Faith Of You

Chapter 47

James held the French girl's hand as they waited outside the operation room, sitting and counting the minutes until the youngest Jareau would come out and smile that smile they loved to see. It had taken twenty minutes already for the doctor to look the wound over before beginning to sew it back up. He would make sure this time he used dissolvable stitches instead of the usual sanitized thread, knowing that it would be better for this specific injury for the teenager.

Hearing the doors swing open, the pair stood from their seats, Emily taking her hand away from the older man's so she would wipe her sweaty palms on her jeans. "Is she ok?"

"She's perfectly fine," the doctor nodded, smiling to the father and daughter he saw before him. "The way she fell made her legs spread too far apart, and the stitches she had received from the other doctor she had went to were not in stable enough, and it caused the labia minora to tear."

Emily grimaced. That sounded painful. "Can I go in and see her?"

The blond nodded. "Of course," he smiled. "She's just getting situated, so give her a moment before heading on in." Waiting until the teenager was out of his sight, the surgeon looked up to the father standing before him. "Mr. Jareau, may I have a word with you?"

"Of course." James followed the older man towards the doors that led back out into the main hall of the hospital. "Is everything alright?"

"Your daughter is completely fine, she just needs to be careful for a few weeks and by Christmas the stitches should be healed. I just had a couple of questions about her injury."

James felt himself tense, watching as the doctor flipped through a couple of papers that he had on his clipboard. "She was raped," he growled. "What else would you like to know?"

"I'm sorry," the blond man sighed, "I just need some answers. This injury was sustained a couple of years ago, wasn't it?"

"Yes. She was fourteen."

Nodding, his eyes looked down to the clipboard in his hand. "And it was detected that there was no pregnancy and no infections or STDs, correct?"

James felt his mind immediately drift at the question, remembering the day he had found his baby girl lying on the ground of the church parking lot crying her eyes out, her underwear pulled down around her ankles. "Correct."

"The only things that's troubling me right now is why she continues to pull and tear her stitches after two years."

The father of four looked to the older man with dark eyes. "What are you saying?"

The doctor quickly held up a hand. "Please don't worry Mr. Jareau, I'm not thinking anything troublesome. But there has obviously been things going on around down there that causes a continuation of tearing."

James felt his heart ache at the suggestion. "You mean...?"

"Not sex. There were no signs of penetration when I was stitching her back up, so no, not sex."

"Then?" The blue eyed man felt confusion wash over him.

The doctor saw the father's scared blue eyes and gave a slow shake of his head, not knowing how the blond would take the news. "Masturbation is what I'm thinking."

James' hand rubbed down the tired features of his face, closing his eyes as he let the information sink in. "My wife is not gonna like that one."

Emily crept quietly around the corner and looked into the room where the doctor had directed her, her eyes shining at the smile on her girlfriend's face as the nurse helped her stand. "Hey Jen."

The blond looked up and nodded, biting her lip at the sight of the older girl. "You can come in."

Smiling gently, the eighteen year old stepped inside. "How'd everything go?"

The dark haired nurse grinned at the newcomer as she let the blonde's arm go, picking up the used sponges and throwing them into the garbage. "She's all set and ready to go, so you can take her home with your dad whenever you're ready."

Emily had to bite her lip as she smiled to the woman, waiting until she left to smile at the Christian girl. "So we're sisters now."

Jennifer chuckled, fixing her skirt. "I guess we are."

The brunette took a hesitant step forward before reaching out, hoping her girlfriend would let her take her hand. "You feeling ok?"

Feeling tears enter her eyes, Jennifer took the older girl's hand. It didn't matter if they'd been fighting. She needed her girlfriend. She took a big step forward and wrapped the eighteen year old up in a hug, cherishing the warmth she felt radiating from her girlfriend. "I'm ok."

Emily wrapped her arms around the younger girl as tight as she could, breathing in the scent of her blond hair, willing the ache in her chest away. "Don't cry," she whispered, rocking her gently back and forth. "Everything's alright."

The pair looked up at the sound of a gentle knocking at the door, and Jennifer nodded for her father to come in. "Hi daddy."

James gave a stern look to the pair, ignoring the sight of the two girls loving the feel of being in one another's arms. "We're going to have to have a talk."

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