Faith Of You

Chapter 74

Sitting back against the arm of the theater couch that she was sitting on, Emily cautiously threw her legs over Sage's, tilting her head back to lie it against the cushion. It was the first night away from the Jareau family and the French girl still couldn't feel ok with the fact that she needed to give up the happiness she had because some woman didn't believe that she or her girlfriend were in the grace of God.

The steely eyed girl that sat with her friend on the couch took her gaze off the screen, biting her lip at the look she saw on the brunette's face. "Emily?"


The ebony haired girl's whispered voice made Sage's heart ache for her. "Sweetheart, we have to do something to cheer you up. Nothing is worth being this upset about."

Emily, refusing to cry, picked up her head to connect her eyes with the younger girl's. "I miss my girlfriend," she shrugged, letting her teeth rake over her bottom lip. "I understand why she wants what she does, but that doesn't make it hurt any less."

Sage gently nodded her head, running her hand over the French girl's left leg.

"And I know that Amielle will never be ok with what Jennifer and I feel...felt, I guess," she spit out. "The woman just pulled Jennifer back in and now I'm here and she's there, and I am one hundred percent positive that we can't have what we did." Quickly picking up the bottle of gin that sat by her side, Emily took a swig. "She picked her mother over me."

Bending her head, the younger brunette pressed a soft kiss to her ex's covered leg. "She probably didn't feel as if she had a choice, Em."

Emily bit her lip. "But she did," she whispered, "and she didn't pick me."

Sage couldn't bare to watch the sadness take over her friend any longer and tugged on her legs, pulling her body closer to hers so she could look more clearly into those reddening eyes. "If you feel like you need to cry, then you do it, ok?" She picked up a chocolate from the box that sat by her side and set it before the brunette before her. "Or eat another chocolate."

Emily let out a meek laugh at the smile on her friend's face, and she found herself nodding her head before taking the chocolate between her teeth, her lips barely hitting the fingers of the younger girl. After swallowing the treat that she had been given, Emily's dark doe eyes stared into those of Sage, her hand reaching out to take a hold of the other girl's. "You have no idea how much I appreciate you letting me stay here," she whispered. "I know you didn't have to open your home to me, but you did."

The rich girl did her best to smile at the teary eyed brunette before moving to sit just beside her, her arm wrapping around Emily's shoulders. "I told you that I'd be here for you when you needed me."

Taking the bottle of alcohol back in her hand after watching her ex take a swig, the French girl nuzzled her nose into the side of Sage's neck. She had someone to be there for her, and she finally was beginning to believe that Sage might be the one who would never leave her side. Obviously Jennifer wasn't the type of person that could handle something like that, but Sage could.

Emily glanced up to the younger girl she cuddled with and watched her features soften as she looked to the movie screen. Sage Michaels would never trade her in.

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