Faith Of You

Chapter 72

Emily was quick to wipe the back of her hand underneath her running nose as she watched Sage leave the hotel room, feeling her eyes actually begin to ache from crying so long and so hard. The younger girl had said she needed to run out for two new cups of coffee for them both, but Emily wasn't fooled. She had seen the text that the steely eyed girl had sent to her butler.

'Get the gin and chocolate out.'

Nothing that could happen would make Sage walk away from her, and she knew that. She was someone who wouldn't betray her.

Taking a deep breath, Emily ran her hands over her paled face. Tired couldn't even describe how she felt. The two girls had spent two hours hugging and trying to talk and get the French girl's mind off of the breakup, but nothing that was done managed to cheer her up in the slightest.

But knowing that brunette was there for her? Emily couldn't be more grateful.

She lounged back against the cushions of the biggest chair in the sitting room, her eyes blankly staring at the television that was playing some teen thriller that had come on a couple of minutes before. The French girl did her best to focus on what was going on but all she could do was picture her and Jennifer as the ones sitting and cuddling in the cold of that forest the couple on the screen did, waiting for the warmth to come once the day arrived.

Who was she kidding?

Emily rolled her sore eyes, sinking deeper into the chair. She was a mess.

The chocolate eyed girl practically jumped at the abrupt sound of the hotel's telephone ringing, and her hand reached to pick up the offending item. "Hello?" she greeted, trying not to let her distain and sadness meld into her voice.

"Hi there, pumpkin." James grinned against the phone. "Just wanted to check up on you and Sage. How's everything coming along?"

Emily's eyes immediately crinkled, tears stinging her corneas as she clutched the phone harder against her ear. "Hi daddy," she whispered throatily.

The blond man didn't even need to ask. Hearing the foreign teen call him that name that he loved let him know all he needed to know. "Do you need me to come home, Emily? I can be there in a few minutes if you want me to."

A shuddering breath caught in her throat as the words left the father of five's mouth. "No you don't need to. I won't lie to you and say I'm ok because I know you'll see right through that," she chuckled, her fingers tapping gently against the phone. "Sage is here though. She's taking care of me."

"Alright pumpkin, I'll call you back once I'm out of my conference." Quickly shooing a teacher out of his office, James looked down to his day planner. "Your anxiety medication is down beneath the counter of my bathroom sink if you need it. I love you."

Emily could almost see the smile of the older man before her. "I love you too."


Forcing her features not to falter under the hard gaze of the rich girl that sat before her, Jennifer held her head up. "I'm sorry?"

Sage rolled her eyes, her fingers trying their hardest to claw into the wood of the table that she sat at. She was beyond enraged. She wanted to hurt the blond across from her. "Do you not know how much you hurt her? Or you do, and you just don't give a shit?"

Jennifer hesitantly shook her head. "Sage, this is none of your business."

"None of my business?" The brunette's voice scarily deepened as her anger grew. "Do you not remember the talk we had in my cellar? The one where you swore to me that you wouldn't hurt her?"

"This isn't your relationship," she growled.

Sage slammed her hand down on the table once again, watching as the younger girl jumped just as she did the first time. "You fucked up, and now I'm fixing your shit."

The Christian girl watched the steely eyes of the brunette girl darken, those gray orbs that she knew her ex girlfriend had fallen for on Sage and hers first date becoming almost a coal black. She was more than mad. "You don't know what you're talking about. You don't know why we're taking a break, and if I'm being honest I didn't want to do it."

"Oh no, really? You mean you didn't want to make her sob uncontrollably until she couldn't breathe?"

"Stop it!" Jennifer's eyes were now filling with tears at the words that were being thrown her way. "You don't know what you're talking about," she seethed, leaning forward so she could look intently into those eyes of the older girl. "She's not your girlfriend."

Sage sat straighter in her chair, her head tilting as she looked at the blond before her. "No, she's not. If Emily were my girlfriend," she stated quietly, "she wouldn't be crying right now." Seeing the Christian girl's eyes now growing red, Sage took her bag from the floor. "Now if you'll excuse me, I have to run to my house and grab a bottle of liquor."

"I thought you don't drink," she whispered.

Sage grinned wickedly to the other girl. "I do when my friend needs fixing. Have a good day Jennifer."

The blonde's teeth grit as she watched the fashion designer's daughter walk away, hating the sound of the name only Emily had called her on the rich girl's lips. Fuck her.


Jennifer quickly blinked back her tears and looked up into the eyes of her father, an obviously fake smile immediately spreading over her lips. "Hey daddy. What's up?"

James walked up to the table in the library that his youngest sat at, his briefcase handle clasped tight in his hand. "I just got off the phone with Emily and she seemed a little upset. Have you been texting her today? Has anything seemed off?"

Dear God, she couldn't continue through the day with all of these bombardments. "Not really," she denied, shrugging her shoulders. "I've been really busy with my English essay and everything."

"Alright, well when you get the chance could you text her? She sounded pretty beat up."

Jennifer bit down hard into her bottom lip to keep her tears from falling down her cheeks. "Sure." Watching her father walk back out into the school hallway, she continued to keep her tears at bay. She didn't need to cry. It wasn't her fault, it was what needed to be done for now.

They'd see that soon, right?

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