Faith Of You

Chapter 4

The new family had sat down to dinner not a second before Amielle had turned her cheerful attention towards the new guest, her smile joyful and wide at the sight of the brunette enjoying her pasta. "So Emily, what grade are you in?"

Emily quickly swallowed the first bite she had taken of her food before shaking her head. "Actually I've always been homeschooled, so I graduated early." She smiled. "This transfer is still under my schooling, but I'm getting into my first year of college next september."

The mother of three gave a grin. "Oh that's just wonderful! Where do you plan on going?"

"I've actually gotten accepted to Harvard, Yale, Brown and Dartmouth. I don't know which I want to go to yet because I don't know my field."

James looked up from his plate. "You'll be going to school here?"

The seventeen year old nodded her head, taking a small sip from her water. "Yeah, I've really missed the states and the college universities here are higher in ranking."

"Especially the ones you've been accepted to," Amielle boisted. "Congratulations Emily!"

Emily felt her cheeks turn pink at the smiles she was receiving from everyone around the table. "Thank you."

Jennifer smiled to her new friend, taking a bite of pasta from her plate. "So which do you think would suit you the best?"

"I don't know really because I don't know what I want to do for a job, but I'm leaning more towards Yale and Harvard because of the feel of their environment and just the fact that they're definitely higher in academics than the other two." The brunette girl gave a small shrug, trying not to falter under the younger girl's gaze. "But I really don't know. I'm just glad they all accepted me."

Amielle looked to the only brunette at the table. "Did you get any scholarships?"

Emily softly bit down into her bottom lip, feeling a little small underneath all the stares that seemed to be glued on her. "Only from Brown. Yale and Harvard don't offer them, and Dartmouth only gives them when needed and my family has enough money for me."

The discussion slowly began to die down once everyone seemed to get interested in the food on their plates, small conversation finding its way in between bites on food.

"So do you have a boyfriend?"

Jennifer glowered towards her brother, seeing how the brunette girl immediately became a deer in the headlights. "Richie cut it out."

The older Jareau shot a look towards his little sister, quickly chomping down on his broccoli. "Cut what out, Rosie? All I'm doing is asking her a question."

"You're making her uncomfortable."

"How do you know?" the older blond asked. "Are you Emily?"

James cleared his throat, his eyes hard on his children. "That's enough you two."

The mother of three glanced at the meek brunette once everything had quieted down. "So do you have a boyfriend?"

James looked to his wife. "Ami don't."

"What? I'm just trying to get to know our new family member a little better," she smiled. Amielle looked to the seventeen year old and softened her gaze when she noticed the brunette's dark eyes widening. "So Emily, any boys under your clutches?"

Emily let out a small laugh. "No, not right now." The teenager did her best not to let her eyes flicker over to her new blond friend, not wanting to capture her reaction to the statement.

"Oh well that's alright. I'm sure you'll find a nice American boy during your visit."

The brunette felt herself fall silent, staring intently down at her plate. That always seemed to be the question on her mind. Did she even like boys?

Jennifer gave one last soft comb through her long blond hair before setting down her brush and standing from her vanity chair. A soft smile graced her face as she traveled across the room and thought back over the day, remembering the small chat she and her new friend had had in Emily's temporary bedroom. The older girl was so nice and funny, and she quickly opened up to her.

The sixteen year old's head spun at the sound of a knock at her door. "Hold on a second!" She quickly fixed the strap on her nightgown before running to the door and throwing it open, her jaw dropping. "Emily. Hi!"

Emily did her best to hold her towel tighter around her, her dry hair swinging around her shoulders. "I'm really sorry but everyone else was asleep."

Jennifer slammed closed her gaping mouth and shook her head. "No that's ok. What is it?"

The older girl pointed shyly towards the second floor bathroom. "I don't know how to work your shower."

Jennifer's eyes widened once she understood the problem and she walked down the hall, averting her eyes from the brunette teen in her short towel and turning on the shower's knob. "There you go," she smiled.

Emily gave a nervous laugh. "Thank you." She watched as the younger girl's straight hair sat perfectly against her breasts as she stood back up, and her eyes quickly flickered back up to the blonde's eyes so she wouldn't catch her staring. "I'll see you in the morning I guess."

"Yeah," the sixteen year old smiled. "Goodnight."

The brunette closed the door behind her new friend's retreating figure, dropping the towel to the floor and stepping under the spray of the warm water. "Keep it in your pants, Em," she muttered. "In your pants."

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