Faith Of You

Chapter 64

Pressing a comforting kiss to her girlfriend's alabaster cheek, Jennifer sighed gently. She had woken up only a half an hour ago to find the older girl crying into her pillow, murmuring something about Matthew into the cool case that she lay her head on, and the blond knew not to press her about it. Instead she held Emily in her arms and just let her cry.

Emily let herself smile at the kiss she felt the Christian girl press against her cheek, snuggling gently into her hold as she wiped her tears away. "I'm sorry for crying on you," she whispered.

The younger girl immediately shook her head, letting her fingers run through Emily's dark hair. "I'm not, so don't say that."

Emily sighed, running her hand down her tired features as her girlfriend kept her in her hold. "You have to get to school." Turning her head, she captured the blonde's lips with hers and chuckled gently. "You thin you'll be ok without me there?"

Jennifer let out a bark of a laugh. "Yeah," she grinned. "I'll try not to sob until lunch when I can run into the bathroom and no one can see me."

"That's my girl!"

After finally getting dressed for that morning, the Christian girl stepped out of her new bedroom and walked out to the kitchen, grabbing the coffee that sit on the marble counter.

Richard looked up from his math notebook and glared. "Jenny give it back."

The blue eyed beauty barely even shook her head as she sipped at the scalding liquid. "No."

"Come on JJ, make your own."

Jennifer rolled her eyes before sitting herself down across from the older blond, setting her bag down by her dangling feet before taking another gulp the deliciously bitter drink. "But I'm thirsty now," she practically whined. "And this is good."

The blue eyed father sitting in the living room with the paper in his hands didn't even have to look up from the article he was reading to scold his youngest, knowing that she would never give back the drink that had become her weakness. "Jennifer Rose Jareau give you brother back his coffee.

Richard grinned as his little sister begrudgingly handed him his mug. "You got full named."

"Shut up."

Julia slapped the youngest of the family on the back as she made her way into the kitchen, grabbing a banana from the counter. "You're a little crabby today, aren't you?"

The only son of James Jareau shared a smirk with his twin. "It's her first day at school without Emily," he chuckled, picking up his mug that he had gotten back from his younger sister. "She's just mad that she won't be able to make out with her between classes now."

"Shut up!"

James forced himself to stop the aggravated sigh that wanted to leave his lips. "Children," he practically shouted, his eyes continuing to roam the words that were written to tell the story that made the front page of his favorite newspaper.

Stepping out of her bedroom, Emily ran her fingers through her now brushed curls and walked herself out through the living room. "Morning Mr. Jareau."

"Morning pumpkin." James finally looked up from his paper and nodded to the foreign girl. "Your tutor has the day off today because of the upcoming holiday and all the credits she's already received for this semester."

Emily gently nodded her head. "Ok."

Jennifer looked up from the toast her older sister had made for her and smiled to the brunette, letting Emily capture her lips with hers. "Hey."

"Hi again," the chocolate eyed girl smiled.

Standing from his seat, James nodded to the teenagers in the kitchen. "Alright, everyone out and into the car. School starts in a half and hour and I'm not allowing anyone to be late before your Christmas break."

Jennifer quickly stood along with her siblings before placing her lips against her girlfriend's cheek. "Love you," she smiled. "Have fun with your tutor."

Emily rolled her eyes at the sarcasm in the younger girl's voice. "Thanks so much." Hearing a knocking at their hotel room door, the ivory teen watched as her pseudo father turned the handle to open it up. "Who is it?"

"Your new tutor."

The brunette's lips curled at the sight of the familiar girl, grinning from ear to ear as she walked into their new home and immediately took her into a hug. "Sage hi!"

Richard chuckled at the small look he saw hiding behind his baby sister's eyes at the sight of the brunette girls embracing, and with a small punch to her arm he winked. "You afraid they're gonna get too close?"

Jennifer turned and smacked her brother in the chest, letting Julia step in between them as they made their way out of the suite. "I trust Emily, asshole."

"You trust Sage?"

The Christian girl kept herself quiet as she stepped into the elevator, standing on the far side of the contained area. She knew she could trust her girlfriend. Sending a small glare to her older brother, Jennifer huffed. Screw him.

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