Faith Of You

Chaoter 59

James set his mug down on the hotel suite's kitchen counter at the sound of one of the bedroom doors opening up for the first time that morning. The night before he had not even been able to comprehend the fact that his baby girl had slept with her girlfriend of one month, who was now his daughter as well. They had done what he had thought would be saved until the two were finally out of the house, or even having known each other for more than they had.

And now he had to talk to them about it.

The blond father of five groaned at the thought of having to give his youngest and newest daughters the sex talk, when he knew damn well that before they had gotten into a relationship with one another. They were completely fine when they were on their own, but now that they were together they could barely keep their hands off of each other.

It was definitely not what he wanted his little girls doing.

Jennifer smiled timidly as she walked out of her room, quietly making her way towards the kitchen of their hotel suite. "Morning daddy."

James turned to see the blond cautiously walking through the swanky living room of their new home. "Hey Rosie," he smiled. "Sit down."

The sixteen year old held her breath, nodding before sitting down across from her father at the granite island. She clasped her hands together on the cool countertop, her blue eyes staring up into those of the older man. "I'm really sorry," she whispered.

"Rosie, I-"

Jennifer quickly held up her hand to halt the blue eyed man from going any farther. "I know that you know what happened, and I didn't mean for you to. We are so sorry and I promise it won't happen again."

James couldn't hold in the same laugh that had bubbled up in his throat. "It better not."

The Christian girl didn't even need to rid the laugh from her father's voice to know that the statement wasn't a joke.

"Trust me Rosie, that was something I didn't want to hear," he sighed. "But it happened and you and Emily did what you did, and we can't take that back now."

Jennifer smirked at the older man. "Well at least we know that I checked out Emily's bruises."

James immediately dropped his head down into his hands at the joke, his face turning red as he let out the loudest of groans. "Jennifer Rose..."

The blond quickly shook her head, sitting up straighter on her stool. "Sorry," she smiled nervously, her hands still clasped tight around one another. "Thought I'd try and lighten the mood."

"It didn't work."

Jennifer's cheeks blushed at the smile she saw on the blue eyed man's face before nodding stiffly, her eyes glancing down to the small pamphlet that sit on the countertop. "What is that?"

James sighed before taking another sip of his coffee to calm his nerves, passing the booklet he had printed out for his baby girl to read.

The Christian girl took the small pamphlet between her fingers, her eyes widening at the words printed in bold at the top of the cover page.

'Safe Sex for the Experimenting Teen'.

Jennifer felt her breath leave her as she looked back up to her father. "Experimenting?"

James set his mug down before reaching out and taking his youngest's hand in his, making sure to get his baby girl's shining blue eyes connected with his. "I know you're not experimenting, Rosie. I was up all night trying to find the best guide on safe intercourse for you and Emily to follow so you can be as careful as you can, but there were next to none on anything for safety for homosexual couples. Everything was pretty much for a boy and a girl."

The blond rolled her eyes. "I figured that much." She looked up at the sound of a door opening and her eyes immediately hit the figure of her girlfriend, watching as her freshly clothed figure walked out into the living room of the hotel suite. "Hey."

Emily smiled nervously to the younger girl, not knowing how her new father figure would react to see her that morning. "Morning." She moved into the kitchen area of the hotel suite and sat herself down beside her girlfriend, not sitting too close, and looking to the blond man that had taken her into her home. "Hello sir."

"Good morning," he smiled.

The ivory girl took the small pamphlet from the younger girl's hands, her eyes widening. "What is this?"

James smiled smally before standing from his seat with his coffee in hand, leaving the two girls to themselves. "Discuss."

Emily looked to her girlfriend. "Is he serious?" she laughed.


Not even able to open the first page, Emily handed the booklet back to the blond at her side. She took her phone from her pocket when a vibration made it's way through her side and she quickly tapped the answer button, pressing the phone against her ear. "Hello?"


The brunette frowned, sharing a glance with Jennifer. "Sage? Is that you?"

"Yeah," she sighed. "I had to borrow Aaron's phone. We need you down at the school now."

"Why? What's wrong?"

The steely eyed girl shook her head, holding the phone hard against her ear as she watched Aaron walk away to try and find a janitor. "Someone messed with your locker. We think it's John."

Emily sighed, not wanting to think about the older boy that had tried to force her into doing something she had wanted no part in whatsoever. "Ok," she nodded, looking to her girlfriend with sad eyes. "We'll be right there."

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