was.


The brunette sat herself down before looking up to the familiar voice, her lips quickly curling themselves into a frown at the sight of the football player before her. "John. Can I help you?"

John sat himself down beside the younger girl. "You need a refill?"

Smirking, Emily held out her cup. "Here. What are you gonna do? Flip it over so it splashes all over me? Knock it down so I have to get another?"

"You're cute, you know."

Emily scoffed, standing from her seat on the grass. "Ok, goodbye John."

The older teenager quickly stood, catching the French girl's arm before she had the chance to walk away. "Ok wait."

Before she could turn around, her eyes caught Aaron and Derek running towards her.

Aaron quickly got the football player off of his brunette friend, both him and his boyfriend standing so she was protected just between them. "What do you want, John?"

"I just wanted to talk with Emily."

Derek gave a shake of the head, stepping forward towards the football player. "Yeah well she doesn't want to talk to you."

Emily tilted her chin up, her eyes staring hard into John's surprisingly soft looking eyes. "You wanna talk? Do it now, I have a party to enjoy."

The football player fought the urge to roll his eyes at the two guys trying to protect the younger girl, but shook his head. "I just wanted to say sorry for knocking you down in the hallway."


"And for pushing you against the lockers."

Emily's brow rose, waiting for the next apology from the football player.

John rolled his eyes. "And for wanting to feel you up in the hallway before JJ and Aaron got there." He shook his head. "I didn't have to apologize, you know."

"No," she agreed, taking a sip of her drink, "but you did." Her shoulders gave a lazy shrug. "Thank you."

The football player slowly nodded his head, looking to the French girl leaning on the brown haired boy who stood at her right side. "So, would you want to dance with me or something?"

Fighting the laugh that was threatening to escape her, Emily just politely shook her head. "No thank you." She gestured towards the house. "If you'll excuse me, I have to get inside to my girlfriend."

John's eyes widened. "Girlfriend?"

"Girlfriend," she winked, following both Aaron and Derek back inside.

Jennifer gave a thankful nod to the party's host held the basement door open for her and she quickly stepped inside, walking with the brunette girl down the stairs and into the storage closet. "What do you need me to get?"

"Just one of those boxes full of soda cans over near the washing machine." Sage quietly shut the door once Jennifer's back was turned, and she flickered on the light, wanting to be able to see the younger girl's face. "So if it's ok, I wanted to talk to you."

The blond slowly turned back around, case of soda in hand, her eyes flickering up to the other girl's. "About?"


Jennifer frowned at the immediate answer. "What about her?"

Sage shook her head, seating both herself and Jennifer down on the cold cement ground. "I just wanted to know how everything is going with you two."

The blond pursed her lips. "We're alright."

"Ok," the steely eyed girl sighed. "I wanted to speak with you about her because I care for her, more than you could ever imagine."

Jennifer shook her head. "You only met her like a month ago, Sage."

The brunette smirked, staring down at the empty cup she held in her hands. "Doesn't matter," she shrugged. "All I know is that she deserves the best, and if you're that for her then I can't stand in your way." She turned, her eyes boring straight into the Christian girl's. "But you do anything to hurt her, anything at all, then I will make your life a living hell." Her lips straightened into the thinnest line. "You hurt her and I can make you hope for death."

Jennifer's eyes widened slightly, hearing the seriousness in the other girl's voice, those threatened words sinking immediately into her heart. "You really care for her."

"How could I not?" Sage let out a laugh. "She's Emily." Her eyes flickered over to the blonde's. "You should feel lucky to have her."

The sixteen year old softly nodded her head, watching as the brunette's fingers played delicately with the rim of her cup. "I do." Leaning forward, Jennifer nudged the older teen's shoulder with hers. "So, you give us your blessing?"

Snorting out a laugh much like the French girl they both had fallen for always did, Sage shook her head. "Don't push it."

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