Faith Of You

Chapter 61

Emily held her girlfriend's hand as they walked into school, their backpacks hanging from their shoulders. James Jareau had suspended the football player who had assaulted his new daughter and had painted that hateful word on her locker, and once again, the French girl was the main subject of every high schooler's thoughts and words.

First she was the girl who had dumped the ever popular Sage Michaels, and now she was the lesbian who had almost been forced into sex with a boy, which was barely true.

Her friends had tried their best to shield her from the other kinds of rumors flying around, Sage and Aaron even getting into a fight with another football player who had tried to defend John by saying that the foriegn girl with the nice rack was asking for it.

Needless to say, he ended up with two black eyes and a bloodied lip.

Tightening her hand around the older teen's, Jennifer looked up to her obviously nervous and tense girlfriend. "Hey," she whispered, pulling Emily to the side of the hall. "Don't do that."

Emily gently shook her head. "Don't do what?"

"Put up those walls and barriers that took me a hell of a long time to break down in the first place."

Emily smiled smally, looking down to their intertwined hands. "Sorry."

Jennifer took the French girl's chin between her fingers and forced those midnight eyes to meet hers, and she quickly shook her head. "You have no reason to be sorry, honey. I know why you're doing what you're doing and I completely understand it, but you need to know that you don't have to do that. You don't have to block everything out to try and make it better."

Leaning forward, the older girl pressed a kiss to her girlfriend's waiting lips. "Thank you," she whispered.

"Come on, let's get to class." Jennifer laughed at the groan that left her girlfriend's mouth before pulling her along. "Come on."

Two periods later, Emily had asked to run to the bathroom and was quickly reprimanded by her math teacher about leaving during a lesson. Relieved that he let her go for just five minutes, Emily practically rushed down the main stairwell and towards the cafeteria where she knew the bathroom with the biggest stalls were.

Making her way down the hall, her eyes caught those of an older boy that stood near the water fountain. Why was he staring at her?

The eighteen year old nodded politely before continuing down the hall.


Spinning on her heel, Emily turned to see the brunette in a letterman jacket walking her way. "Can I help you?"

The older teen chuckled as he continued towards her, his hands in his front pants pockets. "Anthony Brewer," he nodded. "We're in the same math class."

Emily felt herself frown. "I didn't see you in class."

"I skipped."

Letting her brows raise, the chocolate eyed girl slowly nodded her head. "That would make sense," she laughed dully. Gesturing to the girls' bathroom behind her, Emily bit her lip. "I kind of have to go."

Anthony nodded. "Yeah sure," he grinned. "See you soon."

"See you." Emily quickly made her way into the bathroom and into a stall, frowning as she locked the door. There was some kind of gleam in the older boy's eye that the French girl just didn't like.

Hearing the bathroom door open, the brunette was fast to clean herself and stand from the toilet. She hated people listening to her use the bathroom. After flushing the toilet, Emily barely had the chance to fully open the door before she was pushed back into the stall.

Anthony grunted as he held his hand firmly over the younger teenager's mouth, locking the door behind him. "Hey little lady," he chuckled, shoving Emily into the small space beside the toilet.

Emily pushed her hands against Anthony's strong chest, her heart pounding hard as he reached for her pants. Shaking her head to get his hand away from her mouth, the French girl sucked in a breath. "Get off of me!"

"Come on," he laughed, pushing her harder against the tiled wall. "Everyone knows that you wanted what John was gonna give you. Time for you to give it to me."

Emily let out a squeak as the older boy lifted her into the air and forced her legs to wrap around him so she wouldn't fall, and feeling him tear at her bleached jeans tears entered her eyes. "Stop it!" She punched at his chest and did her best to wiggle out of his hold. "Anthony stop!"

The older boy laughed as he crushed his lips against hers. Feeling her wincing under his tight hold, Anthony pulled away, his eyes going down to where he held her legs. "What's this?" he grinned.

Pushing against the teen, Emily had tears running down her cheeks. Anthony had ripped her jeans and she knew he was looking at the bruises on her thigh.

"Little present John gave you?"

Emily felt anger immediately well inside of her. "Get off of me!" Her eyes widened when the locked door was broken and yanked open, her breath leaving her as Anthony surprisingly dropped her to the floor.

Anthony grunted as he was pulled from the stall and thrown against the sinks. "What the hell, man?"

Emily quickly stood and pulled herself together before rushing out of the stall, her dark eyes watching as a familiar face threw a punch to the face of the teen who wanted to use her. "Richie!"

The only Jareau son ignored the younger girl's voice as he dodged the jock's fist coming for his face.

"Dude what the fuck!"

Richard finally got a punch to Anthony's nose, feeling pride well within him at the sight of blood dripping from it not a second later. "Don't touch her," he growled.

Anthony huffed before backing away. "She's just some dumb bitch," he joked, wiping the blood from his nose. "What's so special about her?"

Hearing that, the blond teen brought the jock to his knees with a kick to his groin. "She's my sister, asshole." Richard quickly took Emily into his arms and rushed her out of the room. "Are you ok?"

Emily let out a cry before throwing her arms around the older boy. "He said that because I let John do that to me that it was his turn," she sobbed, her arms tightening around his neck as his did around her waist. "I was so scared."

Richard rubbed his hand down the French girl's back to do what he could to calm her down and give her comfort. "Did he touch you?" He pulled away to look into the brunette's dark eyes. "Did he touch you where John tried to?"

Emily sniffled, hastily shaking her head. "No," she whispered, "but he was really close."

"Ms. Prentiss!"

The brunette's had spun, her eyes widening at the sight of the fifty year old woman who's icy gaze glared her way. "Mrs. DeBair."

Rolling her eyes, the English teacher made her way down the hall towards the two teenagers. "You both should be in class."

Emily wiped away her tears. "I'm sorry Mrs. DeBair."

"Really Emily," she scoffed. "Did your mother not teach you better?"

The French girl's eyes hardened on the fifty year old woman. "Don't talk about my mother like that! You don't know her!"

Richard held the younger girl tighter against him before he led her away from the venemous woman. "Ignore her," he soothed, feeling her body shake. "You don't pay any attention to her."

"Ms. Prentiss and Mr. Jareau, get back here!"

The Jareau teen helped Emily walk all the way to the nurse's office, having her sit on one of the sanitary beds and wait for the nurse to get off the phone. "I'm going to go and get dad, ok?"

Emily sucked her bottom lip between her teeth. "I don't want to bother him," she whispered.

"He loves you," Richard insisted, "and he wants to protect you like he wants to protect us. I will get him while you text Jenny to come down here and sit with you." He pressed a small kiss to her forehead, watching as she tried to hold together her ripped pants. "You're going to be ok."

Emily waited until the older boy left before wiping her tears once again and straightening her shoulders, not wanting to be sad or scared. What was she doing to cause this to keep happening?

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