Faith Of You

Chapter 7

Emily ran her fingers through her drying ebony hair as she looked down into her pristine AP English writing booklet, flipping the ends of her hair over her shoulder so she could bend down, looking clearly at the third line on the thirteenth page as she highlighted it. Giving a sigh, she flipped through the rest of the pages in the booklet. "Only twenty more to go."

Biting her lip, the seventeen year old took a quick look at her closet and eyed the blouse she wanted to wear on her second day of high school. Today she had only worn jeans and a tank top underneath her favorite blazer, and she felt a little out of place. Somehow dressed up and dressed down at the same time.

How that was possible? She didn't know.

Emily felt her eyebrows raise at a soft sound that perked up her ears just outside her bedroom door. Closing her book, the brunette stood from her bed and tip toed her way across the room. Her dark eyes peeked into the hall after she cracked open her bedroom door, her brow furrowing at the sight of the bathroom light shining out from under the closed bathrooom door.

It was eleven at night, and last Emily checked, she was the only one awake.

Quietly venturing out into the hallway, the seventeen year old walked over to the bathroom, pressing her ear against the wood to see if she could hear maybe a sink running, anything that told her that someone didn't just leave the light on.

Just as her ear hit the door, the wooden surface moved, cracking open so the light of the bathroom peered out into the hallway.

It was Jennifer.

Emily's jaw dropped at the sight of her blond friend trying to clean up a small puddle of blood on the tiled floor, her tears spilling fast down her cheeks. "Jennifer?"

The blonde's head spun around so fast that Emily was surprised it didn't fly off, and her arm quickly came up to wipe her cheek. "I'm so sorry, I thought the door was closed."

The older girl opened the door wider. "What happened?"

"Nothing, I'm fine." She stood on shaky legs. "Just go back to your room, ok?"

Emily stared sadly at the hysterical teenager, her head slowly beginning to shake. "Jennifer what happened?"

The blond held up her hands, blood dripping from her fingertips. "I'm really ok, just go."

"But I n-"


Emily's body jumped as she was shoved out of the second floor bathroom, the door slamming in her face. Shaking her head in disbelief, the seventeen year old quickly hid herself in her bedroom, sitting herself down just beside the door. After ten minutes of sitting quietly on the carpeted floor, Emily's head popped up when she heard Jennifer's bedroom door opened and closed.

Stepping out into the hallway once more, the brunette teen cautiously knocked on her friend's bedroom door, hating the sound of the younger girl's cries. "Jennifer are you alright?"

"Just go back to bed Emily, please. I'm fine," she whispered.

Letting out a small sigh, the older girl pushed open the wooden door, stepping into the barely lit room and scanning over to the bed. Her worried eyes hit the figure sitting in the middle of her bed, and she slowly made her way across the room. "Hey," she smiled gently. "Everything ok?"

The blond didn't even look up from her comforter as she nodded her head. "I'm perfectly fine."

Emily sat gently down on the edge of the younger girl's bed, watching as her head slowly shook from side to side. "Are you hurt?" she questioned, scanning the honey blond girl's body to make sure there were no wounds. "Should I go get some bandages?"

Jennifer let her teary eyes glance up to her new friend, her head shaking. "I shouldn't have stretched," she cried. "It always tears when I stretch."

The older girl quickly took a crying Jennifer into her arms, relaxing her body as best she could as she held the sixteen year old tight to her. "What tore, Jennifer?"

With a quiet shake of the head, Jennifer held her friend tighter. "My mom prayed after it happened. She said that God had healed it so then I should be ok, but I'm not," she sobbed. Sniffling loudly, the blond pulled away, looking to the French girl as she bit her lip. "I was only fourteen and he took me from the parking lot behind our church. He really hurt me," she whispered.

Emily felt her heart drop into her stomach. The sixteen year old had been raped. "Jennifer I am so sorry." She took the girl's shaking head between her hands, forcing the blond to look into her eyes. "Did you ever go to the hospital?"

"Yeah," she nodded. "They said it had healed and I needed to be careful, but I kept forgetting." Jennifer let out a shaky breath. "I always stretch before bed and it makes it hurt so much more."

The older girl bit down hard on her lip to keep from crying, and she gently rolled up the left sleeve of her shirt. "Here," she whispered. "You see the cut?"

Jennifer's jaw dropped at the thick slash that started at the brunette's elbow and rounded her arm, down to halfway between her elbow and wrist. "What happened?"

"It was a couple years ago," she shrugged. "I was on my way home from a party at my friend's and I had a to walk a few blocks to the embassy. There was this guy on the corner just before my house and he asked for the time, and before I could react her came at me with a knife and tried to force me into his car." Emily's eyes began to tear at the memory. "He tried to stick his hand down my shorts but I pushed him away. He got really angry and used his knife on me."

The blond tried to still her quivering lips at the sight of her friend's eyes welling with tears. "You don't seem like the type of girl to cry."

Letting out a bark of a laugh, Emily nodded. "Yeah, I've heard that before." She looked deep into the blonde's shining eyes, nodding at the soft looking her friend was sending her. "But now you know that you're not the only one who has suffered through something like this." She let the younger girl grab lightly onto her hand. "Everything is ok," she whispered, smiling as lovingly as she could. "You don't have to cry, ok?"

Jennifer nodded vigorously, wrapping her arms around the older girl's neck.

The older girl sighed into her friend's blond hair, reveling in the feel of their bodies so close as she rocked them on the bed, caressing her silk covered back until Jennifer fell asleep in her arms. "It's ok," she nodded. "Everything's ok."

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