Faith Of You

Chapter 36

"Oh little Jenny you've grown so big!"

"Richie come here! Give your old granny a hug, come on baby!"

"Julia! What is that garbage all over your face? Did you finally get that job as a clown you wanted?"

Emily's eyes widened at the strangers that practically barged through the front door of the Jareau home. There were at least twenty newcomers, all hugging and poking at the blonde's that lived in the household with her. She had never seen such love and hecticness all running around one room, barely leaving enough space for air to join in.

Amielle pressed her hand forcefully against the eighteen year old's back to get her to venture near the family she hadn't seen in a while. "They won't bite," she chuckled, rubbing her other hand down Emily's covered arm. "Go on and say hi."

Before Emily could even nod her head to the acknowledge the woman, an older woman wrapped her up in her arms, suffocating her slim body. "Hello?"

The gray haired woman laughed heartily against the teenager's dark hair that had been curled and elegantly put up in a bun, gentle tossles hanging down around her face. "Don't be shy, honey! Little Julie and Jenny told me all about you," she grinned, pulling back to see the French girl. "Why, don't you look beautiful?"

Emily felt herself blush, glancing down to the black bootie wedges she had slipped onto her feet and the black and blue lace dress she had pulled on over her perfectly done hair. "Thank you," she nodded. Her dark eyes looked back up to the older woman, feeling herself grow more comfortable with the grin that was on the elder's face. "Are you Granny Cas?"

"I am," she laughed. "And you are even more beautiful than little Jenny told me!" Her head spun to stare hard at her youngest granddaughter. "You lied to me, Rosie!"

Jennifer's jaw dropped. "About what?"

"Our new family member and her beautiful complexion!"

Another woman of the Jareau family nodded along with Granny Cas, making her way over to the French girl wanting so bad to reach out and touch that silky looking hair. "And your coloring is perfection," she grinned. Her hand stuck out to the young girl that stood before her, three inches added to her height from the booties she was wearing. "It's so nice to meet you, my name is Alexandria. I'm JJ's aunt."

Emily gripped the brown eyed woman's hand strongly, smiling up to her with that smile that her parents had taught her to wear. "Hi it's so nice to meet you. I'm Emily." She slowly extracted herself from the new group of people and made her way over to her girlfriend, plopping herself right down beside her.

Jennifer smiled gently to the girl at her side, itching to hold her hand and take away the uncomfortable look that was painted on her face. "You good?"

"You have a big family."

The Christian girl laughed hard, her hand going up to cover her smiling mouth. "Yeah," she nodded, smiling wide at the older girl. "I have a pretty big family. But they all seem to really like you."

Emily rolled her eyes. "It's just a lot to take in," she shrugged, looking out to her surroundings to see everyone mulling around. She felt her heart begin to race. "A lot of people," she whispered frightenedly.

Jennifer looked around quickly before grabbing onto her girlfriend's shaking hand. "Hey," she whispered, stealing her attention back from the people that surrounded them. "They're not that scary, ok? I know it can be a little overwhelming, but you're going to do great." Seeing the small smile that crept onto the eighteen year old's face, she nodded her head. "There. You're welcome."

Emily let out a snort, taking her hand back so she could slap at the blonde's arm. "Oh shut up."

"Make me," the crystal eyed girl winked.

Rolling her shoulders, Emily expertly shrugged off her girlfriend's teasing tone. "Maybe later," she chuckled, her eyes darkening on the beautiful girl she sat beside. "Right now it's Thanksgiving, and I have a good impression to make."

Jennifer cursed herself as she watched the older girl walk off back into the mess of family members in her living room, the French girl's ass swaying sensuously with every step she took. "Damn."


The blonde quickly stood, looking to her mother with a smile. "Need help with the drinks?"

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