Faith Of You

Chapter 76

Sitting back against Aaron's truck with the cold soaking through her clothing, Jennifer's fingers twisted around the present she had gotten for the brunette that she had hurt a few days before. The older girl hadn't been returning her text messages or the few voice mails she had left, practically sobbing into the phone every time she heard the call be sent straight to voice mail, the sound of Emily's programmed message popping up into her ear.

Her blue eyes looked up to the house before her, noticing that the lights were all out and the doors were probably locked. The pair was still out.

She didn't really have a right to be upset over the closeness that Emily had with the rich girl she was staying with. She was the one that had wanted to take a break from her girlfriend because she wanted to make things right with her mother and try to get her to understand what she and the French girl had, but now that she saw Emily with her ex-girlfriend, it made her heart ache even more.

Taking a deep breath, Jennifer pushed herself up off of the truck and made her way up the front walkway to the mansion. Feeling the cold seep into her clothing and skin, she unzipped her jacket, welcoming the pain she felt from the breeze. She deserved everything she got from hurting the poor foreign girl.

The blond set down her gift on the last step that led to the monolithic front door, setting the small card just atop it and making sure it was kept in place with a small stone. She needed to try her best to get the older girl back, and this was just the beginning.


Emily bit her lip as Sage held her hand out to her, helping her out of the car. They had been out all day, never getting around to Emily's lesson for that day, to try and help her finally cheer up. The younger girl had taken her out to the arcade, the diner and then out to the liquor store where the manager always let her buy a bottle of vodka every other month.

The rich girl had known they were going to need it for the rest of their evening, planning to play poker after dinner, loser taking shots.

Smiling, Emily let her friend hold onto her hand as she slammed the door shut. "Thank you so much for today."

"It wasn't a problem," Sage grinned, pulling the French girl along as they made their way up the front walkway. "I wanted to do it."

Emily shook her head, her fingers curling around those of the younger girl. "You've already done so much for me, taking me in and letting me stay here. Then you spend all that money on just one day?"

The steely eyed teen forced herself to stop the sigh that wanted to escape her lips, not wanting to make it seem as if the brunette girl was getting on her nerves. "Sweetheart, I wanted to do all this for you, ok? It's not like I'm doing this for you because you can't," she denied, stopping their stride just before the last step. "I know you can do all of this for yourself if you wanted to, but I wanted to do it because I needed you to feel special."

Emily licked at the corner of her mouth, letting the brunette girl move even closer to her. "You don't need to do that," she whispered.

"No," she agreed, smiling gently to the chocolate eyed girl. "I know I don't need to, but I want to. You've always meant a lot to me and because you're upset, I want to make sure that you're cheered up."

Feeling tears prick her eyes, Emily hastily nodded her head. "Thank you," she smiled, letting the younger girl's hands grasp hers even tighter as she took another step towards her. "You don't know how nice it is to hear that," she giggled. Her lips gently uncurled from the smile that she held on her face, parting as she felt Sage's face grow closer to hers. "Sage?"

Sage let go of the brunette's left hand and cupped her ivory cheek, her fingers touching the silken tendrils that lay near the older girl's face. "Can I?" she whispered, her strong eyes boring into those of the French girl.

The brunette felt herself pause, a million emotions and thoughts rushing through her, just before she nodded her head. "Yes." Leaning in just as the younger girl was doing, Emily's lips barely brushed those of the rich girl when her eyes connected with a single rose that lay on the concrete step before the mansion's front door. "Wait."

The younger girl immediately jumped back, cursing herself for jumping the gun on her move on Emily. "I'm so sorry," she immediately rushed out. "I thought it was enough time for you to get over her, I didn't mean to t-"

"No, it's not that." Emily broke away from the other brunette and bent down, picking up the rose and the note that lay atop it.

Dear Emily,

I am so sorry for everything I've done to you in the past week. I never meant to hurt you in the way I did, and I will do anything and everything I can to make it up to you. I love you.

Your Jennifer.

Emily gripped the card tight between her fingers, her head shaking as she stood up. She took her cell phone from her pocket and quickly dialed the number that had been calling her repeatedly for the past week, her hand picking up the rose that sat on the ground. "We need to talk."

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