Faith Of You

Chapter 50

Jennifer frowned as she was led on to the porch of her friend's house and into the cold air outside. Spencer had been doing his best to distract her for the majority of an hour, unsuccessfully, and she had finally gotten him to tell her what he had been doing.

She didn't get him to tell her why he'd been stalling, but he had let her know where they were supposed to go.

Spencer positioned the befuddled girl in the middle of his front yard, facing a huge snow pile before oak tree. "Ok, right here."

"You still haven't told me why we're out here."


Jennifer huffed, stomping her foot into the snow. "I'm cold, Spence!"

The younger teen hastily nodded his head, running back towards the stairs that led up the porch. "I know, I know. Just one thing."

Jennifer turned to look to her friend, her brows furrowing at the sight of the brunette teen coming back towards her with a round sled in his hands. "What?"

"Hold this," she smiled.

The Christian girl turned back around to face the snow pile, cautiously holding the neon green sled before her. "Where's Emily and Aaron? Are they gonna kill me or something?" Her mouth fell open at the freezing cold impact of snow slamming right against her chest, and her bright eyes glared over to her girlfriend and Aaron hysterically laughing behind the snow. "Emily! What the hell?"

Emily felt her stomach begin to clench from laughing so hard, her hand reaching for another already made snowball from the pile she and Aaron had created. "What?" she chuckled, her eyelashes batting innocently.

Jennifer scowled at the older pair before picking up her own handful of snow and chucking it at the brunettes.

The eighteen year old felt Aaron fall on top of her to shield her, and they both sat up laughing so hard that they lost their breath. "And that's why we have cover, smart one!"

Jennifer's eyes widened as her girlfriend threw another snowball her way, and she quickly grabbed Spencer's arm and tugged him with her to hide behind a tree.

"You can't run!"

She grabbed up a pile of snow and began melding the white fluff into snowballs. "Come on Spence, help me."

Spencer grimaced, trying to stay out of the way of the snowballs flying at them from the other side of the lawn. "I don't wanna fight."

"That's the point of a snowball fight, Spencer! Help me!"

"But I-"

Jennifer silenced him with a dealthy glare of her aqua eyes. "If you help me, I'll convince my girlfriend to wear one of her sweaters that shows off her boobs." A smile fluttered over her features at the wide eyed look the teen was sending her. "Deal?"

The football player's younger brother hesitated before quickly bending down beside the older girl. "Here, let me help you."

Emily frowned as she watched the pair hide behind a pair of oak trees on the other end of the lawn. Halting her fire, the brown eyed girl looked to the boy at her side. "What do you think is going on?"

Aaron chucked another ball of snow towards his brother. "What do you mean?" he laughed, looking to his friend. "They're getting ammo."

The French girl grinned at the older brunette. "You think she's pissed?"

"You smacked that thing right at her neck, Em!" Aaron nodded his head, reaching for another snowball. "Definitely pissed."

"Pissed huh?"

Emily's head spun, her eyes widening at the younger girl that stood above her with a few snowballs held in her arms. "Hey," she chuckled, trying her best not to smile in amusement at the glare staring down at her.

Jennifer grinned, her fingers curling softly around the snowball in her hand so it wouldn't fall apart. "Just so you know, I'm not pissed."

"Oh no?"

The blond gently shook her head. "No," she smiled. "I'm fuming. You got my sweater wet."

Emily nodded her head, getting on her knees and putting her hands together as if she were to pray. "I am so sorry, my darling," she sighed, ignoring the laughter behind her that Aaron could seem to stiffle. "Will you ever forgive me?"

"I can think about it."

Emily found herself scrambling behind Aaron for protection when her girlfriend began to pelt them with the frozen balls of snow. "I said sorry!"

Spencer rushed up beside the Christian girl and used the two snowballs in his gloved hands to smack his older brother in the head.


The youngest of the teens actually felt himself laugh at the sight of Aaron's reddening face.

Emily quickly held up her hands in surrender, trying to move in the same time as the football player so she could keep herself hidden. "We're done! We surrender, ok?"

Jennifer smiled triumphantly at the cowering teens before she dropped the last of her snowballs. "Good."

The couple found themselves up in Aaron's room not ten minutes later getting changed, Emily putting on her favorite dark green sweater that Jennifer had convinced her to wear.

The eighteen year old ran her fingers through her now damp curls as she looked into the mirror, leaning forward so she could fix her slightly smudged eye liner. "I actually wanted to talk to you."

"Really? About what?"

Emily spun around, her doe eyes widening at the sight of her pracitcally naked girlfriend. She had completely forgotten that the blond was changing behind her, and now there Jennifer stood beside Aaron's bed with nothing on but jeans and a black satin bra that protected her small breasts from being shown. "Uh..."

The Christian girl grinned at the stuttering voice of the brunette, her blue eyes glancing up from the shirt in her hands. "Eyes back in your head, babe."

Babe. Emily blushed at the nickname, glancing down to her hands as embarrassment washed over her. "Sorry."

Jennifer looked at the older girl, walking across the room so she was standing just before her girlfriend. "You don't have to be sorry," she chuckled shortly, biting down into her bottom lip as her eyes roamed over her goregeous girl. "I like when you look at me."

The brunette looked back up, her breath leaving her at the predatory look in the younger girl's eyes. "Yeah?"

"Mmhmm," Jennifer hummed, standing on her top toes to kiss the eighteen year old's temple, her fingers skimming along her girlfriend's hipbones. "It's sexy to know how much you want me."

Emily's eyelids became heavy as the blonde's lips began to kiss along her neck, suckling gently just below her ear. "I want you so much," she whispered breathily, her hands curling around the younger girl's neck and pulling her close so she could capture those taunting lips with hers.

The Christian girl moaned into Emily's hot mouth, feeling her nimble fingers dancing along her collarbone. Pulling away, she grinned up to the older girl who stared at her with hooded eyes. "Can't get too heavy up here," she chuckled. "Aaron could easily barge in."

Emily rolled her eyes. "Tease."

"You know it."

Watching as the blond slipped a tight v-neck over her head, the French girl cleared her throat. "Ok," she laughed. "I wanted to talk to you."

Jennifer nodded, letting her girlfriend sit her down on the edge of Aaron's bed. "What's up?"

Emily smiled hervously to the younger girl, her hands playing nervously before her stomach. "You've have helped me through so much," the brunette beamed, taking Jennifer's soft hands in hers. "For the short time we've been together, I feel as if we're two halfs of a whole, and I haven't felt this way before. I don't really know how to describe the way the tingles feel when you touch me, or how knotted my stomach gets when you look at me, and I need you to know how much you mean to me."

The younger girl felt her breath leave her when Emily reached into her back pocket and took out a delicate silver locket, the brunette lying the shining heart in the palm of her hand. "Em it's beautiful."

Sitting down beside her girlfriend, the French girl nodded. "Mattie gave it to me."

Jennifer's eyes widened, staring at the older girl as her heart stopped. Matthew was Emily's savior, and for Emily to give her one of the gifts she had gotten from the deceased boy meant that Jennifer was truly a huge part of the brunette's life. "Are you sure?"

Emily vigorously nodded her head, giving a watery smile to the younger girl. "I am. I want you to know how special you are to me," she giggled. "And knowing what you're doing just to be with me means the world to me." Scooting closer, the French girl cupped the blonde's cheek. "I want you to know I love you."

A cry left the blue eyed girl's lips, and she threw her arms around Emily's slender neck. "I love you too," she sobbed, hiding her face in her girlfriend's neck. "I love you so much."

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