Faith Of You

Chapter 51

Emily waved goodbye to Aaron as he drove back down the road before turning and picking up her bag. Clutching her girlfriend's hand, her heart broke when she saw Jennifer's wide eyes staring up to the home she had grown up in. She leaned in and pressed a small kiss to the blonde's cheek. "It's gonna be ok."

The younger shakily nodded her head. "Yeah," she breathed.

"You ready?"

Jennifer pouted, looking up to her girlfriend with her expertly practiced puppy dog eyes. "Can't we just go back to Aaron's?"

Emily gave a gentle shake of the head as she led the blond up the small hill and to the front porch. "We can't live at Aaron's forever."

The Christian girl made a face. "Sure we can."

Emily chuckled before turning the knob of the front door. "Come on, sweetheart." She and Jennifer couldn't even step all the way into the foyer before having a bunch of colored confetti thrown around them.

"Welcome home!"

Jennifer's jaw dropped at the sight of her family standing in the living room before her, confetti now falling from the air and landing on the polished wooden floors. "What is all this?"

James grinned to the couple that stood astonished in the doorway. "Close the door," he chuckled, making his way across the living room and closing the front door. "You're letting the cold in." He scooped his daughter up in a hug and pressed a big kiss to her head. "We missed you."

Emily let Richard take her into a hug as Julia went over to her sister, laughing as he messed up her hair. "Thanks Richie."

Taking the blow that the French girl gave to his stomach, the eighteen year old chuckled. "How are you feeling, Em?"

"Better," she smiled.

Richard gave his sister a quick hug before helping Emily out of her coat. "And you and Jenny?"

Emily frowned lightly as she watched her now brother figure hang up her jacket in the closet. Nodding softly, her lips curled slightly at the corners when she saw his smirk. "We're fine."


The brunette huffed before pushing at the older boy's chest. "Ok, I'll see you later Rich." Walking quietly over to the couch, Emily sat herself down beside the father of the household. "Hello Mr. Jareau."

James smiled warmly to the brunette girl before taking her into a hug, holding her tight against his chest. "Hey there pumpkin. Welcome home."

Feeling tears in her eyes, Emily slowly pulled away and shook her head. "You didn't have to do all this or us," she laughed. "We were only gone for two days."

"Yeah, you took one more day away from us."

Emily gave a shrug. "We thought it would be better, you know? Gave Mrs. Jareau a longer time to cool down."

James nodded, pulling the French girl to her side and holding her tight. "Well she definitely is better than she was two days ago." Leaning down, the father of four whispereed into the brunette girl's ear. "So I asked Rosie and she said that her stiches were clean and haven't stretched. Does that mean you two haven't done anything while you were away?"

Emily's jaw dropped at the question. "Mr. Jareau!"

The blue eyed man chuckled. "It's a valid question, pumpkin. I'm assuming you two slept together."

"Yes sir," she nervously whispered. "Just slept."

James smiled. "Good." Rubbing his hand down the brunette girl's arm, the father of four pressed a kiss to Emily's temple. "Amielle will be home this afternoon, so that should give you both enough time to get settled in, ok?"

Three hours later, Emily heard a familiar voice from downstairs that immediately made the hairs on the back of her neck stand up. The Christian mother of four was home, and that meant it was time to face the music.

Quietly making her way down the stairs, the eighteen year old did her best to calm her nerves and take in a deep breath. She tip toed into the kitchen to see the blond woman standing by the counter and kneading a roll of dough softly with her floured up knuckles. "Hello Mrs. Jareau."

Amielle seemed unphased by the teenager's voice as she continued kneading the dough, sprinkling a little more flour onto the counter so it didn't stick. "Hello Emily."

Emily bit her lip, inching forward. "Would you like some help, ma'am?"

The blond woman paused before nodding her head, sliding another roll of dough into her second small pile of flour. "Of course. Knead it until it feels fluffy."

Emily immediately felt thankful for the mother of four not pushing her away. She stood beside her girlfriend's mother and began kneading the dough on the counter, glancing over to the older woman at her side. "Should I go get Jennifer to help us?"

"Not yet," Amielle denied, taking some more flour when her dough began to stick. "Not just yet."

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