Faith Of You

Chapter 69

Amielle looked up from the letter she had been given with anger in those blue eyes that matched her husband's, the ones they had given to their children, her fingers gripping the piece of paper so hard it immediately crumpled. "Explain yourself."

The father of five shrugged, not knowing exactly how to explain it in any other way that the letter already hadn't. "Maybe read it again."


Keeping his composure, James sat his clasped hands on the kitchen table of the home he had left a few weeks earlier. Seeing the look of horror and fury melding together in his wife's eyes, he knew that he had made the right decision by taking the children out of there. "I don't know what you want me to tell you, Ami."

The blonde's eyes saddened slightly at the passive look on her husband's face. "You want a divorce?"

James gave a steady nod of the head. "I don't know what else we can do, Amielle. We cannot continue to argue about the kids this way, and you clearly aren't going to accept the girls for who they are."

"You don't understand!" she cried, her hand shaking the paper between her fingers. "You have no idea how much I want to love my Rosie, but this is unacceptable!"

James hardened his eyes on the younger woman. "The way you're behaving is what is unacceptable, Amielle."

Amielle shook her head. "How can you accept this? What they're doing is a sin! How can you let your baby girl be sucked into something like this?"

"I'm sorry, did I raise her alone?"

Amielle immediately straightened her shoulders, her chin raising. "You are the one condoning this behavior of hers. Letting her date this foreign girl that fooled us? She fooled us, James! Never once did she inform us that she was a homosexual and lying is a sin!"

James refused to let a sigh escape him as his gaze narrowed. "Before you found out she was a lesbian, Amielle, you told me you would be proud to have her as your daughter."

"Yes, before I knew she was lying to me!"

James just arched a brow. "Do you think Rosie was lying to you as well? About being a lesbian?"

Amielle didn't let a single feature move as the older man stared her down. "My Jennifer Rose is no lesbian. She would have never tried to be what she's become if it weren't for that girl."

"That's girl's name is Emily, and she is my daughter as much as Rosie is."

"Stop saying that," she growled, slamming her fists down on the wooden dining room table. "That girl is not one of ours!"

James finally stood from his spot at the table, his eyes hard on the younger woman. He couldn't let her speak of his daughter like that any longer. "You're right, she's not your daughter Amielle! She's mine!"

"Stop that! Stop lying to me! To God!"

The blue eyed man grit his teeth before taking the chair he was sitting in and throwing it to the floor. "Fuck God! If this is what God wants then He will no longer be a part of my life." He pointed an accusing finger at the mother of his children, hatred spewing from him as he continued to listen to the words that came from his wife's mouth. Taking a step forward, James lowered his voice a decimal. "And fuck you for saying what you have about those girls."

Amielle felt a dagger immediately spear her heart. "James," she whimpered.

"You either get your act together or I will be sending you those divorce papers. It is not just for me, it is for your children and that beautiful girl that has come into our lives." He paused before turning around, picking up his coat from the couch and quickly slipping it on and buttoning it up. "If you can't accept her and our Rosie then I'll make sure you won't see your children again."

The blond mother could barely hold her anger in as the front door slammed shut, her hand reaching for the first thing she saw and throwing it down to the ground. Hearing the glass break on the wood of the floor, Amielle straightened her back. She would not have this happen to her.

Amielle let out a small breath before sitting herself down in her favorite chair, waiting a full hour before picking up the house phone and setting the plastic to her ear.

Running her fingers through her girlfriend's dark hair, Jennifer quickly picked up her vibrating cell phone. Her jaw immediately dropped at the number that appeared across the screen, and she wasted no time hitting the answer button. "Mom?"

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