Faith Of You

Chapter 48

Emily grimaced at the shouting that came through the closed wooden doors. She and Jennifer had practically broken each other's hands on the way home, apprehensive of the 'conversation' that would take place once they had gotten back. Shaking her head, the brunette set her head in her hands when she heard her girlfriend's voice elevate once more. Definitely couldn't be called a conversation when you could hear the voices from three miles away.

She knew that they were in trouble. Something that would make Mr. Jareau, the nicest and most humble man in the world, go extremely quiet and still while his wife went ballistic? Must have been something bad.

Something extreme.

Her eyes peeked through her fingers and looked to the door at the sound of her girlfriend's raised voice on the other side, hearing a few choice words being spit out towards her religious mother. The sixteen year old had never spoken that way to her mother in such a manner, and for her to completely blow up in front of the woman she had admired so much?

Emily didn't even want to think about what was going on in the other room.

Straightening up in her chair, the eighteen year old watched as the double doors swung open, her girlfriend storming out with her mother shouting at her from behind. Emily quickly stood and reached out to the younger girl, seeing how red her girlfriend's face had gotten. "Jen?"

Jennifer gently shook her head, slipping her hand out of the brunette's. "I need to go and clean my wound, ok?"

Emily frowned, watching as the Christian girl made her way down the hall before running up the stairs and slamming her bedroom door behind her.

"Emily? Come in here please."

The French girl gulped at the tone before straightening her shoulders and making her way into the home's library. She shut the door quietly behind her before walking across the room and sitting herself down in one of the plush chairs that had been pulled into the center of the room so the adults could stand just in front of her. "Hello."

Amielle nodded stiffly before taking a step towards the teenager. "Emily did you know about this?"

Emily bit her lip. "Know about what?"

The mother of four sighed before looking over to her husband. "I told you she wouldn't tell us, James. I told you! She's just trying to protect her."

"Just give her a minute, Ami."

Emily narrowed her gaze slightly at the pair that stood before her, shaking her head to get the attention redirected back to her. "I'm sorry Mrs. Jareau but I really don't know what we're talking about here."

Amielle crossed her arms over her chest. "Masturbation, Emily."

The French girl's eyes almost flew from her sockets when the grew wide, the brunette feeling her breath leave her body at the surprise of how blunt the older woman was. "Excuse me?"

"It is a sin, Emily! A sin!"

Emily's head vigorously shook. "Why are you talking about this? I haven't done anything." She knew it was sort of a lie because just a few weeks ago she had gotten herself off thinking about her girlfriend, but that was something that didn't need to be shared with the world. Some secrets were meant to stay secrets.

James kept his distance from the girls, leaning back against the desk they had in the library. "Rosie's surgeon informed me that because her wound hadn't healed in the proximity of two years, there had to be something happening that caused her stitches to continue to tear. He suggested that masturbation could be a cause for that."

Emily felt her jaw drop, her eyes shooting back to the woman who had brought her into her home. "I'm sorry Mrs. Jareau, but I had no idea." Even if she did, that again would not be something to share with the world. Her girlfriend's life was her girlfriend's life and not everyone needed to know every detail, not even her overprotective mother. "I didn't know that's what you were arguing about."

"You didn't know?"

"I can promise you I didn't." Her dark eyes looked up to the blond woman's, feeling her heart pound out of her chest at the assertion the mother of four held. "But is it really that bad?"

James immediately wanted to rewind and stop those words from coming out of the foreign girl's mouth. That was not a good move on her part.

Amielle could feel anger boiling within her at the question Emily had practically spit out at her. Not the softest of voices could have stopped the insult that found it's way in there. "Abstinence is key, Emily," she stated firmly, her arms dropping down to rest stiffly at her sides.

"And I am in no way trying to question your religion, Mrs. Jareau. But when I turned into a teenager, I was taught that it's natural to have those kinds of urges."

Amielle's usually cheerful blue eyes darkened on the teenager. "That is not what we teach our children here. We teach them the word of God, and abstinence until marriage is what is taught. Tell me Emily," she growled, "have you commit this act yourself?"

The brunette almost felt as if she were slapped in the face with the question, the words almost as accusing as if she were being interrogating for executing a murder. "I'm sorry, but I don't think that that's any of your business."

James took pity on the eighteen year old as his wife stormed out of the room, watching as her face fell. "Emily, she doesn't mean to be so harsh."

Emily felt herself laugh, nodding to the older man with tears springing into her eyes. "Yeah."

The father of four kneeled before the girl he had taken into his home and pressed a gentle kiss to her forehead, pushing her hair behind her ear when he heard a whimper pass through her lips. "You didn't know about this?"

"I promise you I didn't, sir."

James slowly nodded his head. "I think," he whispered, staring intently into the brunette's sad eyes, "that you and Jenny should talk. Ok? Neither of you are used to Ami's criticism, and maybe if you two were alone for a while it would help you get back on your feet, and it would give Ami some time to cool down."

Emily frowned, her head shaking at the look in the older man's eyes. "Do you want us to just stay upstairs all night?"

"I think that you two should get out of the house; maybe stay at Aaron's for the night, pumpkin."

The French girl bit down hard into her bottom lip at the nickname flowing through her ears. "Ok."

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