Faith Of You

Chapter 35

It was Wednesday, November twenty-seventh and life in the Jareau household was completely hectic. Amielle was freaking out over the food and everything that had to be prepared for Thanksgiving the next day, while on the side she was screaming at her husband and Richard to do the decorations right throughout the house. One candle out of place and that woman would blow her top.

Emily quickly set the table for dinner that night, looking up from the silverware to see Julia placing out the two wine glasses for the adults. "Hey, can you help me?" Her lips curled into a worried frown. "I don't know which fork goes where."

The blond chuckled, making her way around the dining room table to stand beside the French girl. "You were a pro at this yesterday, you know."

"Yeah," she sighed. "Your mother's made me so nervous that I completely forgot how to set them."

Julia quickly nodded her head, taking the silverware from Emily and setting everything down in the correct order. "So, how's everything with you and Sage?" Her crystal eyes that matched those of her father and siblings looked up to the teenager at her side. "You guys still friends?"

Emily smiled, looking to the other girl as she rounded the table once more. "Yeah, we're pretty close actually. She looks out for me and I'm trying to do the same for her."

Julia let out a small laugh. "Looks out for you? It's more like she's your bodyguard."

"She is not."

The blue eyed girl stared hard at the eighteen year old across the table from her. "Oh really? Two days before break this freshman wanted so bad to hold your hand and she practically threatened to throw them down the quarry five miles out of town."

Emily snorted at the story and shook her head. "Ok, not exactly how it happened."

"Alright," the blond laughed. "Tell me what really happened."

Emily rolled her eyes, moving a curl out of her line of sight so she could see the eldest Jareau girl perfectly. "That 'freshman' was a sixteen year old kid who did not want to hold my hand, but rather put his hand on my ass." Her gaze narrowed at the now cackling blond before her. "All Sage did was push him off of me."

Julia dismissed the French girl's words with a wave of the hand. "Sure." Her smile brightened. "So who's the new girl you're seeing?"

The brunette could practically feel her heart just stop beating, her body freezing as she looked into her girlfriend's sister's happy gaze. "I'm sorry?" Her throat was already going dry.

"Oh come on, the entire town knows you dumped Sage to be in a relationship with someone else. Who is she?"

Emily gave a quiet gulp, her hair flying over her shoulder as she shook her head. "Just a girl," she shrugged. "I met her when I came here and I thought she'd be better for me than Sage would. I mean, Sage is sweet and all, but the spark wasn't as pronounced as with this girl, I guess."

"So you like her."

The French girl smiled, biting gently down into her bottom lip. "I definitely like her."

"Juliebug!" Amielle called from the kitchen, peeking out into the dining room to check on the two girls. "Is your chatting getting in the way of the table setting?"

Julia rolled her eyes before looking to her mother and giving her that winning smile. "Of course not mom." Once the mother of four was out of sight, the blond looked back to their houseguest. "Definitely don't tell her about your relationship."

Emily slowly nodded her head. "Yeah," she whispered, glancing down to the forks she was setting down. "She wouldn't necessarily be happy for me, would she?" The ivory teen looked back up to the girl that stared her way, giving her a small smile that didn't quite reach her rich eyes.

The Jareau twin smiled the best she could. "She'd be happy that you've found someone that makes you smile, but she wouldn't be so happy if she found out that the person is a girl."

Emily smirked. "Not a lot of people would be."

"But we are." Julia reached across the table and nudged the brunette's hand with hers. "Me, Rich and Jen. Even my dad," she grinned. "He would never turn his back on you, ok? He has too big a heart."

The eighteen year old smiled wide. "Yeah, I figured that from him." She quickly finished setting the table before running up the stairs to the second floor of the Victorian home, knocking on her girlfriend's bedroom door before barging right on in.

Jennifer frowned at the older girl when she flipped on the lights. "If my mother followed you up here then we're both screwed."

Emily chuckled, making her way over to the bed her the blond sat with her Bible in her lap. "Hiding?"

"And was doing it pretty well!" The sixteen year old smiled when the brunette girl sat down right beside her. "Can I help you with something?"

Emily gently shook her head as she took the Bible from her girlfriend's hand and set it down at the foot of the bed. She then lay the blond down and press their lips firmly together, her hand moving sensuously over her warm stomach.

Jennifer let out a small moan before pulling away, her eyes staring up into those of her girlfriend. "What's gotten into you?" she giggled, watching as the older girl lay down beside her.

The brunette shook her head. "I just really wanted to kiss you," she whispered, leaning down to rub the tip of her nose against the Christian girl's. "That ok?"

Jennifer quickly nodded her head, pulling her girlfriend closer and kissing her chin. "Completely ok."

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