Faith Of You

Chapter 31

Looking up after she had taken the first bite of her chicken, Jennifer's blue eyes were wide with delight.

Emily snickered as she sipped at her water, smiling at the younger girl who sat across from her. She watched as her girlfriend quickly stabbed at another piece of meat on her plate before eating it up. "So I take it you think it's good?"

"Good?" The blond grinned at the older girl who smiled her way. "Em, this is delicious."

The eighteen year old grinned, spooning up a helping of rice onto her fork. "What exactly did you order anyway?"

Jennifer swallowed before pointing her fork down at the plate she had ordered. "It's chicken with rice and broccoli, and it's practically drenched in this really creamy sauce." Biting into another piece of the succulent meat before looking up at her girlfriend. "It's amazing. What did you get?"

"Shrimp scampi over linguine with a side of rice."

The blonde's eyes narrowed slightly. "Yours sounds better than mine."

Emily chuckled slightly, twirling some of her pasta onto her fork and reaching it out to the younger girl. "Here."

Jennifer sent the chocolate eyed girl a small grin as she took the pasta into her mouth. Holding her hand over her full mouth, she greedily nodded her head. "Ok. It's a tie."

Emily's eyes squinted gently as she laughed at her girlfriend's response. "Sure, we'll take that."

The two sat in a comfortable silence as they finished up their courses, Emily's eyes never leaving Jennifer's as their forks made their way to their mouths before down to their plates to pick up food once more.

"Oh I forgot to tell you, a letter came today from that guy Matthew in France."

Emily grinned. "Matthew sent me a letter?" The brunette bit her lip, looking down to her now empty plate. She had missed the older boy.

Jennifer watched as her girlfriend's dark doe eyes began to daze slightly once she had mentioned the boy back home that Emily loved so much. "You miss him, don't you?"

"Well yeah," she shrugged, smiling as she looked back up to the younger girl. "He's my best friend, of course I miss him."

The blond held a hand over her heart, her face contorting in pain as if she had just been wounded. "Your best friend? Oh Emily Prentiss, how could you?"

Giggling at the younger girl's dramatic little show, Emily leaned back comfortably in her chair. "You're my girlfriend, Jen. Mattie's my best friend." She glared playfully at the blond across from her. "You pick; one or the other."

Jennifer stuck out her tongue as the waitress came back to take away their plates. "Fine. I pick girlfriend."

Emily bit her lip to contain her giddied grin, leaning over the table and pecking her girlfriend's beautifully plump lips. "Mmmhmm, I think I like that one."

"Me too," she grinned.


The pair looked towards the familiar voice, Jennifer's crystal eyes widening at the sight of her parents walking their way. "Mom, daddy hi. What are you guys doing here?"

"Well your father took me out for a birthday dinner, remember Rosie?" Amielle grinned at the girls. "What about you girls? I thought you two were staying home tonight and having a girls night."

Jennifer quickly nodded her head, noticing her girlfriend sinking further down into her seat from the corner of her eye. "We were but then I remembered this new restaurant was here and Emily wanted to come." She gave a small smile to the other girl that she shared her table with. "We're just trying to get to know each other better."

Amielle nodded, looking to the brunette that sat across from her youngest daughter. "Well if you girls are done why don't we drive you back home?"

Emily sat up in her chair, smiling nervously to the mother of four. "Thank you Mrs. Jareau but I actually borrowed Aaron's car from him so we could get here tonight. We'll get home just after I pay."

"Oh honey, let me pay."

The brunette girl quickly held out her hand. "No, it's really ok. I have enough."

James looked sternly at the two girls, his hand resting on the small of his wife's back. "Honey why don't you go and get the coats? I have to go and thank the cook, alright?"

Amielle pressed a kiss to her husband's cheek before walking out the door.

The father of four pulled up a chair and sat himself down at the table meant for two, his hard eyes looking from one girl to the next. "I saw exactly what happened before your mother pulled me over here, and you're lucky that she didn't." He stared hard at the brunette he had let into his house before back to his daughter. "We will talk when you get home. Is that clear?"

Both girls obediently nodded their heads, their frightened eyes meeting one another's once the man of the Jareau household walked away.

They'd been caught.

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