Faith Of You

Chapter 70

Her eyes barely cracked themselves open at the sound of a tiny bang somewhere around her, and she let out a big yawn to try to wake herself up. "Jen?" Turning over and lying on her back, Emily stretched her arms above her head. "Honey?"

Sitting herself up, Emily flipped her hair out of her eyes and looked around the room. She gently ran her hand over the spot where her girlfriend had been laying and feeling that it was still slightly warm, the brunette knew that the Christian girl hadn't gotten up that long ago. Her feet quickly kicked away the blanket that had covered her before she stood from the bed, making her way across the room and over to the bathroom. "Jenny can I come in?" A chuckle escaped her lips as she pushed the door open. "We fell asleep pretty early and now I really have to pee."

A small whimper passed through the quiet atmosphere as the bathroom door opened all the way.

Emily immediately got down onto her knees at the sight of the younger girl crouched down beside the jacuzzi tub, her cell phone practically crushed between her clenching hands. "Jennifer?" she whispered, moving her sunshine hair behind her ear. "Sweetheart what's wrong?"

Jennifer's head shook, tears spilling from her eyes.

The older girl took her girlfriend's damp cheeks between her hands and forced those blue eyes to look into hers, worry filling her body when she saw a sad dullness shining in those orbs she had fallen in love with. "Baby can you talk to me?" Her thumbs gently swept away the newly falling tears. "Jenny please, I need you to talk to me. I need to know you're ok."

Jennifer felt her lips part slightly as she tried to take in a breath, and she gulped down the sob that wanted to rip from her throat. "It was her."

"Who's 'her'?"

The Christian girl let her eyes look away from those of her girlfriend as she tried to gain back just an ounce of her composure. "My mother."

Emily's eyes wanted to pop out of their sockets. Why was Amielle, the woman who currently hated her and the rest of the Jareau clan, calling her youngest? It was two in the morning and for all she knew, things hadn't been getting any better between them. "She called you?"

"Yeah," she nodded. She quickly wettened her dry lips with a swift lick of her tongue, her fingers curling around her phone even tighter. "She said she misses me and I was in her prayers."

The brunette wanted put her first through a wall. "In her prayers?" she whispered, her head shaking gently once she made sure that the younger girl wasn't looking her way. Holding her head up high as to not let her fear overwhelm her, Emily bit her lip. "That's nice."

Jennifer's lips began to quiver, feeling her girlfriend's hands softly holding her head in place. "I'm so sorry," she cracked, her eyes finally closing to shut out the light.

Emily frowned, moving in her spot on the floor to get a better look at the Christian girl's face. "Honey?" Her dark eyes flickered from Jennifer's closed ones to her trembling pink lips. "Jennifer what is it? What are you sorry for?"

"I didn't want to," she cried. "I promise I didn't want to, Em."

Emily slowly shook her head, trying to take in the words that were coming out of the younger girl's mouth in sobs. "Didn't want to do what?"

Jennifer struggled to take in a full breath, opening her eyes to stare up into those of her girlfriend. "I had to choose."

The French girl felt herself freeze, the look in Jennifer's sad eyes piercing straight through her heart. "You had to choose what?" She couldn't help her voice from trembling at the words that left the blonde's mouth. "What?" she practically cried. "What did you choose, Jennifer?"

"I'm sorry," she whispered, shrinking away from the eighteen year old. "I miss my mom, Emily. I didn't realize I needed her so much."

Emily's lips parted at the pity she saw being directed her way, and she immediately shook her head. "What are you saying?" she whispered, tears falling from her eyes.

Jennifer let out a small sob as she watched the older girl fall from her knees and onto her ass, the shock and sadness clearly overwhelming her. The Christian girl was quick to sit up and try to reach for the brunette's hand, knowing she needed to explain. "I'm not breaking up with you, Emily. I'm not!"

Emily tugged her hand out of the blonde's, her hot tears spilling onto her bottom lip as she cried. "Then what are you saying?"

"...I just think we should take a break, Em."

The brunette girl grit her teeth as she shook her head, angrily wiping her tears away. "You're saying this because she wants you to say it," she whispered harshly, not able to look into the Christian girl's eyes. "Do you know what she's done to me? To us?"

Jennifer shook her head. "She's my mom, Emily."

"She's your mother who wanted to practically disown you because you were with me!"

The blue eyed girl bit her lip, trying not to let depression begin to set in. "I just have to try to talk her into it, you know?" She got up onto her knees and looked to her girlfriend with pleading eyes. "I need to try to make her understand, and it'll be a lot easier if we're not together at the moment. It's just a break."

Emily pursed her lips, not even caring that tears were continuing to pour from her midnight eyes. "We have been through so much," she whimpered brokenheartedly.

"You have to trust me," she begged. "It might take a little while but I think I can make it work."

Her lips parting to let out a cry, Emily's reddened and puffy eyes stared down to her bitten off fingernails. "Please get out."

Jennifer's hand covered her quivering lips. "Emmy please, ju-"

"Please get out!" she screamed, hiding her face in her shaking hands. The French girl didn't even look up at the sound of the door closing behind the retreating blond, her right hand reaching out to grab the object closest to her and hurl it across the room. She couldn't believe it.

They weren't a couple anymore.

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