Faith Of You

Chapter 3

With nothing spoken but a gentle giggle, Emily let her new housemate lead her up to the second floor of the house, her dark eyes scanning the pristinely painted walls and the family photos that hung on them. "Your house is beautiful, Jennifer."

The blond girl smiled back at the older teen. "Thank you." She quickly opened the third door on the right before closing it right behind them, taking her hand from Emily's to gesture around the room. "Welcome to your new room. It used to be my sister Grace's, but now it's yours."

Emily grinned. "It's beautiful, thank you." She watched as the beautiful girl sat herself down on the purple comforter of her new bed, her blue eyes dancing from corner to corner. "Where is Grace now? Is she in college?" Her dark eyes danced gracefully, trying her best not to stutter or hesitate in front of her new housemate. "Will I need to share with her once the holidays come? If needed I can sleep on the floor," she chuckled.

Jennifer quickly gave a shake of her head, her crystal blue eyes looking to the new guest in her home. "Oh no, Grace passed away three years ago."

Her jaw dropping, Emily quickly walked over to the bed. "I am so sorry, I had no idea."

Jennifer smiled up to the older girl. "It's ok." She gave a quick wave of the hand. "Anyways, you don't have to call me Jennifer. Most people call me JJ or Jay, or even Jenny. No one really calls me Jennifer."

The older girl gave a small shrug of the shoulders, setting down her backpack beside her new bed. "All the more reason to call you Jennifer. I'm the only one doing it," she bit her lip as she looked down into the blonde's light eyes. "Kind of special."

The blonde's eyelashes fluttered, feeling a blush creep over her cheeks at the intense look in her new friend's eyes. "Ok then, that's fine."

"So what religion are you? Your dad told me your mom teaches Sunday school."

Jennifer quickly nodded her head, scooting further up the bed so the brunette could sit down beside her. "Yeah, we're Catholic. My mom teaches all the kids that go to our church." She bit back a laugh at Emily's almost fall off the bed when she tried to adjust herself. "What about you?"

"Oh I'm Roman Catholic," she nodded. "But I never went to religion classes or anything, I just went with my nanny to services every Sunday."

The younger girl's light brows furrowed. "You had a nanny?"

Emily softly nodded her head, smiling sadly to the blond girl. "Yeah, my parents are both Ambassadors and they were usually too busy to do anything with me."

Jennifer felt her heart break for the sad looking teen in front of her, not able to imagine her parents ignoring her or her other siblings for even a day. "That sounds awful, I'm so sorry."

Emily let out a small laugh. "No it's alright, really. They're not that great to be around anyway," she confessed, her dark eyes looking down to the deep purple comforter she sit on.

The blond quickly reached over and set her hand on the older girl's shoulder, waiting until those midnight eyes finally looked back up to hers before she smiled. "But you're here with my family now, and trust me we are the closest family you will ever meet." Her laugh practically made the older teen's eyes sparkle. "So you are going to be able to have a completely different experience."

The seventeen year old girl grinned. "That's really sweet, thank you." She gave a quick clearing of her throat, not getting over the fact that the beautiful girl's hand was still on her shoulder. "So how old are you?"

"Sixteen, my birthday is in January. What about you?"

Emily nodded along with the younger girl. "Seventeen," she smiled. "My birthday is actually the twelfth of this month."

Jennifer gave a grin, her hands wanting to get together and clap. "That means we have to have a birthday party," she gasped.

The older girl immediately began to shake her head. "Oh you don't have to do that."

"Sucks, we're going to." Jennifer's eyebrows arched. "So, not to try and degrade the way you sound or anything, but where's your accent?"

Emily's eyes crinkled as she let out a laugh. "I grew up here in America," she giggled. "I only moved to France when I was ten."

"Ok, that makes more sense."

The brunette glanced into Jennifer's blue eyes. "Just a little bit," she whispered.

Jennifer let a small smile grace her face before she stood from the bed, making her way towards the older girl's bedroom door. "I need to go and help my mom get ready for dinner, which means you have about an hour or so to get everything unpacked." She turned once the door was open, her bright eyes glancing over to her guest. "And if you need anything during the night, my room is right next door. Just knock and I'll open right up."

Emily bit her lip, nodding slowly as she watched the beautiful blond girl shut the door behind her retreating figure. "You got it."

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