Faith Of You

Chapter 52

James rinsed the remainder of his now cold coffee from his mug before placing it in the drying rack that sit beside the steel sink. It was only eleven that night, but the father of four knew that once he laid down in his bed that he'd be able to sleep knowing that his girls were back home and under his roof. They seemed to be ok, barely scathed by the drama that had gone on the other day, and definitely feeling better after the nights they had spent at Spencer and Aaron's.

His wife had been the quietest she had ever been the two days both girls were gone, doing nothing but sitting in her favorite chair in the living room, just beside the fireplace, and reading her Bible. The only time she would get up was to relieve herself, sleep or go to church that Sunday morning.

It was like she refused to believe what had happened.

The blond man shook his head at the thought, turning and walking out of the kitchen. He couldn't believe the way his wife had acted towards their children, accusing them and going as silent as she could to scare them, using her precious text to dictate what was correct in not her mind, but the mind of God.

And unlike the woman of the household, their family had a very different interpretation.

Homosexuality was no sin, and neither was human instinct.

James made his way up the steps to the second floor of his house, doing his rounds just as he did every night to make sure his kids were all safe and sound tucked in their beds, not using pillows to create a 'body' underneath the covers like Richard had once tried.

He opened the first two doors and made sure that his eldest children were asleep before continuing his way down the hall, peeking his head into Jennifer's darkened room.

There in the center of her queen sized bed lay his daughter in the arms of the foreign girl that they had let into their household. Emily lay tilted up against the headboard of the bed, holding his youngest against her chest with her fingers lazily dancing up and down her bare arm, telling him that she was almost asleep but not just quiet.

James smiled. That was what God was about.


He quickly made his way back down into the living room of his home, smiling to his wife as he watched her walk back towards their bedroom down the hall. "Heading in for the night, darling?"

Amielle nodded gently. "I am. I'll keep the light on for you, alright?"

"Of course." James watched as his wife walked out of sight and waited until he heard their bedroom door close before walking over to that special chair that Amielle always sat herself in, and took her Bible in his hand.

Opening up to that certain page, that verse that he knew was the one that she would always refer to when fighting her battles with the family or even those friends that didn't share her beliefs, and gripped the page between his fingers before ripping it out of that oh so precious book.

Walking just two steps to the fireplace, he threw the scripture into the flames and watched as it crumpled and burned, it's embers flying around before he finally extinguished the fire and got himself into bed, a smile wanting to curl onto his face.

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