Faith Of You

Chapter 71

Emily's watering eyes stared down to the textbook before her as she tilted her head, not wanting to cry anymore. She wasn't able to sleep for the rest of the night, having switched rooms with Julia so she didn't have to be near the younger girl that had caused her so much pain.

That morning the French girl had made coffee for everyone, even her ex, and watched as the guilt showed behind those blue eyes of the younger girl. Good. She knew she didn't do it to make Jennifer feel bad, because she knew she already did, but just because they weren't a couple didn't mean that she wasn't part of the Jareau family, and a family does things for one another.

"Hey Em, you wouldn't believe the line at Dunkin' today," Sage laughed as she walked into the hotel room, her eyes never looking up from the books in her arms as she tried her best to shut the door. "It took me ten minutes to actually get in the place, and then I had to wait another fifteen because they ran out of hazelnut for you. But I waited," she smiled, flipping her hair out of her eyesight to finally gaze up to the brunette she had come to teach.

She was crying.

Sage quickly set down her books and the coffees she had gotten for them and sat herself down next o her ex, taking her shaking body into a hug. "Oh Emily, don't cry," she cooed, rubbing her hands down her back. "What's wrong, sweetheart?"

Emily felt the crack in her heart break open even wider at the term of endearment and immediately hugged the younger girl back, her quivering lips set beside the rich girl's dark hair. "I didn't know you'd be here early."

The steely eyed girl shushed the brunette with a single whisper. "Shh," she murmured, hating the feeling of the French girl's voice cracking, and she clutched her that much harder. "You don't have to talk Em, just let it out."

Emily reluctantly pulled herself from the younger girl's hold, wiping the tears from her reddened face. "No, it's alright. I thought I was cried out but I guess not," she whispered, turning her head to look longingly at the coffee now sitting on her counter. "Is that for me?"

"Of course it is." Sage was quick to take the cup and hand it to Emily, watching with careful eyes as she tentatively took a sip. "Can you breathe?"

Slowly nodding her head, her fingers curled around the warm container. "Yeah," she nodded, licking the remainder of the coffee she had sipped off of her lips. "I'm ok, thank you."

Sage reached up to wipe away a single tear that was stuck in the outer corner of one of the French girl's doe eyes, her heart breaking at the look of meekness and vulnerability masking her ex's beautiful features. "Do you want to talk about it?"

Emily bit down into her bottom lip as she thought of the blond that had hurt her so badly the night before. "It's not that big of a deal," the chocolate eyed girl shrugged, her small voice hoarse and clouded with tears.

Practically peeling one of Emily's hands away from the coffee, Sage interlaced their fingers, her eyes forcing those of the older girl to look into them. "Emily, whatever it is was big enough to make you cry, and you're not a crier. I know you, sweetheart. Please tell me."

Emily felt her lips beginning to quiver once again and she quickly sniffled, hoping that her tears would just stop falling. "She broke up with me. Said we needed to take a break so she could get her mother to try and believe in what we have." Her eyes immediately rolled. "Had," she spit out, her fingers gripping the coffee cup even harder. "That's bullshit. She never believed in us, why would she if we were broken up? How does that even make sense?"

Sage quickly took the coffee from the older girl and set it down so she could gather her ex in her arms once more, knowing more tears were about to flood out. "It doesn't make sense." Pressing a comforting kiss to the French girl's cheek, the steely eyed teen held her as tight as she could.

"He knew I was happy, and now I'm not," she sobbed.

The rich girl frowned, not knowing exactly what the crying girl was talking about.

Emily sadly shook her head, her fingers gripping the material of Sage's jacket as tight as she could, afraid that she'd slip away if she let go. "He thought I was the happiest I've ever been." Mattie, I let you down.


Jennifer let out a sigh as she reached into her backpack to grab a highlighter, quickly wiping away a stray tear that had made it's way down her cheek. She couldn't stop thinking about her girlfriend.

No, she sighed, shaking her head as she berated herself. Not your girlfriend anymore, is she?


The blond didn't even have time to look up before a hand banged down onto the table she sat at, and she immediately clutched her chest. Her jaw dropped slightly at the girl that sat before her, seeing the anger she saw behind those steely eyes. "Sage?"

Sage's eyes glared at the startled looking teen, her teeth gritting. "What did you do to her?"

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