Faith Of You

Chapter 33

Sighing gently against her girlfriend's silky blond hair, the French girl wrapped her arm tighter around Jennifer's waist as their eyes stayed glued to the screen before them. After having the night they did, having to come out to the head of the Jareau family when he had caught them out on their very first date, they thought they needed to have some quality time alone.

The pair had snuck down at two in the morning to the living room of the Victorian house and put on one of Emily's favorite silent movies that she had brought with her from France, cuddling up on the couch before it was time to get to sleep.

Emily leaned her chin on the Christian girl's shoulder, forcing her eyes to stay open. "You tired?"

"Not really."

She cleared her throat before nodding her head, her dark orbs focusing on the black and white picture that play on the screen. "So do you like the movie?" She grinned into Jennifer's warm neck. "It's one of my favorites."

The blond slowly nodded her head. "Yeah, I like it." She bit down into her bottom lip, her light brows furrowing as she watched the characters in the film. "...I don't really know what's going on."

The eighteen year old snorted, her fingers tickling against her girlfriend's sides. "It's a Charlie Chaplin film, Jen." She pressed her lips gently against the younger girl's pale cheek. "It's just supposed to make you laugh."

Jennifer tilted her head, squinting as she looked to the television screen before her. "Well it is funny." She felt a giggle building in her chest as Chaplin fell down the ladder he had climbed, right into a sack of flour that had been sitting on the floor. "Where did you get this?"

"My papa," she smiled. "He left me most of his valuables when he passed away."

Jennifer found her girlfriend's warm hand and tangled their fingers together. "When did he die?"

Emily bit her lip, thinking back to the crippled old man who had always given her so much hope. "When I was thirteen." A smile crept over her face at a memory of them that passed through her mind. "We did everything together when he was around. He was more like my dad than my actual dad," she whispered.

The younger girl turned her head so her blue eyes could stare into those of the French girl. "Do you miss him."

"A lot," she nodded. "When I was six, he took me to the Eiffel Tower and we rode the carousel together. It was two days before my seventh birthday and he wasn't going to be there for the actual day, so he took the liberty of making it just a me and him day." Her eyes stared deeply into her girlfriend's, her heart warming at the adoration she saw behind those crystal orbs. "He always knew how to make me smile."

Jennifer grinned, pecking the older girl's pink lips. "Wish I could have met him."

Emily nodded her head, resting her forehead just against the blonde's as a grin spread over her lips. "You know, I did actually meet someone who can make me smile just like he could. Maybe even better."


"Mmmhmm." The brunette leaned forward, catching the younger girl's bottom lip between hers for a long kiss. She felt her girlfriend's hand tighten around hers, and she kissed the blond that much harder, pushing her gently back into the cushions of the couch."

Jennifer moaned quietly into the eighteen year old's mouth, smiling when she felt her heartbeat speed up when Emily dove back in and kissed her harder than she had before. Letting her girlfriend push her back against the couch cushions, the Christian girl expertly arched her back and tilted her head, forcing the brunette teen to crawl over her body to reach her lips once more.

Emily grinned at the younger girl beneath her, patiently straddling her well toned thighs, her knees digging into the couch. "You're a little minx, aren't you?" She took both of the blonde's hands in hers before leaning down, brushing her lips over the Christian girl's. "Don't tease me."

"I wasn't trying to," she whispered, smiling innocently up to the older girl before her.

Emily let her eyes bore darkly into her girlfriend's, bringing her pelvis down to grind enticingly against Jennifer's. "Oh yeah?"

The blond sucked in a breath of air at the feeling of the French girl's lean body against hers, and she glanced up to the ceiling so she couldn't see the crumbling walls behind her crystal eyes. "Em..."

Snickering a dark chuckle, the eighteen year old nuzzled her nose against the heated crook of Jennifer's slender neck. "I told you not to tease me." Her lips found their way back to the younger girl's, her tongue delicately slipping inside of the Christian girl's hot mouth to brush against her own.

Jennifer's back arched once more, her breasts brushing the ivory skinned beauty's above her as her girlfriend forcefully pinned her hands down against the cushion beneath her.

Loving the sounds she was getting from the blond, Emily felt a familiar heat stirring within the pit of her taunt stomach. She sighed pleasantly into her girlfriend's mouth before forcing herself to pull away, her hold on Jennifer's soft hands loosening.

Jennifer frowned gently when the older girl pulled away and sat herself up on her elbows. "Hey, you ok?"

Emily gave a quick nod of the head, her fingers touching her now kiss swollen lips. "No, I'm fine." She took her body off of the younger girl's and helped her sit up, smiling wide at the confused look in her crystal eyes. "You're a good kisser," she laughed.

"Why thank you." The Christian girl flipped her hair over her shoulder, giving a sexy wink to her girlfriend. "Why'd you stop?"

Emily held the blonde's hand in hers. "I just didn't want it to go any farther than just us kissing," she nodded. "You could have easily made me go farther."

Jennifer's jaw dropped. "Me?"

The French girl grinned, bringing her free hand up to tangle in Jennifer's silky blond hair. "Yeah you. Can't you tell what you do to me?"

Shivers ran down the Christian girl's spine as the brunette's hot breath flew swiftly over her lips. "Yes," she whispered.

Placing one last kiss against her girlfriend's pink lips, Emily stood from the couch. "Ok, maybe we should get to bed." The eighteen year old nodded hastily, gesturing towards the staircase just behind her. "Yeah, bed."

Jennifer smiled at her stuttering girlfriend. "Ok." She stood before the older girl, stepping into her personal space. "How about you sleep in my bed?" she husked, her fingers trailing up the brunette's arm, barely ghosting over the supple ivory skin.

Emily smirked, pushing past the younger girl to turn off the television. "Nice try."

The blonde gave a pout. "Fine." She spun on her heels before stomping her way up the steps. "You're missing out, though!"

Emily sighed as she put away the VSH tape, rolling her shoulders to relieve the tension that had immediately built up. "Definitely missing out."

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