Faith Of You

Chapter 53

Jerking awake, Emily jolted up from the bed at the sound of a slam from downstairs. Her tired eyes glanced over to the alarm clock to see that it was only seven a.m, and she and Jennifer had set the alarm for ten because they had off from school that day. "Jen? Did you hear that?"

The blond yawned as she nodded into the older girl's chest, letting her eyes remained closed. "Yup."

"You don't want to go check it out?"

Jennifer lazily shook her head, her hand fisted in her girlfriend's sleep shirt, trying her best to fall back to sleep. "It was probably just Richie," she mumbled, cuddling into the brunette's chest. "Doesn't mean anything."

Emily's eyes widened at the sound of the Christian girl's father voice raising down on the floor beneath them, wincing slightly at that familiar screech that bellowed back at James' shouted words. "It's your parents."

The younger girl let her left eye peek open as she listened, groaning when she finally heard what her girlfriend was hearing. "Crap."

The girls both got up out of Jennifer's bed and crept out into the hallway, sitting themselves at the top of the stairs and glancing down to the fighting couple in the living room of the Victorian home.

"How could you?"

James angrily shook his head, watching with hard eyes as his wife paced up and down the length of their living room. "This is not about me, Amielle. This is about the way you've been treating our children!"

Jennifer looked up to see both of her siblings kneeling down beside her and her girlfriend, the four of them now occupying the last and second to last stairs. "You know what's going on?"

The only son of the family shook his head. "No idea."

Amielle glared at the older man. "Do you feel no remorse?"

"I could ask you the same thing!"

The blond shook her head, stomping across the room to stand strong in front of her husband. "You burned my Bible!"

Every one of the teenagers' jaws fell to the floor.

James rolled his eyes. "I took a simple page out, Amielle. I did not burn the entire thing."

The younger of the pair shook her head, her eyes watering as she looked up to the man she had married. "How could you do that? How could you ruin my baby?"

"Your baby?" James' voice boomed throughout the household. "This is what I'm talking about! You care more about your damn scripture than your own children," he growled. "You threw out our daughters!"

Amielle looked at the older man with dull eyes, crossing her arms over her chest. "Emily is a wonderful young girl but she is not our daughter, James."

The blond man glared, taking a firm step towards his wife. "She may not be your daughter but she sure as hell is mine."

Emily held a hand over her mouth to shield anyone's view of her quivering lips, the blue eyed man's words hitting her in that perfectly soft spot right in her heart. She was part of a family.

"I suggest you get your priorities in check," the father scoffed, "because if you think that we'll be sticking around to deal with what you're becoming, then you've got another thing coming. I will not let my children be in a household where they feel they aren't enough in your eyes." Taking a breath he turned around, his eyes looking up to the children who sat on the top steps. "Why don't we all go out to breakfast, huh? Just you guys and your dad."

Emily took her girlfriend's hand in hers and helped her stand, making their way back down the hall of the second floor to get away from the scrutinous gaze of the Christian mother.

James looked back to his wife, his brow raised. "We'll be back later. Good for you?"

"They're my children too," Amielle whispered, afraid of the man she knew she was making her husband become.

The blue eyed man's shoulders stiffened once more at the words. "Then act like it."

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