Faith Of You

Chapter 37

Jennifer bit her lip as she helped her mother pour the drinks for all of her family that had come over that day, her eyes flickering up every time she had finished another to look around to see if she could spot her beautiful girl.

The couple had sent cute looks to each other from across the room once Jennifer was taken away by her mother, Emily even blowing her the smallest of kisses when she was sure that nobody was looking.

Jennifer grinned at the sight of her girlfriend talking with her grandmother and sister, her heart swelling at the sound of Emily's joyous laugh seeping through the air at something Granny Cas had whispered in her ear. They were getting along.

James Jareau's older brother Harold had his eye on the newcomer to the family almost the entire night. He noticed her every movement when she spoke to the strangers that he had always called family, noticing how uncomfortable she got when someone gently touched her arm or brought her into a hug. But then he noticed her speaking with the family's youngest; their little Rosie. She had immediately calmed down when Jennifer had set a comforting hand to her arm, and their eyes met with a certain sparkle that he recognized from the first time his Margaret looked at him.

Watching as the French girl finally walked away from the family to go into the kitchen, he stood from the couch and quietly followed her in there. He smiled when he saw her sneaking a spoonful of Amielle's cranberry sauce as he walked along the tile of the kitchen floor. "Emily?"

The brunette spun around and threw the spoon into the sink, quickly swallowing the food in her mouth so she could speak to the stranger. "Hi," she nodded, waving shortly at the gray haired man who stood in the kitchen's doorway.

"Don't worry," he laughed, gesturing to the sauce she had snuck. "I won't tell."

Emily smiled gently, stepping forward to shake the older man's hand. "It's nice to meet you. Are you Mr. Jareau's brother?"

Harold immediately nodded, taking notice of the eighteen year old's strong grip and firm smile. "Harold Jareau. How did you know that?"

The French girl pointed over Harold's shoulder and out into the living room. "I was given a rundown on who was coming, and there are only three men in there." She let out a small laugh, shrugging her shoulders. "Just took an educated guess."

"So you're from France?"

Emily nodded. "Yeah, Paris. I'm from a foreign exchange student program and was listed to come here. My parents are both Ambassadors so I moved to Paris when I was ten."

Harold's brow rose. "Really? Where are you from originally?"

"Here in the states."

The graying man smiled to the eighteen year old before him, taking a step closer so he could lower his voice for just her to hear. "So how's everything going on in the house? Have you settled in?"

"Definitely," Emily nodded, smiling to the older man. "Your family is very welcoming. They've made me feel as comfortable as I can."


The brunette fought the urge to groan, smiling at the laughter that she saw in the older man's eyes. "I wish it was over already," she laughed. "I actually graduated early back in France but if I wanted to do this program then I had to take a semester here. So I'm back in junior year here."

Harold grinned, patting the French girl on the arm. "Well you know everything then! You can pass with flying colors."

"You'd think so." Emily quickly shook her head. "The teachers at Jennifer's school are so much more intense than mine was. I was homeschooled and going to an actual high school is completely different."

James' brother let his brows raise when he heard the name Emily had called his niece. "She lets you call her Jennifer?"

Emily cautiously nodded her head to answer the question, unaware that she had let her girlfriend's full name slip. She had always called her that, she had forgotten that no one else usually did.

"You must be special," he chortled, shoving his hands into the pockets of his dress pants. "Never even lets her parents call her that let alone anyone outside the family." He winked, nudging the French girl's arm with his. "But I guess you are family now, huh?" Watching as a smile appeared on the brunette's face he leaned in closer, not wanting Amielle to hear because she was just a few feet away. "I saw something earlier that probably wasn't meant for an outsider's viewing."

The ivory teen frowned, hearing the whispered words of the older man. "I'm sorry?"

Harold refused to chuckle at the brunette's confused tone. "There was a certain something I saw exchanged between you and my youngest niece." Feeling Emily tense beside him, he nodded his head. "Now I'm not like my sister-in-law. I am completely fine with a relationship between the two of you, but Jenny is my little girl as much as she is James' and if you hurt her, I will be hot on your tail all the way back to France."

Emily hastily nodded her head, leaning back to give Harold a small smile. "I understand, sir. Thank you." Watching him walk away, Emily felt an almost sick feeling welling up inside of her and she quickly headed up the stairs and to the second floor bathroom.

Jennifer finished off the drinks before following her girlfriend upstairs, creeping quietly down the hallway towards the now closed bathroom door. Waiting until she heard the faucet running, the blond rushed in, slamming the door behind her.

The brunette spun around at the sound of the bathroom door slamming, her heart pounding at the sight of her smiling girlfriend. "What the hell?" she laughed, drying her hands on the towel that hang from the rack on the wall. "You scared me Jen. Why give your girlfriend a heart attack?" A gasp escaped Emily's throat when her girlfriend immediately fused her lips to hers, backing her up roughly against the bathroom sink.

Jennifer moaned as she immediately began to probe Emily's mouth with her tongue, her hands roaming over her girlfriend's curvy figure, grabbing at those hips that taunted her every time she laid eyes on the older girl.

Emily's eyes sealed themselves up tight, letting the blond do what she wanted to her body. That familiar heat began to coil within her stomach and she reluctantly pulled away from the love Jennifer wanted to give her, giving up the hot, sensuous kisses that she was planting to her wanton lips. "No wait, hold on."

The Christian girl's brow furrowed, her hands still glued to her girlfriend's hips. "Is everything ok?"

Her hand immediately went up to cover her mouth. "I'm fine," she sighed, shaking her head. "I just feel a little sick."

"Do you want me to get you some medicine? It's down in the first floor bathroom but I can try to get it without anyone seeing."

Emily smiled warmly to the younger girl as she leaned forward, placing a thankful kiss to her girlfriend's lips. "No, I'm ok but thank you." She bit down hard into her bottom lip, worry immediately filling her chocolate eyes. "So I might have gotten us into some trouble."

Jennifer's eyes widened. "What happened?"

"Your Uncle Harold knows about us and threatened my existence if I didn't treat you right." She tried to put on a smile as the Christian girl's head vigorously began to shake. "And your Aunt Nicole wants to buy me my first round of birth control pills because she thinks that the amount of makeup I'm wearing, which is next to none by the way, is enough to get me pregnant." She grabbed onto her girlfriend's shaking hands and leaned in to see her eyes clearly. "Hey come on, breathe."

Jennifer looked to her girlfriend as if she had grown an extra head. "How can this be happening?"

Emily sat the younger girl down on the toilet seat, running her fingers through the blonde's curled hair to try and relax her. "Baby, everything's ok, ok? He said that he supported us," she smiled. "And trust me, he won't be telling anyone."


The brunette winked. "Really really."

Jennifer sighed, reluctantly breaking away from the older girl so she could breathe in some fresh air. "Ok, we really have to stop being so obvious. This can turn out to be really bad if people keep on finding out."

Emily kneeled before her girlfriend and laced their fingers together, bringing her hand up to her lips to kiss her tanned knuckles. "Jennifer, I promise you that your mother will not be finding out about this. I know how important it is for both of us and how important it is for our relationship, so if we have to stop the little glances we give one another or quiet down our small touches, then that's what we'll do."

"I'm sorry," the crystal eyed girl whispered, squeezing Emily's warm hands.

"Baby there's nothing to be sorry about. I completely understand what we have to do to keep this going, and I definitely want to keep this going." She grinned, leaning up and nudging her nose against the blonde's. "Got it?" Before she could bring her lips back together with her girlfriend's there was a rapid knocking on the bathroom door.

James rolled his eyes as he banged on the bathroom door. "Dinner girls. Get your asses downstairs."

Emily grimaced, quickly standing along with the younger girl. "Yeah, time to go."

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