Faith Of You

Chapter 65

Emily rolled her eyes, finally looking up from the review sheet that had been sitting in front of her for the past five minutes. "This is ridiculous," she huffed, rolling her neck to get rid of the crick that had made itself present. "I already know all of this stuff. Why do I have to learn it again?"

The rich girl smirked as her eyes stared down at the textbook that lay on the marble island she sit at. "Because you want to stay in the exchange program, don't you?"

Emily gave a pout. "Well..."

Sage picked up her pen and threw it at the older girl, grinning to the brunette that chuckled at her. "You know you'd do anything for JJ so shut your mouth and get back to work."

Picking up the pen that hid been thrown at her, Emily sighed. "But this work is stupid."

"It's U.S History, Em." The steely eyed teen laughed at the look on the older girl's face. "It's important that you know it."

Emily immediately shook her head, taking a quick sip of the soda she had gotten herself from their suite's fully stocked fridge. "It shouldn't be as important to me," she stated, her head nodding ferverently. "I'm from France, and I already know all its history." Smiling wide, the French girl threw up her hands, the pen dropping from her fingers. "So technically, I'm good. All done. Fini!"

Sage rolled her eyes. "Don't speak your frenchness at me."

"I'm just saying."

Sage quickly shook her head, flipping to the next page in the textbook. "And I am saying that you need to learn all of the history about this nation." Her eyes hardened on her ex. "You're from this country, you know."

Emily stuck her tongue out at the younger girl. "I didn't say I didn't know any of American history," she scoffed. "I just know more French history."

Steadying her gaze on the brunette before her, the rich teenager shook her head. "Learn it."

Emily took another sip of the beverage that sit before her before looking back down to the piece of paper she had been filling out, the pen once again back between her fingers. "You're mean when you're serious," she chuckled.

"Oh I know," the brunette winked.

Ten minutes later, the French girl looked up from her now fully filled out piece of paper with her freshly manicured brows furrowed. "What's the date?"

Sage glanced up from the textbook she had been testing her friend on with her jaw dropped, her beautifully steely eyes staring back past the older girl's shoulder. "Shit."


The rich girl groaned as she hid her face with her hands. "It's December fourth," she sighed. "Heather's birthday."

Emily frowned. "Heather?"

"Yeah," Sage nodded, looking back to the brunette girl that sat across from her. "Heather Morris. The girl Mrs. DeBair sent to the psych ward of our hospital."

The French girl let her jaw drop, nodding at the remembrance of the damaged girl that had talked about that day in English class. "Oh right." Looking at the saddened face of her ex-girlfriend, Emily bit her lip. "You ok?"

Sage's eyes flickered quickly to the older girl and she immediately shook her head. "I told her that I'd come by on her birthday to make sure she was doing ok."

"Oh." Emily watched as the rich girl's eyes downcast, and a small smile appeared on her face. She was always so sweet. "Well if you want, we could cut this short and I could go there with you." Watching the brunette look back to her with surprised eyes, Emily laughed. "Don't look shocked," she smiled. "I want to meet her. I'd like to see if she's ok."

"That would be so great!"

After getting herself changed, Emily strode out of her room in a flowing blouse and her favorite dark jeans, her new boots reaching to her mid calf. "Ready," she smiled. She quickly picked up her bag and followed her ex to the her hotel suite's door, taking her phone out of her purse's front pocket. "Is it alright if I invite Jennifer? By the time we get to the hospital it'll be her lunch period."

Sage smiled. "Of course it's ok."

Pressing her phone against her ear, the chocolate eyed girl followed her friend down the hall and to the elevators, smiling when she heard her girlfriend pick up. "Hey honey. Sage and I are heading over to the hospital to wish Heather Morris a happy birthday and I wanted to know if you wanted to join us."

Jennifer frowned. "Em I can't, I'm sorry."

Emily slowly nodded her head, pressing the first floor button on the elevator panel. "Are you sure? I thought it would be nice."

"I really can't, I'm trying to finish my essay for chemistry. I'll talk to you later."

Hearing the disconnection ringing in her ear, the French girl pulled her phone from her head and shoved it back into her purse, smiling somewhat sadly to the girl at her side. "She can't make it."

Sage smiled her best to the older girl, knowing that she was hurting. "That's ok," she nodded, hooking her ex's arm with hers. "It'll just be the two of us."

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