Faith Of You

Chapter 49

Jennifer hid her nose in the crook of her girlfriend's warm neck as they lay side by side, her palm gently lying atop Emily's. The older girl had helped her clean her wounds before packing for the night and heading over to their friend's. Aaron had let them crash in his bed while they were staying and he'd just sleep on the top of Spencer's bunk beds, the bed he had had since the age of four and refused to give up.

She had lost it. Her mother calling her a sinner and blaming the devil for the acts she had committed.

The blond knew that what she had done wasn't wrong; it was a natural urge that she felt she needed to relieve herself of, and touching herself in such a way was only human.

It's not like it was sex, but in no way would the Christian girl every tell her mother that.

Emily on the other hand, unfortunately, had let words very similar to those slip out of her mouth, and she was immediately slapped in the face with a surge of freezing water at the response from Amielle Jareau, Christian mother of four.

If the eighteen year old had said anything more than she already had, there's no doubt Amielle would have thrown her out of the house.

Jennifer pressed a warm kiss to the elegant curve of Emily's slender throat, sighing gently against her skin when she felt the arm around her pull her tighter against the brunette's body. "I'm glad I get to sleep next to you tonight."

The brown eyed girl smiled softly, pulling up the covers on Aaron's bed to cover themselves up. "Your dad definitely wouldn't let us do this at home."

Jennifer immediately felt a smile spread over her face. She had called it home. Leaning up, the blond brought her girlfriend's lips down to hers. "Thank you for coming to the hospital with my dad today. It made it easier to sit through the stitching to know you were waiting out there for me," she smiled sleepily.

"Oh really?" Emily chuckled at the lazy look on her girlfriend's face. "You just love the idea of me waiting on you hand and foot, don't you?"

"...Maybe just a little." The sixteen year old held the foreign girl tighter to her, afraid to let her go for even a second after the day they'd had. "I can't believe you stood up to my mother the way you did," she breathed, looking up into Emily's dark eyes. "It was really brave."

Emily could see the emotion behind the younger girl's eyes. "I didn't mean to upset her, you know. I would never do that." She shrugged, glancing up at the wall that had a poster of a stubbled Zac Efron that stared back at them. "I just needed her to know what I thought of the situation and my feelings on it, but she definitely didn't respond well to it."

Jennifer quickly nodded her head. "No, did not respond well whatsoever."

"I just don't understand what's so wrong or upsetting about something like that. It's natural, isn't it?"

The blond smiled gently. "As uncomfortable as it was, when I turned thirteen my dad taught me and my siblings, behind my mom's back no less, that it was alright to have those kinds of urges. He didn't necessarily say go ahead and fuck yourself when you need, but he did tell us not to be ashamed."

Emily rolled her eyes at the younger girl's language. "Thank God he let us out of the house tonight."

"My mother would have been a disaster," the sixteen year old whispered. Rolling their bodies on their sides, Jennifer nodded, letting their breasts rub enticingly against one another's as they got comfortable underneath the comforter. "I'm glad I have you next to me tonight, Em."

The French girl chuckled, biting her lip as she stared into the blonde's delicate eyes. "I think you said that already."

"Yeah, well I sure do love the fact that you're with me. Why wouldn't I?"

Emily's lips parted slightly as she let out a breath, the hot air smacking against Jennifer's pale cheek. "I love being with you too," she sighed, her fingers tangling with the younger girl's underneath the covers and setting them against her warm stomach. "I do." A smile graced her face as she pulled her girlfriend to her, her chin settling atop her shoulder as she drifted off to sleep. It wasn't about what was right or what was wrong, it was about what made you feel loved and cared for; what made you feel human, and for Emily, that's what the Christian girl did for her.

She made her feel whole again, and the brunette knew that she wouldn't be able to repay the favor. Jennifer was more than she had ever bargained for, and she was glad for that.

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