Faith Of You

Chapter 38

Heaving one last time into the toilet bowl, Emily gripping the rim of the white porcelain even harder. The Jareau family, being as nice as they could, had put almost twenty pounds of food on her plate, waiting and watching to see if she liked what everyone had cooked. After everyone had gone to their rooms, Emily immediately ran for the bathroom, not able to hold in everything any longer.

The French girl had a strong stomach, but not strong enough to hold thirty-two different dishes worth of food.

Thirty-two. She had counted.

She wiped the back of her hand over her mouth as she got up from her knees, using her other hand to flush the now filled toilet. She had been in the bathroom for almost a half an hour throwing up, ridding everything in her body that had caused her to feel sick. Looking in the mirror she noticed that her liner had smudged and the curls that had hung elegantly around her face were now loosened and hanging lower than they had before.

Emily groaned as she looked away from her reflection, swishing water and then mouthwash around in her mouth to get the acidic taste off of her tongue. She picked up a tissue so she could fix the smudges that had occurred around her eyes before taking down her hair, running her fingers through the ebony tossles so they'd all look like waves instead of curls.

Slipping off her heels, Emily made her way out of the bathroom. She didn't want to change into her pajamas just yet because she knew not everyone was going to bed, so she threw her shoes into her darkened bedroom before jogging down the steps.

"Are you feel better, honey?"

Emily smiled softly to the woman who had let her into her home. "I'm alright." She shrugged gently, turning to face the blond woman. "Not one hundred percent, but definitely better than before."

Granny Cas quickly stood from her seat in the dining room so she could take the foreign girl into a hug. "I'm sorry Emily," she chuckled, rubbing her hands up and down the brunette's back to comfort her, much like she'd done for her children and grandchildren throughout the years. "We just wanted you to get a taste of what the holidays are for us."

"And get a taste I did." She pulled back with a small smile, thanking the grandmother for her apology.


The brunette turned at the familiar voice, smiling at James Jareau as he popped his head into the kitchen. "Hi."

James smiled, gesturing behind him. "Someone's here to see you."

Frowning, Emily excused herself from the kitchen and made her way outside, standing with her girlfriend out on the porch. Her lips curled themselves into a smile at the sight of her friends, and immediately pulled Aaron into a hug. "Hey you guys."

Spencer's eyes widened. "Wow. Boobs."

Emily hid her smirk with a small pout, taking the younger teen's chin between her fingers and pressing a kiss to his cold cheek. "Nothing's even showing, Spence. I'm pretty covered up."

The football player laughed, smacking his brother on the back. "Yeah but he still knows they're there." He handed both girls the bags he and Spencer had spent hours trying to get ready, the cards sticking out past the tissue paper. "Happy Thanksgiving."

Jennifer grinned. "Thanks guys."

The French girl looked to her new friends. "I didn't get you guys anything." She quickly handed the present back. "I didn't know you were supposed to give gifts."

"No you're not," Aaron smiled. "My mom started this tradition where we give presents to our friends and family when we know they're going through things." He handed the bag back to his friend, leaning in to kiss her cheek. "We know what you and JJ are going through and we wanted to just drop these by."

Emily felt something begin to warm in her chest at the look in the football player's eyes. "That's really sweet. Thank you," she nodded, taking the older teen into a hug. Quickly peeking into the bag, she made a face. "Cookies."

Spencer grinned. "My mom's best. They're those peanut butter ones with the chocolate kisses on top."

The brunette nodded gently before putting the can of cookies back into her gift bag. "You know what, I think I'll save these for now."

Jennifer stuck her tongue out at the older girl. "She got sick," she informed the boys. "I'll eat hers if she doesn't want them."

Emily playfully slapped her girlfriend's arm, holding her bag protectively against her chest. "Like hell you will."

Granny Cas peeked out the living room window to see Jennifer and Emily run down the front lawn along with the boys that had come to visit, Emily throwing herself into the arms of a darker boy that got out of the red truck. "Did Emily already find herself a boyfriend?" she chuckled.

The mother of four immediately shook her head, glancing out the lawn. "No, that's just Aaron and Derek. Derek is the one she's hugging."

"They're not dating?"

Amielle rolled her eyes. "No," she sighed. "He's a gay."

Nicole bit her lip to keep from retaliating to the older woman.

"I don't think that's how you say it," James corrected softly, glancing to his wife from across the room.

Amielle shrugged. "What's the difference? A homosexual is a homosexual." She slipped her rosary out of her pocket and quickly moved her hand in the sign of the cross. "It's a sin, you know."

Harold slumped back into the recliner. "So you're ok with the girls being friends with two gay boys?"

"They're good boys," Amielle nodded, slipping her rosary back into her sweater pocket. "All they need is some good prayer." She stood from her seat and took a small statue of Jesus that she had on the mantle, slamming it down on the windowsill where He could stare out to the scene that took place outside.

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