Faith Of You

Chapter 66

"You sure this is alright?" The ebony haired teen followed her ex through the hospital's main entrance, her eyes trained on the flowers in her hands that they had picked up for the birthday girl. "I feel like we should have gotten her something more."

Sage gently shook her head, leading her friend over to the front desk. "Tulips are her favorite flowers," she smiled, glancing at Emily over her shoulder. "Three pink tulips will completely make her day."

Emily smiled at the back of the rich girl's head, watching as she asked the nurse that sat behind the front desk which room Heather was in so they could go up and wish her a happy birthday. She had felt bad for breaking up with the younger girl, but they were friends now, and Sage was completely sweet. Collecting coats for the homeless? Helping a little girl who had no sibling to look up too? AND coming to spend part of her day with a girl she knew had no one else to come and wish her a happy birthday?

The sweetest girl she knew.

The brunette blinked, looking to the younger girl when she turned back around. "So?"

"We have to go up to the second floor and see if her security guard gives us permission to go into her room." Sage gave a small nod to the older girl before leading her over to the elevators. "It all depends on how she's been for the past week. So if she's ok, we can go in."

Emily smiled softly to the steely eyed girl as they got into the elevator, holding the bouquet of flowers tight in her hand. "Ok, that sounds good."

Standing beside the older girl, Sage smiled. "Thank you for coming with me," she grinned, reaching over to finger one of the delicate petals of the tallest tulip. "I know she's just gonna love you."

"Like you do?" the French girl winked.

Sage immediately nodded her head, sharing a laugh with her ex. "Exactly." She led the older girl out into the hallway of the second floor, reaching back to take the ivory teen's hand in hers so they could walk down the hall. "She's down in the second to last room in the psych ward."

Emily let the rich girl pull her along, feeling her soft thumb caressing the back of her hand as they made their way down the longest hall, passing the first two security guards. "Do you think her arms have healed?" she whispered carefully, hearing the silence of the psych ward's main hall ringing through her ears. She knew that it took a while for those cuts to heal, just like the ones she had given herself on the tops of her thighs when she was just thirteen years old.

"I think they should be," the steely eyed girl nodded. "It was a long time ago, so they should be pretty faded. Hopefully faded enough to make her start feeling better about herself."

Emily shook her head, hating the feeling of anger boiling up inside of her. "Fucking Mrs. DeBair," she grumbled.

Stopping her stride, Sage turned around and pulled her ex closer to her. "Calm down," she whispered, letting her free hand cup the older girl's soft cheek. "I know you're upset, so is everyone else in school. But we can't change it." A small smile graced her face at the sad look in her ex's eyes. "That's why we're here, ok? We're going to make her feel better."

The French girl pouted slightly before pressing a kiss to the dark hair of the younger girl. "You're so sweet."

"I know," she winked, tugging on Emily's hand so she could pull her down the hall. Walking up to the security guard that stood at the end of the hall, the rich girl put on her best smile. "Hi, my name is Sage Michaels and this is Emily Prentiss. We came to see Heather today and the nurse said you'd tell us if we're allowed to go in."

Staying silent, the tall man nodded his head and opened up the teenager's room door.

Stepping inside, Emily felt herself smile. A beautiful blond headed girl sat in the center of a pristine white bed, her dark eyes glancing up from the book in her lap to her and Sage standing by the door. "Heather?"

Heather's eyes immediately brightened as she saw the familiar girl step inside of her room, and not a second later she was sprinting across the room and practically jumping into her arms. "Sage!" A delightful laugh escaped her lips as she squeezed the rich girl as hard as she could. "I can't believe you came!"

Sage grinned, rubbing her hand down the birthday girl's back. "I told you I would," she smiled. Pulling back, she gestured to the brunette by her side. "This is Emily."

Heather looked to the unfamiliar face with a smile, quickly taking the French girl's hand in hers to shake it. "It's so nice to meet you," she gushed. "Thank you for coming."

The chocolate eyed girl felt a smile spread over her features. Seeing that glowing smile on someone she knew had been through so much, just like her, was truly inspiring. "Happy Birthday Heather."

"Oh you got me tulips!" The blond gently took the flowers in her hands with tears springing in behind her doe eyes, her fingers pinching delicately at the petals to take in their beauty. "I haven't seen flowers in forever," she chuckled, looking back to the other girls. "Thank you so much." She quickly made her way back over to her bed and sat herself down, throwing her book under her bed to make room for her friends. "Come sit," she grinned.

A half an hour later, the director of the psychiatric ward had come in and told them that it was time for Heather's medication and that they would need to leave, but they weren't getting out that door without a giant hug from the birthday girl.

Heather wrapped her arms gently around her new friend, smiling into her dark hair. "It was very sweet of you to come and see me." Pulling back, she nodded to the French girl. "Thank you Emily."

The ivory girl smiled wide as her ex led her back down towards the elevators, their hands clasped together once again. "That was actually a lot of fun." Looking to Sage as they entered the elevator, she nodded her head. "Heather is such a sweet girl."

"I know," Sage smiled, pressing the ground floor button to get them back downstairs. "You really made her happy."

Emily let out a scoff. "What about you?" she laughed, nudging the younger brunette's shoulder with hers. "You're the one who brought me here. That was such an amazing thing to do." Staring into those steely eyes that had grabbed her once before, the French girl grinned. "Thank you for bringing me."

Sage squeezed her ex's hand tight, walking alongside her as they exited the elevator. "Thank you for coming. I love that you wanted to spend the day with me and her."

After flashing a quick smile to the younger girl, Emily turned her head so she could focus her eyes on the exit to the hospital, and her jaw dropped. How could this be happening?

Noticing the change in the French girl, the steely eyed brunette shook her head. "Em? What's the matter?"

"Why is she here?"

Sage's eyes followed those of the older girl's and looked down the hall, her eyes widening at the sight of the blond woman stomping towards them. "She's not very happy with you, is she?"

Emily immediately felt tears sting her eyes, hating the shame she felt under the older woman's eyes. "Mrs. Jareau..."

The blond mother of four glared at the young girl that had torn her family apart. "What do you think you're doing here? I'm here visiting one of my greatest friends and you have to come and ruin it!" Her blue eyes turned almost black as she stared at the visibly upset girl. "Haven't you done enough?"

Emily felt her heart beat so fast that it could have pounded out of her chest and landed in a sad, bloody heap right there on the floor. "I'm sorry," she whispered hoarsely. "I didn't know you would be here."

"Do you know what you've done to me?"

Sage quickly stepped before her friend and held out her hand, refusing to let the mother of four step any closer to the upset brunette. "That's enough." Seeing the blond woman's mouth try to open up once again, her eyes hardened. "You've caused Emily enough pain and you're going to have to run me the fuck over to try and get to her, alright?"

Amielle let her teeth grit. "Do you know who you're speaking to, young lady?"

The French girl standing stiff behind her ex, her fingers hesitantly poking into Sage's shoulder. "Please don't make her any angrier."

Amielle glared to the young girl that had stolen her daughter from her. "I don't want to hear your words!"

"That is enough!" The steely eyed girl stepped forward, her hand almost touching the heaving chest of the blond woman. "You speak one more word to her and I will call the police and have you penalized for a harassment."

Emily quickly covered her parted lips with a shaking hand, letting her ex hastily lead her out of the hospital and back into the car they had driven there in. She could barely hold it in another, her tears falling fast down her cheeks at the feeling of Sage's warm hand rubbing soothingly down her back. She couldn't take it anymore.

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