Faith Of You

Chapter 73

Jennifer hurried down the hotel hallway to get to her family's suite, the card clutched forcibly between her fingers as her heart pounded within her chest. She didn't know what Emily and Sage had done while she was gone, and even though she knew she had no right to be jealous or angry at what they could have done when they were alone, she couldn't help but feel tears in her as at the thought.

The Christian girl could barely continue throughout the day at school; not being able to pay attention in class, sitting quietly by herself during her lunch period and even walking out of her math test to go and lie down in the nurse's office, needing to try and calm her headache.

Pushing her access card into the slot, the blond took a deep breath. She knew she needed to give Emily some space, but knowing that she was near her would make everything so much easier.

Jennifer quickly threw her hair over her shoulder as she walked inside, her aqua eyes widening at the sight of her father and ex sitting quietly in the living room. "Hey."

Emily held her own and stood from her spot on the couch, glancing quickly to the man that had taken her in and was letting her do what she felt was truly needed. "I'll call you once I get there, ok?"

The youngest of the Jareau children frowned at the question, watching as her father stood up to take the brunette girl into a strong hug.

James sighed gently into his newest daughter's dark hair as he held her as close to him as he could. "You make sure to call me every day so I know how you're doing, alright? I don't need you getting into any trouble."

Emily's eyes fluttered closed as her arms tightened around the older man's waist. "I promise."

Setting down her bag, the blond watching the interaction between her father and the eighteen year old and feeling a small pit of darkness begin to form deep in her chest. "Emily? Is everything ok?"

Quickly pulling away from her second father, the French girl wiped her hand underneath her nose before she looked over to the younger girl. "Yeah," she nodded shortly. "Can I speak to you for a minute?"

Jennifer immediately felt her heart swell at the question and nodded her head, faltering slightly underneath the harshness of her father's gaze as Emily made her way over to her, a small suitcase held in her hand. "What's going on?" Her eyes flickered down to the backpack sitting beside the kitchen island and immediately noticed the older girl's favorite book sitting right inside. "Where are you going?" she whispered.

Emily gently set her hand to the blonde's arm and led her into the kitchen, not wanting James to hear the words she was about to say to his daughter. "You don't deserve an explanation, but I'm going to give you one anyway because I respect you that much."

The blue eyed girl frowned slightly, worry trickling over her senses at the sight of her ex's eyes. No tears.

"I'm staying at Sage's for a while."

Jennifer's jaw dropped, her hands clenching at her sides. "What?" She could hear the desperation and surprise in her voice. "You're really leaving?"

Emily forced herself not to react to the tears she saw in the younger girl's eyes, and she slowly gave a nod of the head. "I think it's for the best," she whispered. "I can get over what happened and you can clear things up with your parents."

The Christian girl let her teeth sink deep into her bottom lip, glancing over the chocolate eyed girl's shoulder to see her father looking as disappointed as he could. "You told him, didn't you?"

"I'm sorry, but I had to so he'd let me leave." The brunette let out a breath before picking up her backpack and slinging it over her shoulder, taking one last look into those beautiful blue eyes that she had dreamed about so many times before. "I'm sorry I couldn't be what you needed me to," she stated sadly, wanting to lean down and kiss those quivering lips of her ex. She barely made it the three steps to the door when she heard Jennifer's pleading voice, and tears sprang into her eyes.

"Emily wait!"

The French girl took a quick second to compose herself before continuing out the door, not letting her hot tears fall until the elevator doors closed her off from the third floor.

Jennifer covered her gaping mouth with her free hand. She couldn't believe it. Emily was really gone.

And it was all because of her.

Spinning on her heel, Jennifer ignored the sadness and discontent look she was receiving from her father and slammed her bedroom door closed, her back falling against the wood in a thump.

She could feel her heart beating furiously as she cried, her reddening eyes casting over to the vanity where she and Emily would share a kiss every morning as they got ready.

There sat the inscribed mirror Jennifer had gotten her girlfriend for her eighteenth birthday.

"Emily..." she whispered quietly, her shaking hands covering her face as she slid down to sit in a heap on the floor.

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