Faith Of You

Chapter 42

A warm tear fell down the ivory girl's stoic face, her dark eyes staring down to the letter that was gripped between her fingers. It had been two weeks since Thanksgiving, thirteen days since the Jareau family had gone caroling around the neighborhood, twelve days since Emily and JJ had snuck out of the house and gone on a tiny exploration throughout the park nearby for a small date night, and seventeen days since Matthew had passed away.

Emily couldn't believe it. She had gotten beautiful poetic letters from the older boy every day for two weeks, and she had wondered why. And now she knew.

Her best friend was driving with his father one day and they had been going over the train tracks. The barriers hadn't gone down and the lights hadn't flashed, and the car was practically blown off the tracks when it was struck by the speeding train. Paul, the father, had miraculously survived the accident, but Matthew wasn't so lucky.

The French girl sniffled before wiping her hand underneath her nose, her red and puffy eyes staring down to the last letter she'd ever receive from the older boy she had loved. Her best friend. Her brother.

Her savior.

She could barely wrap her mind around the fact that he was gone. How could he be gone? Just like that? The boy who had helped her through everything she had gone through all those years in France. He was just gone.

Hearing her bedroom door creak open, Emily slowly looked up and away from the paper in her hands, watching as her girlfriend stood as quietly as she could in the hallway. Not even thinking, she averted her eyes, knowing she wasn't able to look into those crystal eyes that made her want to kiss her all over.

Jennifer bit down into her bottom lip, her heart clenching at the sight of the broken girl who sit in the center of her bed. "Hey." She inched into the room, shutting the door behind her. "Can I come in?"

"Yeah," she whispered, wincing at the raw feel of her throat. She had been crying for over two hours. The brunette moved over slightly so her girlfriend could sit down beside her, but kept her eyes down on the paper, feeling that stinging feeling come back. She didn't want to let him go. "I miss him."

The words were so soft that the younger girl could barely hear them. "Emily I am so sorry."

Emily felt the Christian girl's hand run smoothly on her back, and a flood of tears broke through their gates, flowing down her already marred face. "He was beautiful," she cracked, her thumb running over the date that was written neatly in the top right corner. "He helped me through everything, and I could never return the favor on such a grand scale, you know? I never got to pay him back."

Jennifer pressed a gentle kiss the eighteen year old's dark hair. "He probably didn't expect for you to 'pay him back', Em. Being his friend was enough."

"That's not the point," she sighed, her voice dull as she shook her head. The image of her best friend popped into her mind, remembering the first time they had gone to their very first day of school. The day of their first chess match for school, and they both one.

The day he had first kissed her, not wanting her to get made fun of for never having been kissed before.

Matthew had always looked out for her, and the brunette didn't know if she had done the same for him.

Jennifer wrapped an arm around the French girl and brought her to cuddle into her side, letting her girlfriend lay her head on her shoulder, feeling her shake slightly. She knew that Emily didn't want to let all of her tears out right there, and she wasn't going to push. "Do you want me to leave you alone for a little bit more?"

Emily picked her head up and wiped her cheeks to rid her beautiful face of the tears and makeup. "I'm sorry, I didn't want to say anything." Her nose wrinkled. "I just need to be with him on my own."

"Ok." Pressing a kiss to her forehead, the blond stood up. "Here, why don't I take this?"

Emily's eyes bugged when the younger girl took the letter from her hands and made her way to the door. "What are you doing?"

The blond turned at the frantic sound in her girlfriend's voice, watching Emily practically jump from the bed and run across the room to her. "What? Are you ok?"

"Give it back!"

Jennifer's jaw dropped, handing the piece of paper back to the eighteen year old. "I'm sorry," she smiled nervously, shaking her head. "I just wanted to frame it for you."

Emily let her dark eyes bore intensely into the Christian girl's. "Never touch it." The words were so graveled and hoarse that it didn't even sound like it was Emily speaking.

"Honey I'm sorry. I jus-"

"No!" Emily's head vehemently shook, the paper shaking in her clenching hands. "Leave it alone! It's not yours!" She practically pushed the younger girl out of her room before locking the door behind her, her back sliding down the wall until she sat on the carpeted floor. Her lips curled and her jaw dropped, tears falling from her eyes once more as a cry ripped from her throat. Her best friend was gone.

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