Faith Of You

Chapter 6

Running up the front steps behind her new blond friend, Emily tried to seek out warmth from the slowly falling snow. Walking inside the front door that Jennifer held open for her, the seventeen year old let out a huge breath. "Am I allowed to lay on this?"

Jennifer nodded her head, looking to the couch her friend was pointing to. "Yeah why?"

The brunette didn't say a word before falling face first onto the living room couch, groaning as the warmth immediately began to soak her in. "Oh thank God!"

Jennifer let out a laugh as she took the hate from her head and set in on the mahogany coat rack by the door. "Is that dramatic entrance from the cold or from the events of today?"

Emily peeled one eyes open, watching as the younger girl squat before the couch. "Both?" She smirked when Jennifer gave a tiny push to her head, letting her take her hat to set on the coat rack. "Is that what every day is like?" Huffing, the brunette rolled onto her back and unlaced her converse. "Making me want to practically vomit up my breakfast?"

The younger girl smiled reassuringly, sitting at the end of te couch to help her friend with her shoes. "Trust me Em, it'll get a lot better. The first day is always really hard for people."

The nickname immediately made the brunette's heart flutter, a smile appearing on her ivory skinned face. "As long as I'm with you I think I'll be good," she stated softly, feeling Jennifer slip her shoe from her foot.

Clearing her throat, Jennifer smiled to her friend. "So why don't you go and get us a snack or something? I can set up the coffee table for a study session," she laughed.

"Ugh, really? More work?"

The blond rolled her eyes as she shoved her laughing friend off the couch. "Just go."

Emily stuck her tongue out at the sixteen year old before making her way into the kitchen, a smile on her face.

Turning her head at the sound of the doorbell ringing, Jennifer's brows furrowed. "Come in."

Two teenage boys quickly ran through the front door, shaking their heads to get the snow that had fallen off of their bodies.

Jennifer smiled wide at the sight of her friends, standing as they hung their coats on the coat rack by the door. "Hey guys! I haven't seen you all day."

Aaron nodded, wiping the snow off of his brother's shoulder before walking into the blonde's living room. "Hey. We were late to school because Spence's mom ended up at our house."

Jennifer's eyes widened. "Are you serious?"

The younger teen, Spencer, gently nodded his head, sitting down beside one of his best friend's with his backpack by his feet. "She somehow snuck out of the group home and made her way over to our house, and we had to stay there with dad until the security from her home got there."

"Is she ok?"

Aaron sat down on the floor, on the opposite side of the coffee table to face the two on the couch. "She had to be sedated, but she's definitely ok."

Emily made her way back into the living room with a small tray holding two cream sodas and a bowl of chocolate covered pretzels, her dark eyes staring down at a small stain she noticed on the sleeve of her shirt. "Hey Jennifer, do you have anything that will take out chocolate stains?" Looking up from her shirt her jaw dropped, stopping short in the middle of the living room. "Hi there," she nodded.

The younger of the two boys felt his eyes bug at the sight of the pretty girl. "Wow. Boobs."

Seeing the new girl blush up a storm, Aaron slapped his brother in the back of the head. "Cut it out."

Spencer quickly shook his head. "I mean hi!"

Jennifer rolled her eyes before standing, taking the tray of snacks in her hands and leading her new friend back over towards the couch. "Emily, this is Aaron Hotchner and his younger brother Spencer Reid-Hotchner. They've been my friends for a couple of years," she smiled. "Aaron and Spence, this is the exchange student from France."

The seventeen year old gave a small wave. "Emily Prentiss."

Aaron smiled to the brunette girl, letting her sit just beside him on the hard wooden living room floor. "No accent?"

"No accent," she smiled.

The eldest Hotchner boy nodded his head, sending a look to his blond friend with a wiggle of his eyebrows. "So Jennifer huh?"

Jennifer scoffed before opening up one of the sodas. "Shut up."

Emily frowned at the humorous look the brunette boy was sending the sixteen year old girl. "What is it?"

The blond shook her head. "Nothing, it's nothing."

Aaron let out a laugh, holding up a hand. "It is not nothing." He turned to the new girl and smiled, nudging her gently with his elbow. "She doesn't let anyone call her by that name. Once this clueless boy in the grade below us greeted her with a 'Hi Jennifer' and she threw him against the lockers."

Emily's jaw dropped, her head turning so she could look to her friend. "You injured someone because they called you by your first name?"

"He's being dramatic, Em."

Aaron gave the blond a pointed look. "Am I really?"

Spencer smiled. "Not really."

The brunette girl bit her lip. She was the only one who could call the younger girl by her given name? Sneaking a peek at her new friend, Emily fought the urge to grin.

She was special.

The sound of the front door of the Victorian home opening caused all four teenagers to turn their attention away from the snacks, their eyes widening at the sight of the Jareau twins standing in the foyer.

Jennifer felt her heartbeat pick up at the sight of her bundled up siblings. "What are you guys doing?"

Richard grinned before hurling a snowball at his little sister. "Snowball fight!"

The teenagers let out screeches at the feeling of the ice-cold snow hitting their skin with force, and Emily immediately took shelter behind her blond friend.

"What are you doing?"

Emily laughed, grabbing a couch cushion and holding it out in front of their bodies. "Shielding!"

Dodging another snowball trying to find its way towards her body, Jennifer shook her head. "But that's not fair," she laughed. "Why am I your shield?"

The brunette rested her chin on the younger girl's shoulder, smiling up at the sixteen year old. "I deserve shielding. Don't I?"

Jennifer fought the urge to smile as she determinedly nodded her head, helping her friend hold the cushion out in front of them. "Let's do it."

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