Faith Of You

Chapter 60


Emily pursed her lips as her eyes ran over the messily written letters, angrily sprayed onto the metal of her locker with red spray paint. The ends of each letter had red paint dripping and dribbling down the length of her locker, almost getting on the one beneath hers. It looked disgusting. "Yup," she nodded stiffly, her hands sitting lazily on her hips. "Definitely John."

The youngest of the bunch let out a breath, standing as close to her girlfriend as she possibly could without jumping directly into arms. "Fucking asshole."

Emily gave a slow shake of the head, ignoring the stinging in her eyes at the sight of the hurtful word that was meant just for her. "Let's just clean it up, ok? I don't need to be getting into trouble for this."

Sage held up the two cans of spray paint she had found in the janitor's closet, her steely eyes softly gazing into those of her ex. "Don't let him get to you, Em."

"He's just some punk," the football player grunted, taking his anger out on the locker he knew was the jackass' who had done this to one of his best friends. "Doesn't know when to quit."

Walking quietly up to the locker with the French girl by her side, waiting for Jennifer to go and calm Aaron down the best she could, Sage set her hand to the other brunette's shivering arm. "Don't let him get to you, Emily. I know what you're feeling and you need to get those thoughts out of your head."

The ebony haired girl sent a tired smirk to the younger girl as she popped off the top to the can of spray paint. "And how exactly would you know what I'm thinking?"

"Because I know you."

With that small proclamation, Emily could feel herself breaking beneath the steely eyed girl's gaze. She gave the tiniest nods as she felt herself beginning to shake, her eyes flickering down to the can she was playing with in her hands. "Why is he doing this to me? I did nothing to him."

Sage took the paint from the older brunette's hands and set both of their cans to the ground before standing straight, letting Emily rest back against the cool lockers. "This is what he does. John sees you as an easy target because you're new, you're foreign and he knows that everyone wants to get with you. He thinks that you'll do anything to get into our good graces and he took advantage of that."

Emily rolled her eyes at the younger girl's words, her signature snort passing through the air. "Everyone wants to get with me? You're ridiculous."

The rich girl smiled to her ex that stood before her. "I dated you didn't I?"

Emily's dark eyes met those of Sage and she gently nodded her head, goosebumps prickling up her arms at the passionate look she saw behind the younger girl's orbs. "Yeah," she whispered.

"And you wanna know why?"

The French girl gently pushed at her ex's shoulder. "Why?" she chuckled, letting the brunette take a step closer to her.

Sage brought her hand up to cup the older girl's soft cheek, staring into those mysterious eyes that she had fallen for the first time the foreign girl had entered her graces. "I dated you because I thought you were smart, mysterious and the sexiest thing I had ever seen. So beautiful and hysterically funny," she smiled softly, watching as tears entered her ex's beautiful eyes. "Just because he didn't see those things in you doesn't mean no one has, ok? He's a prick who doesn't understand magnificence when he sees it."

Fighting the urge to crumble in front of the beautiful girl that she had the honor of being with, Emily quickly wrapped her arms around her neck and let herself cry against her warm skin. She always knew what to say. "Thank you," she sighed, squeezing the younger girl as tight as she could.

The rich girl pressed a kiss to the dark hair of her ex before pulling away and wiping those tears that threatened to mar the beauty of the foreigner. "You cry for as long as you want, ok?"

"No," she denied, shaking her head. "I'll be ok. Thank you Sage."

Smiling wickedly, Sage's steely eyes bore into those of the older girl. "So on a lighter note, what's with the hickey?"

Emily's eyes bugged, her hand flying to cover the bruise that she had forgotten had been put on her neck by her beautiful blond girlfriend. "What?"

"It's pretty hard to hide," she chuckled. "So you and JJ finally got it on, huh?"

The ebony haired girl blushed at the look the younger brunette was giving her and she gently shook her head, her fingers rubbing sensitively over the mark just below her ear. "Yeah."

Sage smiled to the older girl and nodded her head, seeing the anxiousness in her ex's eyes. "I think it's a good thing."

"You do?"

The younger girl huffed. "Don't sound so surprised." She bent down and picked up the cans of paint, handing one to the girl she felt happiness for. "I can be civil about it."

Emily's brow arched. "Really?"

"Get painting."

Emily bit her lip to keep from laughing at the look on her ex's softly freckled face before glancing over her shoulder, watching as her girlfriend did her best to get their football player friend laughing once more. She nodded. They were a good match, and even if she couldn't get Amielle or others in society to believe that, her believing it was good enough.

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