Faith Of You

Chapter 55

The blond mother of four gave a gentle lick to the pad of her thumb before flipping to the next page in her book. It was the first time in maybe five months where the Christian woman was reading something other than her precious Bible that never left her side.

It was her husband who had done his best to get her out of that overly religious mindset, and that was what Amielle was trying to do. Granted it was hard, but if it was what was needed to keep their beautiful family from falling to shreds at the tips of her fingers then that was what she was going to do. She couldn't be the one to tear them apart.

Amielle looked up at the sound of the front door opening, watching as the French girl she and her husband had taken in charge through the entranceway. "Emily?"

The brunette girl didn't seem to hear her as she dropped her bag and ran up the steps to the second floor, slamming her bedroom door closed and falling back against it, tears rushing down her reddened face.

Amielle abandoned her book and followed those rushed steps that the chocolate eyed girl had taken not a moment before. Creeping as quietly as she could down the hall, the blond woman knocked softly on the wooden door that used to hold her eldest behind it's barrier. "Honey?"

"I'm fine."

The Christian woman opened up the bedroom door and peeked her head inside, her bright features dulling at the sight of the sobbing girl only half sitting on her bed. "Emily what's the matter?" She quickly made her way over to the bed and sat herself down beside the teenage girl, brushing the eighteen year old's ebony hair out of her swelling eyes. "School's not even out, sweetheart. What's wrong?"

Emily's lips parted slightly as she continued to cry, letting Amielle stroke her hair. "I'm fine," she stammered, her chest tightening as her breathing rate began to climb. "I'm ok, I promise." Her dark eyes looked over to the woman at her side, letting Amielle stroke her hair. "I'm really ok."

"Obviously you're not," she cooed. She reached for the bottle of water that Emily always kept of her bedside table and held it to her quivering lips, helping the French girl sip the liquid slowly to help her calm down. "Tell me what happened?"

James barged through the bedroom door, holding his hand to his heart as relief spread throughout him. "Emily. God, I thought I lost you." He made his way into the room, kneeling beside his new daughter and setting his warm hand on the girl's shaking knee. "You jumped out of the car before I even parked, pumpkin. What happened?"

Amielle looked down to her husband, feeling the brunette girl beside her continue to shake. "You drove her home?"

"Sage Michaels came into the office with Emily completely red and panting, so I brought her right home. I thought she was having a panic attack." He put his hand beneath the eighteen year old's chin and tilted her head up, making the wrecked girl look directly into his eyes. "Emily can you tell me what happened?"

Emily tried to take in the deepest of breaths and ended up turning her head so she could cough, tears streaming down her face.

The blue eyed man held the young girl as firmly as he could in his hold. "Emily, I need you to answer me ok? I need to know why you're so upset."

Emily's eyes squinted slightly as she let out another cry, her head shaking as the memory of the football player's hands grabbing roughly at the flesh of her thighs. "I don't want to, please," she begged.

James stood up from his spot on the floor and sat beside the teenage girl, pressing a fatherly kiss to her temple. "Please tell me, pumpkin."

Her body turned and the French girl threw herself into the arms of the older man, nimble fingers grabbing and clawing at the suit jacket that he was still wearing from work that day, her tears falling into the crook of his neck. "I didn't want him to do that."

"What happened?"

Emily sniffled before pulling slightly away, looking into James' eyes as the Christian mother's hand rubbed up and down her back. "He kissed me and I didn't want to," she whispered hoarsely, her head shaking. "And he grabbed me really hard and now my legs are sore."

Amielle stiffened. "Someone touched you?"

The brunette felt her lips quivering again as she nodded her head. "I didn't want him to, I promise!" Her head whipped around to look at the blond woman on the other side of her. "I never wanted him to do that, you have to believe me."

James could have cursed his wife for making the teenage girl feel as if she would need to apologize for something that had been done to her, something where Emily had been in no way in the wrong. He took her to his side and rubbed his hand down her arm, shushing her as quietly and as calmly as he could, using his free hand to wipe the tears from the shaking girl's red face. "No one is saying that it's your fault, pumpkin. Can you tell me who did it?"

Emily froze. If she got the football player in trouble he would surely want to harm her; beat her to a pulp like he would have the day they met if Aaron and Jennifer hadn't stepped in. "No," she stated firmly.

"Emily I need you to tell me so we can report whoever did this." The blond man tried to get the teenager's gaze to hit his. "Touching and forcing another student is never appropriate and it needs to be reported, alright? Then I will deal with them."

"No," she whispered, looking up to the man with her watering doe eyes. "Please don't make me, please. I don't want to get him in trouble."

Jennifer barreled through the bedroom door, her eyes widening at the sight of her girlfriend sitting between both of her parents on the very edge of her bed. "Emily what happened?"

Emily looked up and let out a cry at the sight of the younger girl, letting the blond take her into a hug with her arms tight around her shoulders. "Jennifer..."

The mother of four looked up to the pair that stood embraced before her, her brows furrowed. "Rosie you should be in school."

Jennifer hugged the French girl tight to her as she sent a glare towards the woman she called her mother, her teeth gritting at the rage she felt building up within her. "Aaron came to tell me that he had helped Emily off of the field and that she needed my help, so I came home."

"Honey she is just fine with us," she smiled. "You should be focusing on your studies."

"My studies?" The blonde's blue eyes widened with fury as she looked to the Christian woman. "This is my girlfriend!"

Amielle felt as if she were about to implode. Her daughter was gay. "Your girlfriend?" What could she have possibly done wrong? How could this have happened to her beautiful baby girl?

How could she be gay?

Jennifer could hear the surprise in her mother's voice, but for the first time she firmly stood her ground. No running away. "Yes. My girlfriend." She sat the brunette down on the edge of the bed, kneeling before her and taking her reddened face between her hands. "Emily tell me what happened."

Emily had barely registered the huge confession that now made the tension in the air much thicker than it had been, but looking into her girlfriend's soft eyes finally helped her to calm herself down. "John kissed me, Jen. He kissed me and I tried to get away from him but he grabbed me and now my legs really hurt," she whispered. "I think they're bruised or something."

The father of the house ignored the firey eyes of his wife, leaning towards the emotionally drained pair that sat beside him. "Pumpkin, I want to see your legs ok?"

Emily paused before she lowered her voice. "The pain is near my pelvis," she whispered hesitantly. "Can someone else do it?"

Amielle stood up from the bed when she saw her husband look to his youngest daughter, her head shaking vigorously. "How can this be happening? You're gay." Her eyes glanced rapidly from teen to teen, her gaze burning through the brunette that sat on the pristine purple comforter. "And Emily's gay."

The French girl felt herself shrink under the Christian woman's gaze. "Yes ma'am."

"How could you do this to my daughter?"

Emily's jaw dropped, her fear and despair finally ridding itself from her body and letting confusion take its place. "Excuse me?" Her eyes widened, feeling Jennifer's hands grab her hands tightly. "You think I turned your daughter?"

Grinning smugly to the foreign girl she had let into her home, Amielle strongly nodded her head. "Well she was just fine before you got here, wasn't she?"


James got up from his seat and looked firmly to the woman he had married. "That is enough! Never will you speak to them like that, do you hear me?"

"James," she laughed snidely, "this girl made our daughter gay!"

The blue eyed man took two giant steps forward so he stood right before his wife, practically spitting his words out to the Christian woman's face. He would always protect the ones he loved. "Now I may not have liked the idea at first, but that was because I didn't understand it. I love these girls with everything I have and never would I judge them for their sexuality! This is something that they cannot control and I'll be dead before I let you stomp all over them like you're trying to do." He glared into his wife's scared eyes. "Do you love your children?"

Amielle felt her face flush. "Of course I do!"

"How can I believe that? How do you expect them to believe that?"

The Christian woman shook her head, not noticing the way the teenage girls were huddling together on the bed. "I'm their mother, of course they believe I love them."

James' blue eyes turned almost a deep colbalt, darker than they ever had been before. "If you loved them, you would never judge them." He took a breath before turning on his heel, not able to look at the tears that had gathered in his wife's eyes. "Girls get your bags packed, alright? I'll handle Richard and Julia's things."

Jennifer looked to her father. "Where are we going?"

"We'll be staying in a hotel until your mother can get her head back on her shoulders." He nodded to the two girls before walking out into the hallway, making a mental note to have his daughter check Emily's legs once they had safely gotten to the hotel. If Amielle wanted to sneer at the sexuality of his girls then so be it, but they wouldn't be around while she did.

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