Faith Of You

Chapter 58

Looking up from the book in her lap, Julia smiled at the sight of her father walking out of his new room. "Hi daddy."

James shook his head. "Juliebug it's midnight. Turn the TV down, will you?"

Julia hesitated, biting her lip. "I don't think I should." She knew what her baby sister was doing in just the next room, and she was determined to block out all the noises that she had heard the couple making as best she could. "It's a really great movie," she nodded.

The blue eyed man narrowed his gaze on his eldest girl, unfazed by her sparkling smile that was being thrown his way. "What's going on?"

Julia bit down harder into her lip than intended, wincing as she shrugged to the older man. "What do you mean?"

"Julia it is too late for these games," he sighed. "Go to bed, won't you?"

Blue eyes widened at the sight of the blond man walking towards the door that led to her and her sister's new bedroom and she immediately sat up, her head vigorously shaking. "Daddy don't go in there!"

James frowned, turning back around to face his daughter. "Why not?"

Julia smiled gently, closing her book in her lap before gesturing towards the door. "Jenny is taking a shower."

"Oh." The now father of five looked past his eldest girl and frowned, noticing that the door that led to Emily's bedroom was open and the light turned on. The eighteen year old wasn't anywhere in that room, not even snuggled under the comforter the way someone would find her every morning. "Where's Emily?"

Julia's jaw dropped at the question, not knowing how to explain to the man that had helped create her why the newest member of their family was nowhere to be found. "Um...she's taking a shower too."

James let the confusion seep through his veins for a little bit longer than it should have before realization set in, and his body immediately sulked. There were no showers being had. "Oh my God," he groaned, rubbing his hand down his face.

The blond quickly turned off the television before standing from her seat. "And that's my time to leave." She pointed back to the room over her shoulder. "I'll just sleep in there tonight," she smirked. "Night."

Jennifer sighed against the skin of her girlfriend's warm neck, her fingers dancing along her bare forearm that lay draped across her waist. She had never felt anything so amazing. Closing her eyes, she felt the eighteen year old beside her press a gentle kiss to her still damp forehead. She just wanted to revel in the fact that she was being held in the arms of not just her love, but now her lover.

"Hey," the brunette chuckled, shaking the younger girl gently. "Don't you fall asleep on me."

The younger girl moaned in protest and snuggled deeper into the French girl's hold. "But I'm so comfy. And you wore me out," she smiled, nipping at the underside of the older girl's chin. "It's time for a little nap."

Emily grinned down to the blond in her arms, letting her hand drift down and cup the right cheek of her girl's naked ass. "Who says I don't wanna take you for a spin again?" She bent down and captured Jennifer's lips with hers, tickling the underside of her chin when she heard another moan escape the blonde's lips. "See?" she chuckled, swiping her tongue over her girlfriend's plump bottom lip. "I knew you didn't want to drift off."

Jennifer let her head tilt back at the brunette teen's command and surrendered her lips to hers. She knew she couldn't turn that girl down.

Emily palmed at the smooth globe underneath her hand, turning them over so she was finally atop the younger girl. She quickly straddled Jennifer's left thigh and took her hip and neck in her hands, squeezing gently. "You never let me see you," she pouted, fingering the shirt that still covered her girlfriend's body from her sight.

The laugh that ripped from Jennifer's throat vibrated throughout her body, shaking the body of the brunette that hovered above her. Gazing up with her tired eyes, the Christian girl took Emily's hand in hers. "I'm sorry about that."

Nodding lazily, the ivory teen brushed her nose against the younger girl's. "You should be," she whispered, pressing her pouting lips against her girlfriend's. "You got to touch me, and I barely got to touch you."

"I think you touched me pretty damn well," the blond rasped.

Emily smiled seductively as she let the sixteen year old's hand guide hers underneath her sleep shirt. She took the time to let her fingers glide over Jennifer's toned stomach before inching her way up towards the blonde's ample chest. "You think?"

The couple immediately broke apart at the sound of a banging on the bedroom door, and Jennifer quickly pulled her underwear back on as Emily hid her naked body underneath the warm covers. "Who is it?"

"Jenny can I come in?"

Jennifer watched as her girlfriend slipped her nightgown back over her head before opening the door for her older sister. "What's up?"

The older Jareau girl smirked, handing her baby sister a neatly printed letter. "He refuses to speak to you until you quiet down."

Jennifer took the note in hand with her eyes wide, not wanting to see what had been written on the paper in her hand. "You guys heard us?"

"Well I tried to tune you out with the television but I think it was Emily that was the one who made me turn it up to the max volume," she chuckled, winking at the brunette that still tried to hide underneath the bed covers. "That's what woke dad up."

The Christian girl groaned, hiding her reddening face behind her hands. "Oh God."

Julia smirked, pushing at her sister's shoulder. "Try to keep it down for the rest of the night? I'm gonna go and sleep in Em's room."

Emily gave an embarrassed wave to the older girl before the closing door blocked her view, and she immediately fell back against the pillows behind her. "Holy fuck," she groaned, throwing the comforter over her head. "That is so embarrassing."

Jennifer rolled her eyes before climbing back onto the bed, shoving the letter in her girlfriend's direction. "This should make you feel better."

The French girl hesitated before crawling back out from under the covers, taking the letter in her hands. "Don't stay up too late," she read, her eyes scanning carefully over ever word written elegantly on the crisp paper. "I'll find a book on how to stay safe with this kind of intimacy if I can, but it might take me a while. Be careful."

Jennifer gave a swift slap to the older girl's arm as a giant laugh escaped those pink lips she loved so much, watching with unamused eyes as she fell back against the pillows of her bed.

Emily wiped the tears from her eyes after letting the younger girl take the letter back, holding her arm over her now aching stomach from how hard she had laughed. "You don't think it's funny?"


Dodging the pillow being swung her way, Emily shrugged. "I thought it was funny."

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