Faith Of You

Chapter 30

Smoothing down her dress' few wrinkles, her worried eyes staring back at her in the mirror that hung on the back of her door. Was her outfit ok? Her shoes matching? Her shining blond hair styled the best way it could be?

Tonight was the Christian girl's first date with her new girlfriend.

Jennifer grinned. Girlfriend.

Two nights before when the girl were down in the living room watching one of those sappy romance movies that girls were supposed to fall in love with, Emily had accidentally slipped the word out, calling the younger girl her girlfriend. Looking up to the girl she had been sitting next to with a grin a Cheshire cat would be envious of, Jennifer felt her heart leap.

They were girlfriends now. It was official.

All the Jareaus were out of the household except for both girls. James had taken Amielle out to dinner for an early birthday present while the twins were out at a party.

Frowning when she heard the house's doorbell ring, Jennifer slipped on her flats and made her way down the stairs. No one was supposed to be coming; she and Emily had made sure to tell their friends that they were busy.

The Christian girl quickly opened up the front door, her eyes widening when she saw her girlfriend standing out on the front porch, her hand behind her back. "Emily? What are you doing out there?"

Emily smiled gently, stepping closer to the front door and holding out her hand. "Picking up my date. What else would I be doing?"

The blond girl felt a surprised grin fall over her face. Her date had gotten her a rose. "Oh Emily it's beautiful." She slipped on her jacket before stepping out into the night, letting Emily take her free hand in hers. "So where will we be going?"

"Oh that's a surprise." Emily led the younger girl down the front steps and into Aaron's truck that she'd borrowed just for tonight. "You're not allowed to know just yet."


The brunette smirked at the pout her girlfriend immediately gave her. "No," she chuckled. Starting the car, she drove them half a mile into the center of town. "You look cute," she smirked, glancing over to the younger girl in the passenger seat. "You're not cold?"

Jennifer pursed her lips in thought before shaking her head. "Not really." Looking over to the brunette teen, the younger girl's lips curled into a smile. "You look beautiful, Em."

Emily had slipped on her favorite tribal patterned shift dress, the sleeves flowing gently around her wrists just as the hem did halfway down her thighs. "Thank you," the brunette grinned, her fingers tentatively playing with the messy side braid she had put into her hair. "Ok, we're here."

Looking up from the other girl, Jennifer's jaw dropped. They were at the new restaurant that had opened in town; the third restaurant there. "Our date is here?"

"If you want to go somewhere else then that's fine." Immediately Emily felt panic well within her, her eyes widening as she looked to her girlfriend. "I just thought it would be nice for our first date alone. It's their opening night."

Jennifer quickly shook her head. "No Emily, I totally want to be here." She reached over and held the older girl's hands. "I was just kind of surprised. It's a pretty expensive restaurant."

The eighteen year old smiled gently, leaning forward to capture the blonde's lips with hers. "It's not that bad. Come on." Leading her into the restaurant, Emily held her girlfriend's hand tight in hers, smiling to the hostess that stood behind her podium. "Hi. We have a reservation for two under 'Prentiss'." She dug around in her coat pocket before slipping out a piece of paper onto the podium. "This is our coupon."

The hostess grinned at the teenager before her, taking the tiny envelope she had given her knowing exactly what it was. "Right this way."

Jennifer pecked the back of her girlfriend's hand before they sat down, staring the brunette straight in the eyes as she shed her coat. "What did you give her?"

Emily frowned. "A coupon. Didn't you hear me?"

Scoffing, the blond set her elbows on the table, her chin resting on her clasped hands. "This restaurant doesn't give out coupons, Em. What did you give her?"

Emily rolled her eyes before leaning back in her chair, her legs crossing underneath the table. "I gave her a tip."

"Before dinner?"

"Mmhmm." The brunette watched as her girlfriend stared intently at her from across the table. "Just a tip."

Jennifer grinned at the older girl. "How much of a tip?"


"How much?" she chuckled.

Emily leaned forward, making sure no one was around their table to hear before glancing back at the blond girl. "A hundred dollars."

Jennifer's crystal eyes widened. "You gave her a hundred dollar tip?"

"Shh!" The ebony haired teen quickly waved her hands at the younger girl, telling her to shush. "Don't be so loud about it." Leaning forward, the older girl shrugged. "I wanted us to have a nice table."

"So you just had a random hundred dollar bill to give out?"

Emily bit her lip. "Just a couple."

The blonde's eyes bulged. "How much money do you exactly plan on spending on our date?"

Emily quickly shook her head, smiling shyly to the younger girl. "Not that much, Jen."

Jennifer's brow arched. "How much do you have on you? Right now."

The older girl rolled her eyes, shrugging her shoulders as she added it up in her head. "I don't know." She gave a slight pause before looking back to the blond before her. "Eight hundred?"

"Eight hundred!"

Emily reached over and slapped the younger girl's hand hard, scowling at her girlfriend for screaming once more. "I asked you not to be so loud!"

Jennifer shook her head. "I don't get it," she laughed. "How do you have so much money?"

The eighteen year old took her time stalling, setting her silverware up just right after she had unfolded her napkin and set it in her lap. "I have a twelve thousand dollar allowance each month from my parents, and I put away ten thousand a month so it'll be saved for college."

Jennifer bit her lip, seeing how uncomfortable the older girl was with this. "I'm sorry," she whispered. "I didn't mean to ruin this. I was just surprised."

Emily smiled gently to her girlfriend, reaching over and slipping her fingers in with the blonde's. "No, it's ok." She tilted her head to the side. "I do come from money, yes. But I don't like to brag about it."

"But you're using quite a bit tonight."

"Yeah," she chuckled. "To treat my beautiful girlfriend to our first date together. It's a special occasion with a special girl, I have to do something pretty damn extraordinary, don't I?"

Jennifer glanced down to the rose that lay in her lap. "You don't need to, Em." Her eyes flickered up to the French girl's. "But I'm kinda glad you did. Makes me feel a little special."

The brunette placed her lips tenderly against Jennifer's soft knuckles. "You definitely are. Now come on, let's order." Picking up her menu, Emily eyed the younger girl. "Don't pick the cheapest thing."

The Christian girl's head flew up. "I wasn't going to do that." Feeling a blush immediately spread over her cheeks, Jennifer sulked into her seat. "Ok."

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