Faith Of You

Chapter 29

A/N - This chapter is rated M


Brown eyes fluttered open at the warmth of the sun beating through her bedroom window, her arms stretching up above her head to rid the tiredness from her body. Last night for the new couple had not been hat either had expected. They got maybe a total of five minutes alone together before friends surrounded them and they were off to dance in the house, outside the house, down in the basement and even on the street before the house.

The party had gotten a little out of control.

No cops were called, the neighbors of the Michaels' family used to the extreme parties that were always held, but one of the guests had brought in alcohol, and Sage immediately ended the party.

Emily and Jennifer got home at eleven thirty-five, surprised at the sight of the head of the Jareau family waiting up for them, handing them both freshly made mugs of hot chocolate before sending them both off to bed.

The brunette girl grinned as she turned her head, staring at the wall that separated both her and the sixteen year old's rooms. She was falling fast for the younger girl. Little touches here and there, lips touching lips every now and again? How could someone not take the plunge?

Biting down seductively into her plump pink lip, Emily's eyes imagined the blond teen right before her, her slim body standing just beside her bed in nothing but her favorite tan panties and black bra that Emily knew was her favorite set.

The eighteen year old's breath quickened as she imagined Jennifer's hips swaying languidly back and forth, side to side as she slowly spun around, giving Emily a full view of what she now had. Her blond hair was down around her shoulders, hanging just past her breasts, the ends tickling her pale skin.

Jennifer sighed gently as she glanced over to the wall that separated her from her new girl, her fingers tracing over her now bare stomach, her sleep shirt bunched up around her breasts, her skin warm underneath her touch.

Emily's head tilted back, her eyes fluttering closed as she let her hand drift up her body, squeezing and massaging her B-cupped breasts. She knew her girl must have looked stunning underneath all those clothes that blocked her view of her perfect body, her small breasts firm and her cute butt able to bounce alluringly when the brunette's hand tapped at it.

The blond let her tongue swipe over her bottom lip, her touch wandering down past the wist band of her shorts, her fingers rubbing tentatively over the fabric that shielded her pelvis from her hand. She had never done something like this before, but the older girl did something to her. Her insides were hot, her stomach in knots and she knew that she needed to relieve the tension her body had acquired.

A delicate moan filled the air of Emily's bedroom, her fingers pinching around her left nipple as her right hand traveled down her body, wanting to shed her body of those offending fabrics so she'd finally be able to touch herself. Her friend Matthew back in France, the one that had taught her how to kiss, had also taught her how to pleasure herself when she was in dire need. They would lay beside one another in the confines of Matthew's bedroom and watch as one another touched their own bodies, mouths parting, their hot breath surrounding them as their hands worked on themselves fast and hard.

Emily quickly pulled off her shorts and underwear with her free hand, kicking them away from her and onto the floor so her fingers could finally touch her lower lips.

Jennifer's eyes rolled back in her skull as she pointer and middle fingers rubbed vigorously over her sensitive pink nub, her left hand clutching at her sleep shirt. She had never felt something so amazing, her insides coiling as heat ran from her head to her toes.

Emily's fingers slipped smoothly into her wet pussy, her lips parting quickly at the sensations that swept over her. Her index finger wiggled gently within her to make sure she wasn't too tight that anything would hurt, and she quickly began pumping in and out of herself, her girl appearing above her in her fantasy, her slender legs trapping her down on the bed, her weight bearing over her. She wanted to feel her.

The sixteen year old groaned as her fingers rubbed harder, her heart pumping out of her chest at the image of her girlfriend laying just beside her, wanting to imagine them both pleasuring themselves right beside one another. Nothing could be as intimate as giving your lover the opportunity to see what you can do when you think about them; their body and their soul.

Moaning out the blonde's sinful name, Emily let her fingers curl within her as she pumped faster, harder. Her hips tilted up to get the most pleasurable angle, her eyes slamming shut as her orgasm rolled over her like a monster truck crushing cars beneath it without a care.

Not five minutes later the two girls were down in the kitchen, Emily opening up the fridge for an orange while Jennifer let her father pour her a cup of coffee.

Emily looked up at the sound of a new voice in the kitchen, her eyes shining at the sight of the girl who had been haunting her dreams. "Hey."

The Christian girl turned at the voice of her girl, nodding gently in the brunette's direction. "Morning Em."


Their large family sat down at the dining room table once Amielle had given everyone their freshly made breakfast, and the girls sat across from one another at the table, both hiding smiles from one another as their cheeks began to heat.

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