Faith Of You

Chapter 44

The ebony haired beauty brushed her BeautyTime Professional Foundation brush underneath her eyes. She had picked it out because of its sturdy but soft bristles, and swiped it under her nose and over her chin to complete her look, creating that matted skin tone that she had been aiming for. She had been crying for almost the entire day and her face looked a mess. She knew that her favorite makeup could easily cover the red blotches that had appeared and take away the puffiness of her eyes, and she let it do its job.

Quickly applying her darkest mascara, Emily sighed. She knew she had hurt Jennifer when she had yelled at her earlier that day, but she couldn't let the blond take Matthew away from her. Granted, she knew that wasn't what the Christian girl had tried to do, but a small piece of her broke even more that day when the note was taken from her hands.

She looked at her reflection in disgust. She had scared the poor girl, and her heart ached when she imagined the confused and terrified look that she had caused to appear on the beautiful girl's pale features.

Nothing would have ever had made her do that to the younger girl, but she couldn't have Matthew be taken from her. Just because he was in heaven now didn't mean that he was completely out of her life forever, but having one of the letters he had written just for her almost ripped away from her? She couldn't let that happen.

Emily ran her fingers through her beautiful ebony hair before standing from her vanity stool and making her way out into the hallway. She had skipped both lunch and dinner, not being able to keep anything down from crying so hard that her stomach clenched and ached.

Knocking quietly on her girlfriend's door, Emily peeked her head inside. Her eyes immediately went to the blond figure lying still in her bed, and she made her way inside. "Hi."

Jennifer continued to stare up at the ceiling, feeling the older girl stand beside her bed. "Are you feeling any better?"

Emily gave a small nod. "A little, yeah," she whispered. "Thank you for asking."

The younger girl blinked before turning her gaze to her girlfriend. "I made you a plate for dinner because you didn't eat with us, and it's in the microwave if you want to heat it up."

Emily felt tears in her eyes at the thoughtfulness of the blonde, and regret immediately began to fill her heart. How could she be so coarse with Jennifer when she was so sweet to her? She wanted to make sure she ate that day, and all Emily could do was scream at her for touching a piece of paper. "That's very sweet," she nodded, her eyes stinging as she averted her gaze, too ashamed to look into those crystal eyes. "You didn't have to do that."

Jennifer shook her head. "I didn't have to, but I wanted to."

"Thank you."

Scooting over in her bed, Jennifer pulled the covers up so the eighteen year old could crawl in with her. "Come lay with me, Em."

The brunette shook her head, her lips quivering at the soft words. "Are you sure?"

"Of course, honey. Come on."

Forcing herself not to let out a cry, Emily got under the sheets and curled herself into the younger girl's chest, her tears silently leaking from her dark eyes and into the material of her girlfriend's pajama shirt. "I'm sorry," she whispered hoarsely, hugging the blond to her with all her mite. "I'm so sorry."

Jennifer cooed into the brunette's ear, holding the eighteen year old to her chest and rubbing her hands down her shaking back. "Don't apologize, Emily." Running her fingers through her girlfriend's hair to bring it away from her face, Jennifer pressed a kiss to her temple. "Do you want to talk about it, sweetheart?"

Hearing the term of endearment whispered into the air, Emily found herself crying harder. "No," she sobbed. "Not yet, please."

"Ok, ok." Jennifer turned slightly to turn off the light, letting the darkness surround them so they could fall asleep and escape the hurt that was torturing her girl inside.

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