Faith Of You

Chapter 62

Jennifer didn't think her heart could take anymore. Her eyes fluttered back and forth from her father to her girlfriend as the conversation flew back and forth, each word leaving the blond man's mouth creating another crack in her heart.

The brunette teen's jaw dropped. "You want to take me out of school?"

James took a breath before holding up his hand, not wanting the foreign girl to have a breakdown in their living room. "Pumpkin listen, you have been getting into a lot of situations at school that I'm not sure are so healthy. Your state of mind has been compromised more than once because of everything."

Emily's eyes widened. "Compromised?"

The Christian girl sitting across the room from the brunette shook her head. "Daddy you can't take her out of school."

Emily felt her breath leave her, her head shaking. "I'd lose my spot in the exchange program. Mr. Jareau, I'd have to go back to France!"

Jennifer looked to her faather. "Daddy please!"

The principal of the high school forced himself to stay standing before the two girls, knowing that even though he was trying to be soft with his daughters he couldn't be a pushover. "I do not think that it's a good idea to stay at that high school with all that's happened."

Emily tried to stop the tears from entering her doe eyes. "Please, I don't want to go back to France." Her chin began to tremble at the thought of going back across the ocean to a hoouse of stone cold silence. "I can't go back," she whispered. "I like it here."

James ran his hand down his face. "Too much has happened. I can't let you continue at a school where you get hurt time and time again."

The French girl shook her head as the older man finally sat down beside her, his hand running down her arm. "Daddy please."

Hearing that crack in the teen's voice, James felt his heart break. The father of five quickly took the brunette into his arms and held her to his chest, hating the feeling of her body shaking against his. "Knowing what has happened, I cannot let you go back there. I'm sorry."

Jennifer jumped up from her seat on the other couch and sat herself down on the coffee table before the pair, wiping the tears from her cheek. "What if she transfers?"

Emily's head shot up from the father of five's shoulder. "Yeah!" She reached back to grab her girlfriend's hand as she looked up to the blond man with hopeful eyes. "What if I just transfer to the next district?"

"Pumpkin, there are only a few more months of your stay left. Why waste that time trying to get acquainted in a new setting?"

Emily bit down hard into her bottom lip. "What else is there?"

James grunted as he sat back against the couch, knowing that his two girls couldn't bare to be separated. "Alright. How about if I get you a teacher to homeschool you?" He looked to the French girl by his side. "You wouldn't have to go to a new district and I wouldn't be worrying about you at Rosie's school."

The brunette girl hastily nodded her head, her girlfriend's hand gripping hers so tight that she could barely feel it anymore. "We could do that?"

"That's the last option I can think of." James smiled down to the now elated looking teen. "And I'll get one of the top students to help with assignments."

Jennifer sat herself on the couch and wrapped her arms around the French girl from behind, crying now happy tears into the sheer blouse that she wore. They would stay together.

Emily groaned as she laid herself in bed later that evening, wanting to get as much sleep as she could before having to bid her beautiful girlfriend goodbye in the morning when she'd be off to school.

Lying beside her already sleeping girlfriend, the French girl settled herself on her left side to face the wall, her right arm atop the fluffed duvet. She was too tired to keep her eyes open for a moment longer.

Then she felt fingers weaving through her dark hair, brushing the ebony locks from her face before they trailed along her cheek. "Jennifer please," she sighed, snuggling deeper into the pillow beneath her head. "Today made me tired, babe. Let me sleep."

A familiar chuckle emitted through the air. "Babe, huh?"

Emily's eyes popped open, her breath leaving her at the voice above her. She hesitated before sitting up on her elbow and turning her head just enough to see the person that sat on the edge of her bed. "Mattie?"

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