Faith Of You

Chapter 75

Pressing a warm kiss to the brunette's cheek, Emily leaned back against the booth she sat in. She had been staying at Sage's house for the past week and every day she could feel herself getting better. She was growing happier by the minute and she could finally feel that ache start to leave her piece by piece, and it was all thanks to Sage Michaels.

Sage grinned as she glanced to the older girl by her side, letting her take a french-fry from her plate. "You have your own food, you know."

Emily let out a laugh. "You said I could have one!"

The rich girl rolled her eyes before reaching out and taking her friend's drink in her hand, her lips immediately curling around the straw that Emily had been drinking out of.

"Hey!" Emily tried to stop her laughing, desperately doing her best to pull the glass of soda from the brunette's hand. "Sage give it back," she chuckled, taking the straw between her fingers and yanking it from between Sage's plump lips. "Quit it!"

Soda immediately flew from the younger girl's mouth at the abrupt action, Sage's steely eyes widening as she looked to the older girl that sat beside her. "Emily what the hell?"

"I told you to stop," she grinned, sipping her soda. Feeling her phone vibrate in her pocket, Emily quickly set down the glass and picked up the plastic in her hand, knowing exactly who was texting her.

Mr. Jareau.

The man that had somehow voluntarily and involuntarily become a father to the eighteen year old girl had been texting her every moment that he couldn't call, making sure that she and Sage were alright and continually asking if she was ready to come home.

He knew that she wasn't ready to come home yet, and maybe she wouldn't be ready for a while, but that didn't mean that he couldn't comfort her and say that the family had been missing her while she was away. Everyone else had tried to text her too, but she wasn't ready to respond to them yet. Richie, Julia and even Jennifer.

She definitely wasn't ready to reply to her ex's text messages yet, the messages that were begging her to come back home and that were apologizing to her for picking Amielle over her, although the blond still thought that it was the right decision for the moment.

It wasn't time to revisit that just yet. She needed to take her mind off of things.

Sage set her chin on the older girl's shoulder, her hand rubbing gently along her covered arm. "Everything good?"

"Yeah," the French girl nodded, turning her head slightly to smile at the steely eyed teen that sat an inch closer than she knew was necessary. "He just wants to make sure that I'm getting all my school work done."

Taking their tangled hands and setting them on the covered table that they sat at, Sage's perfectly manicured eyebrows rose. "You call this school work?"

Emily chuckled, fighting the blush that threatened to cover her ivory cheeks as she shoved her phone back into her jeans pocket. "Shut up," she smiled, nudging the other girl's elbow with hers. "Don't make it more than it is."

"Which is what?"

The French girl chanced a look in her friend's enticing eyes, her heart beating furiously within her chest at the admiration she saw there. "We're friends and we're getting to know each other a lot better than we could before," she shrugged, biting down into her lip. "Definitely a lot closer."

Sage grinned, leaning forward to press a kiss to the older girl's cheek. "Mmhmm."

Feeling a giggle break free from her throat, Emily let the rich girl's nose brush hers as she pulled away from her cheek. "Are you ready to go yet or no?"

"Most definitely not." The younger girl sat up straighter and took her hand from her friend, picking up the dessert menu in her hand. "We're just starting here."

"Just starting?"

Sage smirked. "Did I stutter?"

The older girl let out a bark of a laugh, smacking at her friend's arm. "We've already been here for two hours," she cackled, falling back against the booth in hysterics. "How is that 'just starting'?"

"Do you not get milkshakes every time you go to the diner?"

Emily pursed her lips as she sat up, shaking her head. "Never been to many diners," she shrugged, peeking over the younger girl's shoulder to look at the menu. "Can it be chocolate?"

Looking through the diner window at the couple that sat side by side, Jennifer felt her heart immediately drop. Was it really possible for Emily to move on that fast?

Aaron frowned as he made his way up the steps of the diner to stand just by his friend's side. "What's up?"

Quickly turning her head, the blond rushed back down the stairs, pulling her friend with her. "I don't really feel like a burger anymore."

"Hey wait, what's wrong? You were begging me to bring you for the past day."

Jennifer sniffled before spinning on her heel, smiling her best smile to the older boy that stood before her with concern written all over his face. "I think I'm more in the mood for pizza, that ok?" Pizza. Pizza sounded good.

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