Faith Of You

Chapter 68

Knocking firmly on her daughters' bedroom door, James held in his sigh. He knew it wasn't exactly how the angry woman who had called him put it, but he knew he would need to get the story from his newest daughter before making any judgments. He held his head up when the door opened, and he immediately laid eyes on the blond that stood there. "Hi Rosie. Can I come in?"

"Sure," she nodded, stepping back so her father could come in. "What is it daddy?"

James smiled gently to the French girl he saw sitting up beside the headboard of her bed. "Just thought I should come in to talk to you girls."

Emily's brows furrowed as she felt her girlfriend slip back under the covers and sit beside her, watching as the man that had taken her into his home sat himself down at the foot of the bed. "Is everything ok? You're quiet."

The father of five hesitated before nodding his head, looking to the girl that he now called his daughter. "I got a call just as I was dropping Rosie back off here an hour ago. Did you go to the hospital today, pumpkin?"

Emily slowly nodded her head, letting Jennifer's hand grasp onto hers as she felt that familiar sense of impending doom beginning to loom overhead. "Yes, Sage and I went to visit one of the high school students that's in the psych ward. Today's her birthday."

"Amielle called me to tell me she saw you there."

Nervously licking at her bottom lip, the brunette girl nodded her head. "I did see her, yes."

James gave the eighteen year old a second to absorb the reality of what she had a feeling he was going to tell her. Turning to face his two youngest daughters better, he lifted his chin just that much higher. "She let me know that on her visit to see her friend Christine, you made such a ruckus that she had to come out of her friend's room and was forced to raise her voice so loud that 'heaven couldn't do anything but hear'."

Jennifer's jaw dropped. "What?"

The brunette of the trio quickly shook her head, her wide eyes looking to the high school principal. "Sir I promise that's not what happened."

"I figured that," he nodded. "I wanted to hear your side of the story."

Emily felt her breath quicken as the tormenting memory immediately came flooding back. "Sage took me to the hospital so I could meet Heather and wish her a happy birthday, and when we were leaving I saw your wife and she came up to me really mad." Her chin began to tremble as Jennifer's hand squeezed hers just that much tighter. "I could barely get out a word when she started screaming at me for not only ruining her visit to her friend but for her entire family leaving her." Sucking back her tears, Emily looked to the older man. "I didn't do that, and if she truly feels that way then I'm sorry. I never meant to hurt anybody."

James cursed his wife for bringing those tears to the brunette's dark eyes as he moved himself over to the headboard where two of his children sat, his hand running soothingly up and down her shaking arm. "I will not have you apologize for something that you can control, pumpkin. Her punishing you for being gay is like punishing me for being a man."

Emily let out a shaking sigh. "I never meant to hurt your family, sir."

"You have no need to worry," he sighed, somewhat reluctantly standing from his seat on the bed. "I let her know that I wouldn't tolerate what she was doing to this family."

Pursing her lips, the youngest of the Jareau children looked to her father. "How exactly?"

James slowly backed his way out of the room, not wanting to speak ill of his childrens' mother in front of them. "Nothing that you need to worry about right now." Walking out of the room, James sighed. He knew telling the girls that he planned to divorce the younger woman if she didn't clean up her act was not the best idea.

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