Faith Of You

Chapter 41

Granny Cas snuck quietly down the hallway with a tray of breakfast in her hands, giving a stern look to Harold so he'd open the wooden door for her. She had gotten every single family member staying at the Jareau household to wake up early so they could surprise the newest member of their family with her best breakfast dish.

Hers meaning that Amielle and Nicole made it but she'd take credit anyway.

The eldest of the Jareau women smiled wide as they pushed the door open, stepping into the room that had been lit by the sun that shone from outside Emily's bedroom window. Her eyes were immediately met with the sight of the French girl's body practically hiding underneath all her covers, just a lump on her bed while her granddaughter slept on the brunette's window seat, a fleece blanket lying over her tired body. "Oh look at how precious they are."

Amielle smiled at the sight, leaning in to whisper into her children's grandmother's ear. "They've been getting very close," she nodded, enthusiasm showing in her eyes. "They're like sisters!"

James hid his smirk at the statement.

"Wake up girls!"

The brunette practically flew out of her bed, her eyes widening at the sight of every single Jareau she had met standing at the foot of her bed, smiles on their face. "Oh, hi." She nervously nodded her head, giving a laugh. "Good morning to you too."

Granny Cas made her way around the bed and set the tray on Emily's lap. "Eat up, honey," she grinned, patting the brown eyed girl's cheek. "I made it myself."

"We made it."

The older woman glared back at the girls. "They helped me."

Emily slowly shook her head, her fingers playing with the fork beside the plate full of pancakes and sausage, a small egg poached on the side. "You really didn't need to do this." Sure, maids and cooks did things like this for her all the time at home, but this was different. Emily felt her eyes tearing up. They weren't getting paid. They did it for love.

"Of course we did, sweetheart." Amielle came around and pressed a loving kiss to Emily's dark hair. "You eat up and meet us downstairs in an hour. We're going caroling!"

The brunette chuckled. "It's not Christmas."

Harold quickly shook his head, quieting the teen. "Doesn't matter," he smiled slightly, raising his brow as if to say, "Don't argue with the woman."

Emily smiled. "Alright. One hour." Watching as everybody made their way back out of her bedroom, the eighteen year old took a bite of one of the pancakes and smiled. It really was good. She looked over to her window and bit her lip to keep from laughing. Her girlfriend was still asleep.

How she could be asleep after that bombardment was completely unbeknownst to Emily.

She stood from her bed and carefully made her way across the room, tiptoeing until she made it to the window seat where her girlfriend lay sleeping. Bending down to see the blond just a little bit more clearly, Emily smiled. "AHH!"

Jennifer sprung up off of the cushions, her arms flying to protect herself. "What?" Her blue eyes bugged out, looking to the laughing girl who knelt beside her makeshift bed. Jennifer glared. Her girlfriend was practically peeing her pants at the reaction she had gotten. "That was not funny."

"It kind of was," Emily laughed, her eyes tearing slightly as her abs began to hurt. She quickly ducked, avoiding the pillow that was forcefully thrown her way by the younger girl. "Ok, mean."

"You're mean!"

The brunette rolled her eyes at the childish retort. "Anyway, you missed your family dropping off breakfast. Want to share?"

Jennifer's gaze narrowed. "They brought you breakfast and not me?"

Emily nodded enthusiastically, a grin spread over her face. "Yeah." She leaned forward, giving a giggle. "They like me beeetter," she sang.

Jennifer smacked the older girl's arm as she stood from the seat. "Give me some and I won't be angry."

The older girl stood, holding out her hand and leading her girlfriend over to her bed. They got in on separate sides and had the breakfast tray in the middle to separate them, Emily not wanting to be too close to the blond in case she had the urge to steal a kiss. They needed to be more careful when in the house. "You have one pancake and I'll have the other," she grinned. "We can split the egg and the sausages."

"You got it," Jennifer smiled, taking the French girl's hand in hers and giving it a good squeeze. Their new 'good morning' kiss.

Emily looked up after taking another bite of the fluffy pancake, chewing quickly so she could speak. "And we're going caroling."

The blonde's jaw dropped. "I thought they forgot about that," she huffed. "It's past the first."

"You start in November?"

Jennifer groggily nodded her head, playing around with her part of the egg. "And go every other weekend until February."

Emily almost dropped her fork. "We have to go all throughout the holidays?"

"Get ready," the Christian girl winked. "You're in for it."

Before the brunette could open her mouth once more, the bedroom door swung open, Granny Cas running into the room. "Emily!"

The eighteen year old hastily nodded her head. "Is everything ok?"

Granny Cas grinned. "You got a letter. From a boy!"

Emily quickly took the envelope into her hands, her eyes softening on the neat writing that marred the pure white of the envelope. "It's from Matthew," she smiled, her fingers dancing across the paper. "Thank you."

"Get ready soon, ok girls? We're almost ready to go caroling!"

The brunette smirked, looking to her girlfriend after setting the envelope that had crossed the ocean into her lap. "You ready?" Her husky laugh echoed around the room as Jennifer fell back against the pillows of her bed with a huff. Drama queen of the household, Emily nodded to herself. That was for sure.

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