Faith Of You

Chapter 57

It was as if every time the Christian girl had touched her before this was nothing, Emily realized, letting her girlfriend move above her body. Those nimble fingers that always gripped at that jade rosary fluttering over the skin of her now bare thighs, causing tiny goose bumps to pop up on her hot skin.

Emily moaned gently, feeling her arms be spread by the younger girl before those hands found their way back to her toned legs, bunching the silky material of her nightgown around her waist. Feeling a cool breeze now hit her hips, Emily let her eyes pop open, watching as Jennifer's lips finally pulled away from hers. "Jen..."

The blond smirked at the older girl, helping her sit up so she could rid her body of the purple material that covered her skin. "You're so beautiful," she whispered, pressing her mouth against the underside of her ear. "So sexy."

Sucking in a sharp breath at the feeling of the Christian girl's teeth nipping at her skin and her tongue tentatively trailing down the length of her neck, Emily's eyes closed tight, wanting to soak in every word that was being husked against her skin.

"So perfect."

Emily grinned before grabbing a fist full of her girlfriend's hair and forcing her lips back onto hers.

Jennifer quickly found herself straddling the French girl's lean body, her hands curling warmly around the brunette's neck. She could feel her insides growing heated as their lips moved languidly against one another's, her hips rubbing over the older girl's, their covered clits bouncing softly off of each other's every time Jennifer swayed her pelvis forward. It was almost as if Emily's body was pulling her forward, the ebony haired girl's ample and now naked breasts pressing up against her sleep shirt. She wanted to feel the older girl writhe under her, their bodies coming together as one and their love melding together, creating such a bond that no one would be able to break.

She needed that.

Emily felt her breath leave her as the younger girl pulled away once more, her teeth sinking into her now bruised bottom lip as her eyes met those of the blond. Her head tilted back, her jaw slacking slightly at the feel of her girlfriend's warm hands finally palming at her naked breasts. She refused to take her eyes away from hers as a moan flew past her lips, Jennifer's fingers sweeping over her hardening nipples, causing shivers to run up and down her bare spine. "God Jennifer." Blinking heavily, her left hand held her up as the fingers of her right hand tangled within the blond tendrils of the Christian girl's hair, biting down hard into her bottom lip as the younger girl's plump lips encircled the pink nipple of her left breast.

The blond couldn't contain the chuckle that bubbled up in her chest at the sounds that the girl beneath her was making, and she delicately swirled her tongue around the perked nub between her lips. "Those sounds are so sexy," she smirked, the tip of her nose brushing against the swell of her girlfriend's breast.

Emily hurriedly shook her head, yanking gently at Jennifer's shining hair so she could see those aqua eyes once more. "Honey, I need to know that you're ok."

"What do you mean?"

The ivory teen brought their lips together, taking her girlfriend's bottom lip between her teeth as her hand that wasn't holding the blond in place down near her quivering pelvis. "I need to make sure that you are ok."

Jennifer sighed before nodding her head, her heated eyes meeting those of the older girl. "It's been healed for two days," she smiled, nodding reassuringly to the girl beneath her.

"Are you sure?" Emily tried her best to ignore her girlfriend's hips that began to move against her once again. "I don't want to hurt you Jennifer."

The younger teen let her eyes bore heatedly into the French girl's deep chocolate orbs as she took her hand in hers and brought it down to her clit, letting those warm fingers of her girlfriend dance their way beneath the cotton panties to touch her lower lips. "I want you to touch me."

Emily's lips parted at the feeling of the blonde's juices immediately coating her fingers. She did that to the Christian girl in that short amount of time? Grinning, she let her fingers spread her girlfriend's lower lips and expertly rub against the hot skin that led to that desired destination.

She must have been good.

Jennifer let her eyes roll back in her head at the feeling of the ebony haired girl's index finger tentatively sliding up into her, and her hands quickly went to grip the shoulders of the girl she had fallen for. "God Em," she breathed, her head tilting back as if she were glancing up to the ceiling. She began to move her hips in time with the pace that the older girl had set with her finger, wanting to feel that desired friction against her clit to get that desired pleasure.

Emily slowly added another finger into her girlfriend's tight channel, letting the palm of her hand bump and rub teasingly against the sixteen year old's now engorged clitoris as she continued to pump in and out. "You feel so good, baby."

The Christian girl grinned, her eyes fluttering back open and staring enticingly down to the older girl. "I can't wait to feel you," she husked, nibbling at her bottom lip to tease the older girl. "So tight and wet. Ten times as hot as I feel right now."

Emily, staring straight into those seductive blue eyes that her girlfriend possessed, felt her breathing begin to grow fast, her hand unconsciously began to thrust faster into the girl that sat above her. She felt her own pussy begin to throb at the sight of the blond begin to now bounce up and down, riding her hand like a professional, her fingers gripping hard into the skin of her shoulders. "Jennifer..."

Jennifer's head hastily nodded, letting one hand drift down so she could rip off the offending garment that blocked her from the chocolate eyed girl's pussy, needing to touch the hot center of her girlfriend. She wanted them to come together. "I love you Emily."

The ebony haired teen groaned loudly at the feeling of the blue eyed girl's fingers touching her where she had needed to be touched, and sparks immediately fired up behind her dark eyes. She worked her girlfriend harder and faster than she had before, her fingers thrusting deeper into the blond to push her over the edge. "I love you too, baby."

Their bodies writhed against one another's, the brunette's breasts rubbing hard against the younger girl's sleep shirt that covered her now sweating torso.

Then there was that moment where two in the throws of passion feel as if time stopped, their bodies jolting as their orgasms wracked through them. Emily's head fell down against her girlfriend's shoulder as she let out a whimper, her clit pulsating at the feeling of her orgasmic waves continuing to roll through her.

Jennifer sighed gently against the older girl's dark hair, smiling lazily at the feeling of Emily's fingers still inside of her.

The perfect pair.

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