Faith Of You

Chapter 43

A small giggle escaped the eighteen year old's lips as she led her girlfriend through the darkness, leaves and twigs crunching and snapping beneath their feet. "I can't believe your brother asked that."

"He just wanted to know where we were going!"

Emily paused to turn and look at the younger girl, her brow raising in amusement. "So he immediately assumed we were going out to get drugs?"

Jennifer couldn't fight the laugh that wanted to come out, the vibrations echoing throughout the woods and bouncing off of the bark off the trees that surrounded them. "So he sometimes likes to assume the worst of me," she chuckled, rolling her eyes. "What else is new?" Her aqua orbs glanced around, Jennifer's tongue swiping across her front teeth as her mind began to race. "So why are we here anyway? It's kind of cold."

The older girl smiled gently, slipping the glove off Jennifer's hand and pressing a kiss to her chilled knuckles. "I just wanted to get you alone for a little while."

J ennifer felt her lips curl into a grin at the soft words that were spoken to her. She stepped closer to the older girl and wrapped her arms around her bundled torso. "Oh really? And why would you want to get me alone?" she husked, holding Emily's body tight to hers. "Any reason in particular?"

Emily bit her lip, hearing the hopeful tone in her girlfriend's silky voice. "Not for that, baby," she whispered, pressing a small kiss to the blonde's pouting lips. "I actually have a surprise for you." She reluctantly untangled herself from the younger girl and led her just a few feet more into the woods and rounded a tree, smiling at the gasp she heard from Jennifer. "You like it?"

The French girl had set up a picnic blanket, set atop three other blankets so when they sat it wouldn't be soaked with the melting snow, and a large glass bowl of fruit and chocolate with two steaming mugs full of their favorite warmed mint milk. Just what Jennifer loved.

The blond quickly nodded, sitting herself down on the blanket and smiling. "This is so sweet, Emily." She waited until her girlfriend sat down across from her before pulling her into a long kiss. "This is a great date. Like a tiny oasis away from the house," she giggled.

Emily smiled. "Good, I'm glad you like it."

Ten minutes into their date, the blond looked up from her mug and watched as the eighteen year old spiked a piece of strawberry with her fork. "So I saw you got another letter from Matthew today."

"I did," the brunette nodded. "I've gotten one every day so far."

"Is everything ok?"

Emily made a face before slowly nodding her head. "I think so, yes. He hasn't written anything about being sick or anything happening in the family, or with my family, so I don't really know why he's sending them. He could just call." Taking a bite of the fruit on her fork, Emily smiled. "But you know, he did the same thing for me in the tenth grade. It was the year my dog Cheechie passed away and I was so broken up about it. Like completely depressed."

Jennifer frowned. "Depressed enough to not eat?"

"Went three days."

The blonde's jaw dropped. "Wow. Honey I'm so sorry."

Emily dismissed the comment with a wave of the hand. "I'm ok now. But that dog was the only thing I looked forward to every single day. I always hated going home to my parents and my maids, but going home to my dog was what made it worth it. She had gotten jaw cancer and passed away pretty quickly," she shrugged. "I stayed out of school for a week, and Matthew had sent me a letter every one of those seven days," she smiled, sipping at her milk. "He would write it and then come over and slip it into the mailbox. I knew because I would sit on the balcony off of my room and watch as he put the flag up so we'd know that we had gotten it." Her doe eyes looked up to the younger girl across from her and sparkled. "He spent his entire week trying to make me feel better. He even failed two tests for it."

Jennifer smiled gently, reaching out and taking the brunette's gloved hand in hers. "He seems like a really good friend."

The eighteen year old winked. "See why I call him my best friend?"

"Yes," Jennifer huffed, hiding her smile as the older girl laughed. "I get it." She shuffled closer to her girlfriend and grinned, her hand never letting go of hers. "Now come on, let's finish off this fruit or it'll freeze."

Emily grinned, stabbing another piece of cold fruit with her fork. "You got it," she whispered, staring deeply into her girlfriend's enticing eyes as she fed the blond the cantaloupe cube she had on her fork. "You're beautiful. You know that?"

The Christian girl smiled endearingly, pulling Emily closer to her. "Of course I do," she nodded. "You tell me everyday."

"And with good reason." And with that, she swooped in for a kiss, her fingers tangling in those sunny pieces of hair she loved so much. This was the girl that had taken all of her nightmares away, and she was proud to call her her girlfriend.

She needed to tell Mattie about her.

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