Faith Of You

Chapter 32

Emily's dark eyes flickered from one object in her room to another, her heart racing as if it were part of NASCAR. James Jareau had been stone cold and silent when they entered the house after both girls returned from their date, telling them that just as Amielle went to bed they were to have their discussion.

The eighteen year old wanted to slap herself for taking her girlfriend out to that restaurant. It was the newest and fanciest restaurant that was in town, of course the married couple would want to be there.

She rolled her eyes. She was such an idiot.

Her heart stopped when she heard her door open and her eyes shot up. James stood stoically in the doorway of her bedroom.

The eldest of the Jareau clan looked firmly at the young girl he had let into his home, and he slowly gave a nod of the head. "In Rosie's room. Now please."

Emily quickly nodded her head. "Yes sir." She stood from her comfortable bed and nervously walked outside, letting him close her door before leading her into the light room just beside hers. Her eyes immediately met her girlfriend's, a smile wanting to spread over her face to try and calm the obviously wrecked girl, but she just couldn't.

James pushed gently on the French girl's backside to lead her towards his daughter's bed. "Sit." Closing the door tightly behind him, he stood at the end of the bed, watching as the teens' hands itched to hold the other's. "Now I demand you tell me what's been going on."

Seeing how nervous and uncomfortable the younger girl was, Emily bravely looked up into the father of four's eyes. "I have feelings for your daughter, Mr. Jareau."

"You have feelings for my daughter?"

Emily nodded, an unconscious smile gracing her face at the thought of the Christian girl. "Jennifer is beautiful, smart and so passionate. She makes me happy," she whispered. "And I'd like to think I do the same for her." Looking to the practically shaking girl at her side, Emily softly patted her hand. "I'm lucky to have her as my girlfriend."

James let out a sigh at the words. "Your girlfriend."

"Yes sir." The chocolate eyed girl bit down hard into her bottom lip. "I in no way am trying to come between your family and your religion because I know how important it is to all of you, but I need you to know that we have feelings for each other."

Sitting himself down at the foot of his youngest's bed, James looked pointedly to the two girls. "Would either have you have ever thought to tell your mother or I if I hadn't caught you on your date?"

Jennifer finally spoke up for the first time that conversation, sitting up and straightening her shoulders. "We talked about that," she nodded. "We thought we would tell you before mom because we knew you would take it better than she would." Her blond hair found its way tangled between her fingers as she waited for a reply. "Right?"

James found his heart swelling at the desire he saw in Emily's eyes when she looked at his beautiful little girl. She really cared for her. "I understand why you would wait on telling your mother. But me?" He looked sadly into his daughter's eyes. "I'm your dad, Rosie. You know that I don't share those views with your mother, and I would never tell you that you two wouldn't be able to date."

"Daddy," she whispered, "I'm sorry. This is all just really new, to both of us, and we just were getting comfortable with one another before we told."

Running a tired hand down his face, the blond man shook his head. "I'm not mad, Rosie. I'm just wondering why you felt the need to keep it a secret."

Emily inched forward just a bit, signaling her ready to join back in on the conversation. "We weren't keeping it a secret, sir. We really care for each other and we just wanted to get comfortable with the idea of 'us' before we gave others the chance."

"I understand that, pumpkin. I do."

Tears immediately pricked in the French girl's eyes at the nickname the older man had for her. She was still his pumpkin.

James looked to his daughter, smiling warmly at his nervous little girl. "I could never be mad at you for something like this, Rosie. You fall for who you fall for and sometimes that person is of the same sex. I am in no way to judge what you do or who you do it with, and if you find happiness with Emily then you should be with her."

Jennifer felt her chin tremble, letting her father grasp softly onto her hand. "Really?"

"Of course, sweetheart." He pressed a loving kiss to her temple. "Get to sleep, alright?"

Emily stood from the bed, following the older man out into the hallway. "Sir can I speak to you for a minute please?" Taking a deep breath, the French girl looked up into the father of four's blue eyes. "I care a great deal for your daughter, Mr. Jareau. She makes me feel better about myself and I think she's the most amazing girl I've ever met." She watched as his eyes softened on her. "You told me when I went out with Sage that it didn't matter who I liked as long as they were good to me, and if it's alright with you, I would like Jennifer to be my girlfriend. I know I can be good to her, and she to me." She let out a breathy chuckle, her eyes soft. "I know it."

James saw the want in the ebony haired girl's eyes and he practically felt his heart melt. Placing a soft hand on his houseguest's shoulder, he led her into her room and sat her down on the edge of her bed. "Let me tell you something, Emily."

"Yes sir." She hoped he couldn't feel her stiffen under his touch.

The father of four tightened his hand around Emily's shoulder. "My children are the most important thing in the world to both Amielle and I, and I will be dammed if I let anyone hurt them. I wouldn't mind taking a dip down into hell from killing someone who hurt them." He winked. "Get it?"

Emily cautiously nodded her head. "Yes sir."

"And over the past month, you've become very close to this family. I would like to think I've become a father figure to you, and I care for you as if you were one of my own." His coarse thumb swiped along Emily's alabaster cheek to rid her of a tear that slipped from her eye. "You are a sweet, smart girl, and I am honored that you want my Rosie to be your girlfriend. If you're good to her, then I give you my permission to date her."

An overjoyed grin spread over the eighteen year old's face. "Really?" Before the father of four could nod his head in approval, Emily threw herself into her pseudo father's arms, crying into the warm crook of his neck. "Thank you."

Rubbing his hand soothingly down the brunette's back, James nodded into her hair. "Of course, pumpkin."

"I won't let you down," she smiled, pulling back to look up into his eyes. "I promise."

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