Faith Of You

Chapter 54

Emily pressed a gentle kiss to her girlfriend's blond hair before walking out of the nurses office, leaving the younger girl alone so her stitches could be cleaned in just enough time for her to get to their math class next period.


The eighteen year old smiled at the older man making his way towards her. "Hi Mr. Jareau."

"You have class?" he asked, setting his hand on her shoulder. "I wanted to speak to you."

Emily hesitated before giving a small nod, smiling her best smile to the blond man that stared down at her. "Speak about school or about home?"

James smiled gently, walking the brunette girl down the hall. "I wanted to make sure that you were feeling alright after yesterday. We didn't get the chance to speak along before you went to bed, and this morning you and Rosie left so fast that I didn't get the chance to catch you."

The brunette girl bit down hard into her lip, quickly nodding her head. "I'm actually great," she chuckled, stop in the middle of the hall and looked up to the man that had taken her into his home. "I completely understand why Mrs. Jareau feels the way she feels, but what you did and said about me was so sweet and I didn't really get the chance to thank you," she smiled. "No one has ever made me feel as much as part of a family as you have, an I wanted to thank you for that."

James felt his heart swell at the words of the teenager. He took her into his arms and hugged her tight to his chest, loving the feeling of her laughing against her chest instead of crying. "I will always love you Emily, and you will always have a place in my heart." Pulling back, he smiled down to the brunette girl. "You are my daughter."

Emily's lips quivered slightly, hugging the older man once more as tight as she could.

"Let's just remember not to fool around with Rosie, and we'll be good."

The French girl pulled away, pushing the father of four away as she laughed. "I get it!"

James chuckled as he watched his beautiful brunette daughter walk her way down the hall. "Get to class." He watched the teenager disappear from sight before making his way back into his office to call his wife and remind her of the dinner they were suppose to be having with the kids that night.

Staring down at the book in her lap, Emily's chocolate eyes scanned over every word, loving the feeling she got from reading the story she had loved since she was just thirteen years old. She moved slightly on the cold bleachers she sat on, waiting to hear the bell ring so she could go back inside and get to her next class.


The brunette looked up at the familiar voice, frowning at the sight of the jackass football player standing on the shoveled football field. "What are you doing here?"

John shrugged. "Didn't wanna go to chemistry."

Emily's brow furrowed, watching as the brunette teen climbed up the bleachers to where she was. "Chemistry is a junior year subject."

"So I failed chemistry, so what?" The older teenager rolled his eyes, sitting himself down beside the French girl on one of the highest bleachers. "What are you doing out here anyway? It's damn cold."

Emily ran her tongue over her two front teeth before looking to the football player beside her. "Wasn't too hungry so I came out here to read my book during my lunch period."

John slowly nodded. "What about your girlfriend?"

The chocolate eyed girl shook her head. "Going over something with a teacher before next period."

"So you just came out into the cold?" She could hear the chuckle in his voice.

Emily turned, bringing her leg up onto the bleacher to create a small barrier between her and the older teen as she looked to him with a smirk. "You did the same thing, didn't you?"

John paused before nodding his head, matching the French girl's smirk with his own. "Touché."

"So question."

"Shoot," he smiled.

Emily finally closed her book, putting all her focus and attention of the boy who had come to sit next to her. "We're not friends," she said briefly, looking to the older teen with curious eyes. "Why sit next to me? Start up a conversation?"

It looked as if the football player had to think about it for a minute before shrugging his strong shoulders. "Don't know. I apologized at Sage's party for being an ass, and I wanted to make it clear to you that I was sorry. Didn't I do that?"

"I guess," the brunette shrugged. "You did apologize."

John nodded. "And I meant it. I was rude that day."

Emily chuckled, her head tilting to the side. "No, really?"

Rolling his eyes, John almost laughed at the look the foreign girl was giving him. "I get it, I get it. So what are you reading?"

The brunette looked down to the book in her lap, holding the worn edges carefully between her fingers. "Pride and Prejudice." Looking up just in time, Emily saw the older boy's face descending onto hers and she quickly dodged the kiss he tried to plant on her. "What the hell!"

John laughed, tugging the French girl closer to him. "Come on Emily."

She quickly pushed him away, dropping her book onto the bleachers below her as she tried to get herself out of the football player's grip. "Stop it!"

"I just wanna kiss you, babe."

Emily grimaced as John forcefully pushed his lips against hers, her hands pushing hard at his shoulders to get his body away from hers, her arms hurting in his tight grip. "Get off of me!" Her eyes popped open when she felt the older teen suddenly loosen his grip and disappear, her jaw dropping at the sight of Aaron and Sage tackling John to the floor.

Aaron pounded the football player into the snow, feeling the other teen's blood leak onto his knuckles. "Don't touch her," he growled, his brown eyes glaring into John's. "You touch her again and you'll be wishing you hadn't."

The French girl felt her body shaking as she hid her quivering lips with her hand, feeling disgust welling up inside of her at the thought of that boy's lips on hers.

"Honey?" Sage helped her ex down from the bleachers and held her tight against her side, placing her lips just against her temple to try and help her stop shaking. "Shh Emily it's ok."

Aaron grunted as he stood up straight, picking up Emily's fallen book and following the two girls back up off of the football field. "Piece of shit."

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